The 10 Best Headphones For DJs – 2021

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June 2, 2019

The 10 Best Headphones for DJs – Reviews and Complete Buying Guide.


DJ Headphones Manufacturer Rating Weight
Shure SRH750DJ Shure 3.4 0.5 lbs
Numark HF125 Numark 3.8 0.16 lbs
OneOdio Adapter-Free DJ Headphones With Mic OneOdio 4.3 0.31 lbs
OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Over-Ear DJ Headphones OneOdio 4.2 0.86 lbs
Pioneer DJ Headphones HDJ-X5BT-R Pioneer N/a 0.7 lbs
Audio-Technica ATH-R70X Audio-Technica 4.3 1.63 lbs
Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-X5-K Pioneer 3.9 2.1 lbs
RockPapa 782 RockPapa 4.3 0.55 lbs
Direct Sound EX-29 DirectSound 3.4 1.1 lbs
AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular DJ Headphones AIAIAI 3.0 1.6 lbs



What’s all the fuss about DJ headphones? Don’t they serve the same purpose as regular headphones? If you are a performer, you should look into finding a pair of these headphones immediately! DJ headphones are specially designed for comfort and convenience in loud performance environments. If you are a performing DJ, regular headphones will just not work for you.

The best DJ headphones will help you stand out during your performance, and to do so with an element of comfort. They offer different features that make them a worthwhile investment.  The right set for you will becomfortable, convenient and stylish. It could change your level of performance and allow you to improve the length and quality of your shows. These headphones could even protect you from future hearing-related problems by enabling you to work in moderate and low volumes even when the environment is noisy.


Are regular headphones and DJ headphones any different?

Most people do not believe that standard headphones and specialized DJ headphones. DJ headphones function just like any pair of standard headphones. However, they are customized to perfectly suit live performances in environments which can be loud. They may look and function like standard headphones, but DJ headphones are top of the line in delivering quality pitch and noise-free sound.

Like all other sets, DJ headphones have a minute loudspeaker system with a cone or diaphragm, often perforated to allow sound to move through without any obstruction. The sets feature a permanent magnet and voice coil, through which alternating current is used to create a magnetic field. The action between the magnet and magnetic field helps to create sound waves, which pass into your ear as music.

Unlike regular headphone sets, DJ headphones are designed for maximum noise isolation ability. DJs will use their headphones within loud clubs, events and activities. The noise isolation and cancellation capability makes these headphones ideal for the loud environment. Since they cut out all noise, DJ headphones allow performers to listen to music at lower pitch and volume levels, which will reduce the risk of loss of hearing due to prolonged exposure to loud sounds.

DJ headphones are also designed for greater convenience than regular headphones. They have better quality materials and are designed to last for long term usage. These headphones also feature swiveling cans that can make half rotations. When the DJ is monitoring the music from the speakers, or is interacting with the crowd, these headphones can be twisted to lie face down on the chest. They can also be used for single-sided monitoring due to independently swiveling pairs of cans.


What to look for in the best DJ headphones

Finding the right set of headphones can be challenging because of their similarity in terms of function. There are a number of stand-out features you may consider when picking the right set. Since the ability to produce good sound is a prerequisite for all DJ headphones, we will look at the most commonly ignored features that are crucial to your headphones.


Design and Style

If want your DJ headphones to be a fashion statement, you should keep in mind the design and functionality as well. Even though your headphones look great, they will not be ideal for you if they do not have additional features to help improve your performance. Rotating cups and complete noise cancellation even during single-sided monitoring are great for DJs who may need to take their headphones off to monitor other aspects of the show.That said, if you are performing in a club or event environment, having a pair that stands out will help grow your DJ profile. You may consider models that offer unique customization options. You can find great colors, logos, graphics and designs to help make you stand out.


Comfort and durability

DJ performances may last between an hour and an entire night. If you plan to use your headphones for longer sets, you should consider finding a comfortable pair. Most headphones will get hot, sweaty and irritating after prolonged use. They can feel heavier and weigh you down as the event drags on. This will lead to discomfort, which could affect the level of performance.

