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Welcome to Red Diamond Audio.

Welcome to Red Diamond Audio.

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Beomaster 6000 receiver

Unmarked condition.

B&O Beomaster 6000 receiver for sale

High quality, classic audio in very good condition can represent extraordinary value for money. Beautifully manufactured components, hideously expensive to produce nowadays, will in most cases vastly outperform new units for a similar amount of money. I have sourced lovely Classic components which have been serviced to the highest standards by a professional engineer. The specifications are checked against the manufacturer’s original figures, and the equipment thoroughly tested to give many more years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Why Classic audio equipment?
Why Classic audio equipment?

Firstly, to make it as easy as possible for you to discover the joy of owning quality Classic Audio, and derive as much pleasure as listening to this equipment as I do. Naturally, I wish to sell perfectly functioning, mint condition Classic audio units, but there is also a moral obligation to help you maintain this lovely equipment at it’s optimum level. On this site are articles to help with this task, written by qualified, experienced engineers who are themselves dedicated audiophiles. And of course, everything sold by Red Diamond Audio comes with a six month guarantee.

Another aim is to discover relatively unknown current equipment that represents extraordinary value in terms of sound quality vs. price. After all, why discriminate only in favour of Classic equipment? Any unit that yields good results for the outlay, is worthy of consideration.

Now, please enjoy the site….

JVC M-L10 Power amplifier

Amplifier power output ratings by Geoff Kremer

Peak power, Music power or RMS?

A guide to Valve Power Amplifiers by Geoff Kremer. Part 1

Single-ended or Push-Pull. Triode,Tetrode or Pentode?

A guide to Valve Amplifiers by Geoff Kremer. Part 2

Triode, Tetrode, Pentode and why Class matters.

A guide to Valve Amplifiers by Geoff Kremer Part 3

Why exotic internal components are unnecessary.

Geoff Kremer, designer of the Proteus 4040 amplifier.

An honest and grounded interview

Bang and Olufsen

Substance over style?

Paying too much for Classics?

Why prices vary so much

Perspex cover renovation

Let it shine again

Speaker power handling and efficiency

What it all means

Speaker nominal impedance, amplifier output impedance

Does impedance matter?

The Melco turntable systems.

Two decades too early for the UK?

Speaker cables and cartridge loading.

Give your system the best chance

Quadraphonic Sounds of the 70’s.

SQ, QS, CD-4 formats

And help with 4-channel vinyl

10 tips to optimise your system

Attention to detail is the key

Aims of Red Diamond Audio...
Aims of Red Diamond Audio...
Marantz 1300 DC amplifier About Red Diamond Audio
About Red Diamond Audio
JVC PL-10 Pre-amplifier Articles and Information
Articles and Information

Geoff Kremer of Servicesound and the English Valve Amplifiers company has kindly written articles to help with understanding the workings of valve amplifiers. What to look for and what to avoid. Geoff has had several decades experience servicing and repairing valve amplifiers of all types. More recently he has designed and manufactured the Proteus 4040 integrated valve amp, based on the KT 120 output valves. He has now developed an amazing smaller sibling, the Cantata integrated valve amp - compact and capable of revealing incredible detail. More to come on this, but meanwhile take a look at Geoff’s carefully considered articles. bad credit payday loans.

JVC P-L10 Pre-amplifier

M-L10 Power amplifier

JVC P-L10 Pre-amplifier

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Client feedback

Sony Biotracer Beauties

What have you been missing?

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Marantz 2330B receiver SME Series V arm

The Reddiamond Audio site has been up and running coming three years now, and and I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the many customers who have bought equipment from the site. I have to say packing certain, (if not all) these beautiful items for shipping, has been a sorrowful experience at times, but it had to be done! I took great care to ensure the units were in working perfectly and in the fine cosmetic condition promised. I can now say that I have not received a request b to return an item, or even any subsequent report of a technical failure.

Melco 3560 Turntable System

There are a few “new” items listed for sale, including a current model SME series V pickup arm in “as new” condition. I’m adding photos of the stunning Marantz 2330B receiver, and the Sony TTS 8000 turntable. Also, I am now able to offer for sale the stunning and mega-rare Melco turntable system featured on this site. This example is currently fitted with a Fidelity Research FR 66 12 inch arm, but it can be sold without this if required.

I understand that this top-of-the range model is one of only two ever sold in Europe. Very, very few were ever produced. Melco (Holdings) still very much exists, but the company has not produced analogue audio equipment for several decades. The price of this turntable is available on application.  

Convergent Audio Technology SL3 Monoblock amplifiers