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Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Exercise

Getting and staying fit is challenging for most people without some help. Psychologists have identified music as one element that could help people exercising better and longer. With the right headphones, you may be able to listen to your music in an ideal setup, allowing you to exercise to your limits. The best Bluetooth earbuds for exercise are portable, comfortable and durable. They will help create the ambience necessary for exercise while providing minimal interference. But which of the myriad of options available should you consider?


Product Rating Sweat resistant
Apple AirPods 2019 4.2 No
SoundMagic E11BT in ear headphones Unrated Yes
Jaybird RUN earbuds for exercise 3.0 Yes
Jaybird Freedom F5 in ear headphones 3.1 Yes
Shure SE112 wireless earbuds 3.4 No
Samsung Galaxy earbuds 3.9 Yes



Apple AirPods 2019

The Apple AirPods 2019 combine intelligent design with high end technology, which results in a crystal clear output and a comfortable fit. These headphones are powered by Apple’s proprietary H1 chip and are modeled around a hands-free access to  the smart assistant Siri. Apple’s AirPods are suited for exercise because they facilitate easy connection to your devices, and include a variety of features that makes them more comfortable and convenient.

AirPods come with a charging case, which can prolong the battery life of these  headphones when in use. For single charge output, these headphones will last up to 5 hours. With the friendly sized charging case, the AirPods will sustain up to 24 hours of continued use. The headphones are also lightweight, weighing under 1.3 ounces. This means that they will not prove to be a hindrance to your activity levels.


  • Fast charging in additional charging case
  • High quality audio output
  • Automatic connection to your devices
  • Great quality building
  • Designed for a comfortable fit


  • Few improvements from older AirPods models


SoundMagic E11BT in ear headphones

SoundMagic E11BT headphones are a value for money purchase that could help get your exercise going. These headphones are extremely well built, with the design revolving around the tight in-ear fit. You will not miss a beat on your exercise regime as this set of in ear headphones delivers high quality audio consistently. Despite the lack of active noise cancelation, these headphones will block out noise and ensure you are focused on exercise.

The classic look of the SoundMagic E11BT combines with its revolutionary sound for a great quality product. This model features a silver plated copper cable to reduce the likelihood of interference and audio distortion, allowing you to hear every beat and lyric clearly when you exercise. The model is also sweat proof, thanks to the elegant aluminum housing and precision finish. These Bluetooth headphones will ensure a comfortable and uninterrupted exercise experience.


  • Lightweight but robust housing for comfort and durability
  • Ideal in-ear fit for rigorous training sessions
  • Offers ideal isolation for immersive listening experience
  • Silver plated copper cable ensures audio authenticity
  • Will not be damaged by sweat


  • Might not work ideally at  the lowest volumes


Jaybird RUN earbuds for exercise

The Jaybird RUN earbuds are specifically designed for the tough demands of exercise. They are ergonomically built for a comfortable in-ear fit, and are water resistant. They include interchangeable fins and tips, which ensures that the earbuds will never fall off regardless of ear shape or size. These  earbuds are tough and durable, and they can sustain heavy impact falls, which makes them ideal for the toughest workouts. They are also lightweight and offer no hindrance to exercise by causing discomfort.

The sound output quality of the Jaybird RUN earbuds is remarkable. Aside from the great quality sound, these earbuds are also compatible with the Jaybird app that facilitates sound customization. You can manage your bass and treble to meet your specific exercise regime for the day, ensuring maximum efficiency when working out.


  • Designed for a secure fit, specifically when exercising
  • Water resistant for added durability
  • Extended battery life for sufficient output
  • Single button control reduces the likelihood of distraction


  • Only right earbud can be used as a single unit


Jaybird Freedom F5 in ear headphones

The Jaybird Freedom F5 headphones are the second sporty option by the brand. While they are not designed specifically for exercise like the Jaybird RUN, they are  a great alternative for comprehensive output and luxury during your regime. These earbuds combine comfort, function and style. They are very versatile, which makes them ideal for more than just your exercise needs.  You can connect multiple devices to these earbuds, which ensures you can still be productive and alert while engaging in exercise.

