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My bit…

RDA offer this advertising service for selling high quality classic equipment of the 60's,70's 80's and 90's. RDA will produce, using information you provide, a quality and informative advertisement for the item you wish to sell. Your advertisement will benefit from being listed on a web site engendering the highest standards for quality and desirable classic audio equipment..

In keeping with the ethos of RDA, it’s my intention to advertise classic audio equipment which I  regard as being of a high standard, both in performance and condition. I am recommending buying classic audio from RDA as a very desirable and economical alternative to buying new, so I have to be very selective with what is offered for sale.

I’ll add an easy-to-understand list of specifications for the item in the listing. Included too will be any extra  relevant information about the item I research, but the text will be primarily based on the information you give. Once your item is accepted for sale, I’ll ask you to e-mail  at least 4 photographs of the actual item you are selling. Stock photos will not, of course, be accepted.

The ad will remain published on the site for a period of 60 days from the date the it first appears. If you notify me that the item has been sold, or you wish to withdraw the item from sale, the listing will be removed as soon as possible.

I’ll use the description you provide with regards the cosmetic and electrical condition of your item. However, I must reserve the right not to accept for an item for sale.

Please include a telephone number and an e-mail address where you can easily be reached. These personal details can be excluded from the site listing if you request this, but it’s preferable if you can be contacted directly by potential buyers. As an alternative, initial  enquiries can be via  RDA, but ultimately communication will be necessary between you and the buyer in order to agree payment and shipping/collection details. Payment for the item is made directly to you in the same way as a personally placed ad. I’ll not ask for any final sale fee ,just the initial listing cost before the ad is published. Under no circumstances should you ship an item to a buyer from whom you haven’t received a cleared payment. Keep proof of postage and shipping at all times.

The cost of listing an item for sale is a flat fee of £25.00. This is only payable if your item has been accepted for sale on the RDA site. The listing will be e-mailed to you before it goes “live” to ensure it’s accuracy.

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Your bit…

I would like from you an accurate description of your item(s) for sale. This must include the correct model number and details of the voltage requirements, usually found on the back of the unit.

Include on the “selling form” a fair and accurate description of the cosmetic condition of the unit. with details of visible chips, marks or staining on the fascia or cabinetwork. In the case of speakers, please include details of the condition of the grilles, if there are any for your enclosure.

The unit must have been fully tested either by you or your service agent and found to be in full working order. I won’t list any item in need of repair. If there is only a very minor non-critical technical issue, I may consider advertising the item, but please be honest with the exact details. It helps if you have the original manuals and/or packaging, as this can raise the value of your item markedly. If you still have proof of purchase, this may help too. Please let me know and give all details if the unit you are selling has been modified or altered in any way.

Do research prices of similar items carefully before deciding the price your unit. Although genuinely “mint” and “rare” equipment can command high prices, a ridiculously high price will of course simply not result in a sale.

Please advise me on the form if you are prepared to freight the item within the UK, or whether it's for collection only. Are you willing to ship the item abroad, and if so to which continents?  I will include all this information in the listing. All packing and shipping costs and arrangements have to be agreed between you and the buyer.

The cost of advertising your item is a flat fee of £25.00, payable only once it has been accepted for sale. This includes all listing fees and the preparation of the ad. There is no final sale fee payable to RDA, although any donations will always be welcomed!

You must respond promptly and courteously to all enquiries from prospective buyers. Failure to do so may result in my having to withdraw your advertisement. Please don't place an ad if you are about to go on holiday, or will not be in a position to answer questions reasonably quickly. If you receive any offensive communications, please contact RDA, and any further correspondence will be handled on your behalf.

Although I seek your assurance that the item you are selling is in excellent condition, you remain solely responsible to the buyer with regard to the condition of the equipment. The sale transaction is strictly between you and the buyer. RDA are only an advertising service for your equipment. Integrity and honesty is of paramount importance.

Please advise RDA if you are a commercial organization or professionally involved in selling audio equipment in any way.  

Last and definitely not least…

The item you are selling must legally belong to you or you must have the express permission of the rightful owner to sell it.

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