When looking for the best DJ headphones, you should go for the most comfortable pair available. The first step is finding a pair that uses lightweight but durable materials on the band. Aluminum and magnesium alloys are both strong and light. They will be great for you without making your DJ headphones vulnerable to wear and tear. You should also find a set with comfortable earmuffs that are made out of leather and other great natural materials that are both soft and durable.


The best headphones for DJs

Aside from having a great quality sound, the best DJ headphones are stylish, comfortable and offer additional features to make your performance more enjoyable for yourself and your audience. They are lightweight but durable, and will help prevent damage to your ears. These are some of the best headphones for DJs available.


Shure SHR750DJ Professional Quality Headphones (Gold)

Shure’s SRH750DJ is optimized to provide a great DJ experience. These noise isolation headsets produce great quality sound that is not distorted even when the volume is increased.

These DJ headsets feature an adjustable headband with rotating muffs. These parts are designed to be mobile to enable comfort at whichever angle they are used. They are also padded for comfort, making them ideal for long performances.

Shure’s products feature legendary durability due to the great quality materials and manufacturing. These headsets also include a carrying bag, a detachable cord and replacement ear pads to guarantee longer product life than most other brands.

The pair is one of the lightest brands available on the market right now. Combined with the increased level of comfort from the padding, the light weight makes these DJ headphones ideal for use even in long shows and performances.


  • Long detachable cable for convenient movement and replacement
  • Includes stylish protective pouch for use when moving
  • Features extra padding around ear pads and headband
  • Great noise isolation even in loud environments
  • Great sound quality


  • Requires an adapter when using multiple devices
  • Not available in a range of custom colors
  • Plastic sliders may be prone to damage


OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Over-ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones

Like OneOdio’s other adapter-free DJ headphones, the closed back over-ear is compatible with multiple devices. You do not need a splitter thanks to the convenient shareport technology used to make these headphones. Aside from connecting to multiple devices, you can also connect to multiple headphones and share your music with other people provided they have a spare standard 3.5mm plug.

This set of headphones includes two differently sized detachable plugs for convenient use. You no longer need an adapter with these headphones. It comes with both detachable plugs for easier operation. The chord measures about 10 feet, enabling you to listen to music comfortably from various devices.

The closed back-over DJ headphones are collapsible, and feature rotating ear caps. This is ideal for storage, as well as convenient for use when single-side monitoring may be required.

This product is made with matte plastic that is tougher than the standard plastic used on other brands. It also features a great glossy finish that makes it stand out from its competitors. However, it is only available in black.


  • Well balanced sound
  • Extra padding around the ears for comfort
  • Adjustable headband to increase level of comfort
  • Includes a dual-duty stereo oriented detachable cable
  • Can be folded for easier mobility
  • Great glossy finish for an appealing look


  • Plastic slider may break if handled carelessly
  • Not available in a range of colors


Pioneer DJ SJ Headphones HDJ-X5BT-R

In line with the changing compatibility between different devices, different brands are looking at ways to increase connectivity. Since the plug is limited by cable size, wireless connections seem like the way to go. Pioneer’s HDJ-X5BT-R is a pioneer wireless DJ headphone set. It connects through Bluetooth, which has made it compatible with more devices than most other traditionally connecting brands.

The HDJ-X5BT-R is comfortable to wear, which makes it ideal for use over long amounts of time. The extra padding around the earmuffs and headband make it so comfortable that it could stay on your head for its full 20-hour run time.

This product is lightweight, and will be great for use over long performances. It connects wirelessly, which allows for greater mobility by the DJ.  The set is available either in red or black.


