Benefits of Playing the Piano for Adults

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June 18, 2020
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Everyone around the world has recognized the benefits of playing the piano for adults. Several scientific studies have proven that playing an instrument is not only beneficial for children, but there is an array of benefits for people belonging to all age groups. Grownups are turning to the keys, and are discovering that it is not too late to start learning. With Pianoforall, you can have many techniques and lessons on your fingertips, which will help you to learn how to play the piano.

Stress Relief

It is a well-known fact that the melody from piano soothes our soul. However, piano music is increasingly being recognized as a stress reliever. Therefore, playing the piano can help lower blood pressure and evoke a more positive feeling. Playing the piano also helps people get rid of stage fright.

Enhances Concentration

Piano requires using both the hands, and they are playing different keys at the same time to produce music. Typically, it is a difficult task to achieve, at least in the first couple of months of learning the piano. However, with concentration and practice, you get the hang of it. Playing the piano enhances concentration, and it further helps with eye and hand coordination. Thus, concentration skills are increased exponentially.

Stimulates Brain

Scientific research has shown that music stimulates our brain more than any other activity. Therefore, it is understood that playing a musical instrument would help develop and stimulate neural connections in our brain. Other benefits of playing the piano for adults are enhanced memory and brain speed. In 1993, research in the Educational Psychology Journal reported that playing an instrument like piano helps improve reading comprehension.

Strengthening Hand Muscles

Maintaining the proper posture of hands and using correct hand positioning during piano playing make the arms stronger. Even as an adult, the hand muscles are strengthened and become more toned. Thus, playing the piano is not only good for emotional and mental health, but it is also good for our physical health.

Improved Aural Awareness

Playing the piano can improve our overall aural awareness. It does not matter where we fall in this range; it helps us recognize interval, tones, and chords. Playing the piano also helps us in developing the pitch. No matter which age group you belong to playing the piano raises aural awareness. Aural awareness is an important element when it comes to music. It makes it easier to understand the patterns of sound. In children, it can help with dyslexia.

Increase Happiness

Playing and listening to the piano has been known to increase happiness. It is considered an incredible mood lifter. Playing the piano does not only eliminate negative emotions but replaces them with positive ones.  While playing music yourself, it evokes happy thoughts, and you will notice that it changes the course of your day if you had a bad one initially.

Boosts Confidence

Many of us struggle with feelings of self-consciousness and apprehensiveness. To conquer these feelings, many experts suggest playing the piano. Piano helps in boosting confidence and self-esteem.

When you first start playing the melody with one hand, there is a slight boost in your confidence. When there is progress in your piano playing skills, and you make use of two hands. There is an even bigger boost in your confidence levels. When you move from one level of difficulty to another, then your confidence keeps growing. Then, when you perform in front of an audience, you are confident in your skill, which makes you a great performer. When it comes to playing the piano, the sky is the limit.

Other Health Benefits

Playing the piano has been shown to reduce the respiratory and heart complications in adults and improved response in children.

If you are thinking of learning how to play the piano or want to hone your skills, Pianoforall is perfect for you.


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