The standout sound quality of the Jaybird Freedom F5 in ear headphones is marked by subtle lows and booming bass. They are also designed for efficient connectivity, allowing you to get exercising without having to spend too much time setting up. This model features an easily accessible control panel, and also includes a variety of customization options to help increase their comfort level and ease of use.


  • Great quality sound output
  • Comfortable in-ear fit even when exposed to rigorous exercise
  • Multiple sized fins and tips for different ear sizes
  • Well designed controls for easier access
  • Compatible with MySound app for personalized sound experience
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Left-indented controls may cause headphones to pull downwards more towards that side


Shure SE112 wireless earbuds

Shure SE112-K-BT1 sound isolating in ear headphones are a sure bet for your exercise needs. They are designed with multiple connectivity options, supporting Bluetooth, Lightning, USB-C and universal jack connections. You can always meet your music demands during exercise with these sturdy and well designed option since this high quality set of earbuds offers up to 8 uninterrupted hours of use.

Sound isolation can be crucial to a peaceful and fulfilled workout. These earbuds will lock out any noise within reasonable levels, provided they are snugly fit in the ear. The brand also offers a number of different sized sleeves for the right fir for each ear. For people looking to add a stylish feature to their exercise attire, the flashy carrying pouch and sleek design of the Shure SE112 BT1 earbuds should boost its attractiveness.


  • Comfortable and snugly fitting
  • Lightweight build ensures minimal distraction
  • Offer noise cancelation for an ideal workout environment
  • High fidelity sound output


  • Not completely waterproof


Samsung Galaxy earbuds

With up to 13 hours of battery life, the Samsung Galaxy earbuds are a great option for exercise. They include a sleek carrying case which also offers wireless charging capacity for increased convenience. These earbuds will pair with both Android and iOS systems, although they are selective when pairing with older versions. The Galaxy earbuds are also compatible with Google assistant and Siri, allowing for increased ease of use when exercising.

The model features Ambient aware, which enables you to control the amount of sound you want to hear. This ensures you can still get your workout done while keeping out an eye over your surroundings, especially if you are not working out at the gym. The premium tuning of these earbuds enables high quality output, which ensures an unbeatable music experience. For added benefit, they are also waterproof.


  • Extended battery life
  • Great design for snug fit
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Comfortable when used for long amounts of time
  • Water resistance increases its durability.


  • Not compatible with some OS versions such as Android 4.0


What should the best Bluetooth earbuds for exercise offer?

Are you looking for the best Bluetooth in ear headphones for exercise? There are so many models to choose from. These are some of the main features you should consider when shopping for earbuds for exercise.

Ease of connectivity

A  dropped connection will affect the rhythm of your workout, which is crucial to staying on track. A strong, secure and consistent connection will improve your listening experience and reduce the risk of disruption to your workout. The best Bluetooth earbuds for exercise should have sufficient range, as well as being able to connect to your device without any hassle.

Comfort fit

If your earbuds are uncomfortable or keep falling off, your exercise session could be disrupted. The best earbuds for exercise should stay in your ear throughout your regime. They should also be comfortable to avoid distracting you during your workout. An ideal set of headphones may offer multiple fins and tips for a variety of ear sizes.

Great build

Exercise requires consistent application. Aside from a great fit, your earbuds should also be well designed to reduce the likelihood that they interrupt your efforts. The best Bluetooth earbuds for exercise should be lightweight and compact, but well built to sustain some impact. An ideal model could include a protective case for added security in storage.

Water resistance

When exercising, there is always some risk that your earbuds will come into contact with moisture. Whether as perspiration or rain, any such contact could affect the quality of output. The best Bluetooth earbuds for exercise will feature a countermeasure to ensure they can withstand this provision. An ideal set should be sweat proof at least, but the best earbuds will also offer protection against water damage.

Final word

There are a number of great earbuds listed that could change the way you exercise. However, we feel that the  Jaybird RUN  are the best Bluetooth earbuds for exercise. They are built for performance, and will meet the demands of your exercise regime regardless of its nature. These earbuds will stay comfortably in your ear throughout your entire session, allowing you to focus on fitness alone. Jaybird RUN earbuds will be suitable for use for all environments, as they can withstand sweat, water and impact. With the right maintenance efforts, they will offer you great service for a long time. The Jaybird RUN earbuds are your trusted exercise partner.

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