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Best Earbuds For Conference Calls

The best earbuds for conference calls should have a lengthy battery life, easy to use controls and offer clear sound output to enable listeners to hear their speaker closely. With an ideal set of earbuds, taking conference calls will be easier than you may have experienced. The best earbuds for conference calls will minimize noise interference and provide quality and sustained audio. This interactive guide will help provide you insight into some of the best in-ear headphones for conference calls that you may consider.

  Rating Colors available
Senso Bluetooth headphones 4.0 3
Phaiser BHS 750 headphones 4.1 5
AKG Y100 in ear headphones 3.7 4
SoundMAGIC E11BT wireless earbuds Unrated 1
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds 3.6 1
Jabra Elite 65t headphones 3.6 5
Jaybird X3 headphones 3.1 7
Apple AirPods 4.2 1



Senso Bluetooth headphones

The high definition voice and audio output of the Senso Bluetooth headphones will improve your calling experience. With these headphones, you should be able to hear your calls clearly even in an outdoors environment. Senso wireless headphones feature passive noise cancelation, which they achieve by virtue of being securely fitting. They are very comfortable and lightweight, which ensures convenient prolonged use. They can also carry sufficient charge for up to 8 hours of use, which ensures you can keep up with long call sessions.




  • Noise suppression technology for added clarity of voice
  • Multiple connectivity
  • Comfortably fitting with ear hooks for added benefit
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Multiple sized wings and tips for different ear sizes


  • Charging cable might be too short


Phaiser BHS 750 headphones

For a sporty model that offers an ideal connection and hands free calling ability, the Phaiser BHS 750 headphones are a great choice. These earbuds are designed for extra comfort, which ensures you can use them well over long amounts of time. The high quality audio output ensures you can receive clear transmission even with the lowest sounds. The brand offers comprehensive protection through the warranties and money back guarantee, which should make the model worth your consideration. They also include a magnetic lining to ensure you do not lose your earbuds when they are not in use.



  • Integrated mic to increase call quality
  • Magnetic clip to allow easier storage
  • 60-day money back guarantee, 1 year warranty and lifetime sweat proof warranty guarantee performance
  • Multiple sized wings and tips for versatile comfort fitting


  • May overheat if not charged correctly


AKG Y100 in ear headphones

With up to 8 hours of charge for every battery cycle, the AKG Y100 in ear headphones are guaranteed to see you through the day without any missed calls. The model also features a fast charge option, which adds an hour of use time for every 10 minute charge session. He high quality of audio and voice output of this model only adds to the appeal. They will deliver a crisp and clear call quality without any dropped connections. The earbuds are also very lightweight and comfortable, allowing for consistent use. While they are not waterproof, the sturdy build ensures durability.


  • Comfortable and durable building
  • Ambient aware technology for complete noise controls
  • Single remote controls for multiple connected devices
  • Speed charge increases efficiency of use


  • Battery life may be compromised with poor maintenance habits


SoundMAGIC E11BT wireless earbuds

For an immersive listening and calling experience, the SoundMAGIC E11-BT wireless earbuds are an ideal choice. They completely seal off your ear canal to ensure sound isolation for a crystal clear presentation. These headphones are well designed, featuring both a precision-oriented shape and ergonomic housing. The model is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and may support multiple devices at once. SoundMAGIC E11BT also features a custom-tuned driver for efficient output. It will work well for long hours at a go, thanks to the great battery life.




  • Bluetooth V5.0 and AAC compatible
  • High quality audio and voice output
  • Water resistant 1pX4 rating for increased durability and outdoors use
  • Elegant housing and build


  • Does not include  a semi-flexible carrying case


Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds

The Sennheiser Momentum True wireless earbuds are made with an extra attention to detail. The high quality craft translates to a sleek set of earbuds that feature an extended battery life. These earbuds will reduce the risk of lag as they feature low latency. The great quality of audio on the Sennheiser Momentum True wireless buds will ensure that you do not miss any aspect of your call or audio. They feature transparent hearing, which allows you to be aware of your surroundings while still enjoying precise sound. They are also designed for increased ease of use, with intuitive touch controls built into both earbuds.



