So What Really Is the Best Age to Learn Singing?

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Best Age to Learn Singing

A lot of parents consider music lessons for their kids. Which makes sense, since a lot of kids naturally love to sing. So why not properly brush up their skills? Besides that, there are many benefits of learning to sing, and it can be a rewarding experience overall. But is there a best age to learn singing?

The answer is: yes, and no.

Some parents start asking for singing lessons for kids as young as 3 or 4 years old, but the fact is that they are too young for a formal voice training. Kids that young have a short attention span, which will become a hurdle for their success in singing. This, in return, may end up frustrating the parents as well as the kid if they’re pushed too hard. So it is better to wait a few years before pushing them into such training.


So What Is the Best Age to Start Learning Singing?

The best time to begin professional voice lessons is when the kid’s voice starts to become more grounded. This happens when they have begun going through puberty. Since the tone and the vocal quality of a person’s voice continues to change as they go through different phases of their life, they will be able to achieve better, more measurable and significant progress on their lessons after they have reached puberty.

It is possible for puberty to occur at different ages for different kids, but as a general rule of thumb, most children’s voices are in the process of undergoing severe changes around the age of 11 to 12 due to being influenced by hormones.

So to determine the best age to learn singing for your kind, you have to observe the changes in their voice. When the boy’s voice begins to grow lower, deeper and sounds more mature, like an adult man’s voice, then he is ready to learn singing. Whereas when the girl’s voice begins to grow lower and sounds less child-like, she is ready to undergo serious vocal training as well. Though it is important to remember the girl’s voice will remain higher sounding than a boy’s, but will continue to undergo significant changes through her teen years. This change will be visible in their speaking voice as well as their singing voice.

Although this is the age your kid will show the most results when it comes to the progress of their vocal training, you can begin their lessons a little earlier if you want to be a hundred percent sure they get into it quickly.

Children as old as 7 to 9 are generally capable of following instructions and have developed good enough attention to know what they are doing.

The best age to start singing lessons mostly depends on your child. So it is best to observe your kids and look for the signs that will show they are ready for some lessons.


Signs That Your Kid Is Ready for Vocal Training


·       They Are Mature Enough

This is the most important thing to consider. The age at which a child could be considered socially mature can vary drastically from one kid to another. Is your child old enough to follow instructions? Would they be able to take well to coaching? If the answers to these questions are yes, then your kid may be ready to start taking lessons of all kinds.

·       They Can Focus on Things

Just like maturity, the attention span of children can vary drastically from one another. Some five-year old can have a longer attention span than another nine-year old. But to get any kind of results through training, your child will have to be persistent in their practice. So test your child to see if they are able to focus on one thing for at least 30 minutes before looking for music teachers.

·       They Have the Time to Practice

Schools and extra-curricular activities can get very hectic nowadays. Do you think your child will be able to take up another task which requires them to work around the week? Would it clash with any other interests they may have? When learning to sing, they will have to practice a lot, aside from the actual lessons as well. So be sure your child has enough time to be able to commit to singing.

·       They Are Interested in Singing

The last, but the most important thing; does your child enjoy singing? Because if they do not, they will end up hating the lessons and can potentially get cranky about things; especially if it collides with things they are actually interested in doing. On the other hand, if they are actually interested in singing, they will enjoy their lessons and be more motivated, resulting in much better progress. So don’t force your kid into something they aren’t interested in. If you really want to make your kid learn singing, try to get their interest in it by talking to them about all the good things about singing. But if they don’t take interest even then, just let them be.


If you think your kid can pass all of these, it may be a good time to start finding a good vocal trainer for them. But with so many options available, where do you start looking?

A good place to start is the online singing course, 30 Day Singer. It is a singing course that gives you professional training and helps maximize your vocal range. It will also help you determine whether your kid is able to follow proper instructions and is ready for professional vocal training.

The best of all? It is free. So go download the course right now.

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Am I Too Old to Learn Singing?

If you are an adult hoping to improve your singing voice, reading about the best age to start singing lessons may have demotivated you a little. But don’t give up hope at all.

As stated in the beginning, there really isn’t a best age to learn singing. In fact, it is never too late to start. As our voices continue to change and mature throughout our lives, students of all ages can benefit from singing lessons. Also, singing can be a great and effective way to keep your mind and body sharp, as well as being a great hobby to help you unwind from your daily stress.

So no matter what your age, if you think you want to start singing as a hobby or even professionally, you can start working on it right now. The above mentioned course is as helpful for adults as it is for kids.


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