  • Compatible with many devices
  • Features Bluetooth connectivity for versatile use
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Can sustain up to 20 hours of playback while needing only 3 charging hours
  • Great quality parts for durability
  • Extra padding for increased comfort


  • Does not include cord, which may inconvenience buyers without the ability to connect via Bluetooth


Audio-Technica professional Open-Back ATH-R70X

Audio-Technica’s ATH-R70X is the brand’s flagship DJ headphones. The professional open-back set is made of great quality materials that guarantee longevity. It has an aluminium mesh around the ear cups, and a tough carbon composite resin body that will help keep the set for a long time. It also features detachable parts, which makes it easier to fix in the event of minor damage.

The ATH-R70X is comfortable and lightweight. It is among the lightest brands available, and is even more appealing because of its durable materials. Unlike other lightweight headphones, it will not be prone to breaking as a result of wearing out. The set is designed for comfort as well. It features additional padding around the ear muffs and headband, which is reinforced. With this brand, you are guaranteed comfort, style and durability.

The package includes a protective pouch for easier transportation and a two-sided cable that measures just below 10 feet. The cable is detachable and does not require any recalibration since it is stereo oriented.

The design is enhanced by wing support, which reduces the strain on the vulnerable parts. However, this model is only available in one color and may not be perfect for DJs who are interested in a plain black set of headphones.


  • Detachable cord for easier replacement in case of damage
  • Cord maintains stereo orientation regardless of input side
  • Made with tough carbon composite resin
  • Made with lightweight materials
  • Earmuffs made with comfortable breathable material
  • Aluminum mesh creates acoustic transparency for better sound
  • Includes protective pouch


  • Available in only one color


Pioneer Pro Black professional HDJ-X5-K

Pioneer products undergo rigorous testing to ensure high levels of quality. The pro black HDJ-X5-K is made of high quality materials, and has undergone this thorough check to ensure durability. It has a solid design, which helps to protect it from any damage.

Aside from the reinforced parts, this set of headphones is padded for an added level of comfort. It has an adjustable slider, which helps to improve the sit on your head and level of comfort.

This set of headphones is made with plastic parts, which may be prone to breaking if not handled correctly. You should handle the rotating ear cups and plastic slider with great care due to their increased level of fragility.


  • Great quality sound
  • Padded for extra comfort
  • Features reinforced parts, which are more durable
  • Detachable cord is great for replacement in the event of damage
  • Sleek and stylish design


  • Plastic slider might break if handled without care
  • Not as durable as other metal alloy options listed
  • Available in only one color


RockPapa 782 DJ Style Stereo Headphones

Rockpapa’s 782 DJ headphones are the most versatile in terms of custom options offered. They are available in up to six different color combinations, including a unique pink and black palette that is a favourite with female DJs. It also has great graphics which make it stand out.

The 782 DJ headphones are comfortable to wear because they feature additional padding around both the headband and earmuffs. The leather material is comfortable and soft, helping to isolate noise during your performance.

These headphones are compatible with most devices that have a standard plug. However, they may require an adapter to feature two different sources of sound.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Uses genuine leather earmuffs for comfort and effective noise isolation
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Available in smaller sizes for younger DJs
  • Braided cable is less prone to breakage and cutting
  • Has an adjustable headband for increased comfort


  • Not the most effective in noise isolation
  • Plug might be prone to wearing out quickly


Direct Sound EX-29 Dynamic Closed DJ Headphones

The unique appearance of these DJ headphones is just part of their appeal. They are designed to fold flat, which helps with storage and transportation. They also feature larger earmuffs for better sound presentation.

The Direct Sound EX-29 features industry leading IncrediFlex padding both on the earmuffs and headband. These headphones are among the most comfortable ones available. They are also fully adjustable, although care should be taken when handling the plastic slider.

Unlike other options on this list, the EX-29 does not require batteries or charging. It features environmental response isolation to noise, making it efficient for use on long shows, trips and places without electricity.


