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June 3, 2019

Best Soundbars Under $300 of 2019 – The Ultimate Guide

If you don’t like the sound volume or quality of your not-so-good TV speakers, or simply don’t have the budget for a surround-sound system, soundbars can be an awesome choice that can help you get the best sound quality at a more reasonable price. They’re also easier to move compared […]
June 2, 2019

Top Ten Turntables Under $500

Top Ten turntables under $500 Searching for a turntable online can be tricky. When you are looking for a record player, you have to endure you get the best quality.  Great turntables have the ability to play good quality music and also last for a while.  The type of vinyl […]
June 2, 2019

The 10 Best Headphones For DJs – 2019

The 10 Best Headphones for DJs – Reviews and Complete Buying Guide.   DJ Headphones Manufacturer Rating Weight Shure SRH750DJ Shure 3.4 0.5 lbs Numark HF125 Numark 3.8 0.16 lbs OneOdio Adapter-Free DJ Headphones With Mic OneOdio 4.3 0.31 lbs OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Over-Ear DJ Headphones OneOdio 4.2 0.86 […]