  • High quality build and design
  • Long battery life
  • Stylish charging case
  • Minimum lag thanks to a low latency feature
  • Crystal clear sound for unbeatable conference call experience


  • Some customers have complained of thinner audio for certain genres


Jabra Elite 65t headphones

Jabra Elite Active 65t headphones offer a truly wireless experience. They are perfectly tuned for high quality audio and voice, making them well suited for your conference calls. The model can also connect to both android and iOS systems, and connects to multiple devices simultaneously. It has a 15 hour battery life, which ensures that you can use the headphones for longer calls without worrying about battery life. These headphones are also snugly fitting for a comfortable sound experience.




  • Extended battery life
  • Securely fitting for added comfortable
  • Long warranty for added protection against damage
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS systems


  • Automatic off feature may be compromised over time


Jaybird X3 headphones

The mini wireless Jaybird X3 headphones are designed for a small and comfortable appearance, without affecting the quality of sound. They feature a patented silicone fin for snug fits, which ensures consistent use during lengthy calls. These headphones are very comfortable, and are built to last. They can also be used outdoors and in a variety of wet environments as they feature water proofing technology for added value. The voice and audio quality of the X3 earbuds is customizable through MySound app, although the model already delivers a great output.




  • Compatible with Android and iOS systems
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Snug fit as the model comes with different sized fins and tips
  • Hydrophobic nano-coating prevents water damage
  • Customizable sound output


  • Can become dislodged easily if assembled badly.


Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods 2019 feature a revolutionary sound chip that should enhance your audio and voice experience. With these head[hones, you should be able to comfortably take calls even in louder environments. The headphones connect automatically to your devices, and feature a smart start and stop for efficient battery consumption. The headphones also include a carrying case, which should increase the battery life and output. You can take  clearer calls with these headphones for longer.





  • Lightweight for added comfort
  • Easy to use and features automatic connection
  • Smart voice control for hands-free use
  • Lightning connector included for faster charging
  • High quality voice and audio


  • Shorter talk time without charging case
  • Not compatible with Android OS


What should the best earbuds for conference calls offer?

The best earbuds for conference calls will enhance your call experience. There are many earbud options available, but not all of them are ideally suited for calls. These are some of the top features you should consider when looking into the best headphones for conference calls.

Easy to use inline controls

The best earbuds for conference calls will feature very easy to use controls, which works to reduce the need for access to your device during a call. With the right earbuds, you will not run the risk of missed content as a result of fumbling for your phone. An ideal set of earbuds should allow you to change volume levels and take calls without having to access your phone.

Call clarity

Like the ease of use, the quality of output is also an important factor when determining the best headphones for conference calls. The best earbuds should offer high quality sound output, allowing a clear presentation even at the lowest volumes. With the right earbuds for the job, you will not have any trouble listening in to a call as they will ensure a candid outlay of every word.


Conference calls can run for longer than regular calls. There are so many people on board, who may have a lot to contribute. The best earbuds for conference calls should remain comfortable even when used for a long time. This reduces the  risk of ear irritation and potential hearing problems in future. With the right earbuds for calls, you will be able to engage comfortably and safely.

Ease of connectivity

Your earbuds should be able to connect effortlessly to multiple devices in order to serve the purpose. By featuring improved efficiency in connection, the best earbuds for conference calls will make it easier to take calls. You will also be able to use the headphones for other purposes, which ensures comprehensive value to you.

Final word

While all these earbuds offer an ideal experience for conference calls, we feel that the best set of headphones for conference calls are the Apple AirPods Wireless earbuds. They are comfortably fitting, carry a great battery life and present calls with a high quality output. Even at lower volumes, you can clearly follow the conversation with the Apple AirPods Wireless earbuds. They will remain comfortable even after hours of use, and will not fall out in the middle of a call. The Apple AirPods Wireless earbuds will reshape your call experience.

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