  • Extra padding for effective noise isolation
  • Available in black and white options
  • Does not require batteries
  • Lightweight for maximum comfort
  • Can be folded for more secure storage
  • Unique design enables both pads to rotate and swivel
  • Has a 1-year warranty
  • Corrosion resistant inputs and jacks
  • Heavily padded band allows comfortable listening over long amounts of time


  • Plastic slider may be prone to breaking


AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular DJ Preset Headphones

The design and manufacturing of the AIAIAI TMA2 help improve its durability and appeal. Instead of a plastic slider that may be prone to breaking, these headphones feature a full polyvinyl body with sliding and rotating earmuffs. Unlike other brands, you will not have to worry about broken parts.

This set of headphones features a high level of comfort. Aside from the sliding design, they are padded around the ear cups with soft leather. Even if used in a hot and crowded environment, these headphones will help you keep cool without being a burden to you.

Replacing your headphones can be expensive. The AIAIAI TMA2 features parts that can be replaced individually. This will help your headphones last for a very long time. The product features great quality materials, and will not require these repairs for a long time.


  • Durable and light frame
  • Extendable coil for better mobility
  • Titanium coating reduces sound distortion
  • Comfortable and effective noise isolating leather pads
  • Extra padding around the ear for complete sound representation


  • Available in only one color
  • Nylon headband is not as durable as other metal alloy options


Numark HF125 On-ear DJ Headphones

The Numark HF125 DJ Headphones are the most lightweight set of headphones listed in this review. They are great for extended shows and performances because they are always comfortable on your head or around your shoulders. They feature additional padding around the headband and earmuffs, which increases their level of comfort.

Flexible headphones are more durable than rigid options because they allow users some freedom both in their storage and use. While they may have mobile parts that may wear out, they will be protected from breaking due to their flexibility. Numark HF125 features independently adjustable 7-point flexibility which allows easy use and storage. The flexibility includes independently adjustable cups, which allows for single-sided monitoring.

Users will require an adapter to connect to multiple devices. Thankfully, the Numark HF125 comes with its own attached. The package includes an additional protective pouch for safekeeping when the headphones are not in use.


  • Independently adjustable ear cups
  • Extra padding on the headband and earmuffs for increased comfort
  • Great quality sound transmission


  • Requires an adapter for multiple devices
  • Does not offer range of custom colors


OneOdio Adapter-Free DJ headphones with Mic

These headphones guarantee maximum comfort. They are designed with extra padding all around to guarantee a high level of satisfaction. The earmuffs feature a special memory-protein, which helps to reduce heat and pressure levels over time. The muffs and headband are made of soft leather, making them even more enjoyable.

Unlike other brands which are limited to a single sized plug, this set of DJ headphones is compatible with both the 3.5mm and 6.3mm plugs. It does not require an adapter, and is convenient for use with a large number of devices.  The dual duty cable is stereo oriented, and will work upon insertion without any need for recalibration.

The quality of sound produced by this set of DJ headphones is very high. It features Japanese voice coils and driver diaphragms which deliver the best sound for high performance 50mm units. With these headphones, you will catch all the tones accurately at whichever volume level.

The product features a glossy finish which makes it stylish. If you are performing live, your audience will be sure to notice that silky and attractive appearance. These headphones are very lightweight and comfortable. They are made with a tough plastic material, and feature a great design. They should be handled carefully during folding as they may be prone to breaking.


  • Comfortable leather ear cups are specially designed to reduce pressure and heat build-up
  • Detachable dual-duty stereo oriented cable
  • Top quality voice coil and diaphragm deliver great sound
  • Can be folded for single-sided monitoring
  • Stylish glossy finish
  • Compatible with a number of devices without needing an adapter
  • Gold plated plugs are guaranteed to last longer


  • Might break if folded against the grain
  • Plastic slider should be handled with care


Final thought

The best DJ headphones will make your DJ performance unforgettable for both yourself and your audience. They will help you stand out during the show because they are customized, and feature additional graphics that will help with brand identification. They are also comfortable and lightweight, meaning that they will not hinder any part of your performance due to unbearable discomfort. Thanks to the convenient and comfortable options listed above, your audience will enjoy the entire show!

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