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July 23, 2019
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Best Earbuds For Cyclists

Cycling is a great form  of exercise, and an environmentally friendly way to get around. With the right accompaniment, cycling can be adventurous and healthy. Many people consider music to help them stay the course when cycling. The best earbuds for cyclists will improve your experience and help you stay entertained while getting healthier. There are so many options to consider, which makes choosing apart an ideal set difficult. We look into some of the best options available to help you out.

Product Rating Customization option
Beyerdynamic Blue BYRD earbuds 4.4 No
AKG N40 in ear headphones 3.9 Yes
Bose SoundSport Wireless earbuds 3.7 Yes
Plantronics Backbeat fit headphones 3.5 Yes
LBell V4.1 wireless earbuds 3.6 No
Jabra Elite 65t buds 3.6 Yes
Jaybird Original X earbuds 3.5 Yes
Aftershockz AS600SG headphones 4.0 Yes
3-Preset AUKEY wireless headphones 3.7 Yes


Beyerdynamic Blue BYRD earbuds

Beyrrdynamic’s wireless Blue BYRD earbuds are suited for the  tough demands of cycling. They feature an elegant but sturdy aluminum housing. They are very stylish and fit comfortably into the ear.  The Beyerdynamic Blue BYRD buds remain comfortable even with aggressive use for long amounts of time, which makes them suited for cyclists. The brand includes five tips for an ideal for every ear size. The protective grills and ear tips can be cleaned or replaced, which ensures you can maintain them for a longer period of time. They are reliable and offer powerful sound as well, and are a value for money purchase. While the audio quality is topnotch, the likelihood of dropped calls could be a drawback.




  • High resolution and well balanced sound
  • Five differently sized tips included to ensure the perfect fit
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Hard case for secure storage


  • Call quality can be improved


AKG N40 in ear headphones

The AKG N40 earbuds are a high resolution set with easily customizable sound for the perfect cycling experience.  These buds, which are available in multiple colors, are well built and will help you enjoy your music even through the toughest terrains. The rounded ear tips offer a comfortable fit, ensuring you can cycle without discomfort or disruption for longer sessions every time. The well balanced audio output , tough build and elegant accentuation in the finish  make these earbuds a great choice for cycling.




  • Customizable sound
  • Rounded, comfortable ear tips
  • Fashionable carrying case for increased ease of use when moving


  • Detachable cable might be damaged easily if not stored properly


Bose SoundSport Wireless earbuds

The high quality sound output of the Bose SoundSport  can be attributed to its great engineering. The model is consistently balanced and connects wirelessly, ensuring a crisp sound in a convenient environment. The well designed tips work to keep the buds in your ear even during the toughest exercise, which makes them ideal for cycling. They are also sweat resistant for reliable long term use, and feature a lengthy battery life for convenient output. Some customers have complained of damage when exposed to large amounts of water, which suggests that they are not completely waterproof and should not be used in those environments. However, they will comfortably survive all cycling weather. These lightweight and comfortable buds could be an ideal cycling buddy for a long time.


  • High quality audio output
  • Wireless pairing with supporting voice controls
  • Sweat resistant for added durability


  • Not completely waterproof


Plantronics Backbeat fit headphones

The flexible, well finished and sweat-proof Plantronics Backbeat Fit wireless headphones will ensure high quality service that will improve your cycling experience. These in ear headphones are lightweight and comfortable, thanks to an active design made to stay out of your way. They fit snugly into your ear, which reduces the risk of loss or interruption during your cycling routine. They are also flexible and easy to store. They offer up to 8 hours of use, and will remain comfortable throughout the experience. For added benefit, the Backbeat Fit also offers a battery tracker which is compatible with both android and iOS platforms. The headphones will also take up regular updates for efficient performance.


  • Free battery tracker app and firmware updates
  • Extended battery life for convenient output
  • High quality sound
  • Automatic hibernation mode when unused helps to conserve battery cycles
  • Sweat proof for durable use


  • Might not keep out loud noises


LBell V4.1 wireless earbuds

The LBell wireless V4.1 headphones work as well in silent environments as they do on the move, which is why they are suited for cyclists. They will ensure a great quality output, with powerful sound regardless of the environmental noise levels. They are very durable, and will sustain even the most strenuous exercise. They are well designed for a comfortable in ear fit, and are lightweight for reduced strain when cycling. These headphones connect with multiple devices across different platforms, with a better than average call quality. They are sweat proof and durable, which means they could be your cycling companion for a longtime. With up to 4 hours of battery life for every charge cycle, they may not be the most energy efficient models available. However, they will still ensure you can get your cycling done without a problem. They also remain comfortable when used for longer period of time, or in hot environments.


  • High quality performance
  • Durable build, with added sweat and water protection
  • Sleek and comfortable earbuds


  • Button arrangement on remote controller might need some getting used to


Jabra Elite 65t

Jabra Elite Active 65t in ear headphones are engineered for high quality output for voice and sound. The  model is designed to stay in your eat and protect against sweat, which are both hallmark features  of a great set of earbuds for cyclists. They are optimized for the toughest terrains, and will deliver crisp sound regardless of your environment. These  headphones offer a 2-year warranty against sweat and dust damage, which is testament to the high quality build. You can even customize your headphones’ sound with the brand’s app. You will still be safe when using these models, thanks to the ambient noise reduction feature on offer.



  • High quality performance and great sound
  • Comfortable inn ear fit allows prolonged use
  • Engineered for  heavy demands of sports
  • Convenient charging case for increased convenience


  • Voice assistant might work inefficiently on older android versions


Jaybird Original X earbuds

Jaybird Bluebud X Bluetooth headphones are the first in a line that is designed for optimum performance for sports and exercise. These in ear headphones have been discontinued in favor of the X2 and X3 models, but the Original X options still represent a value for money outlay. The comfortable over-ear and under-ear fit of the attachment hook ensures you can cycle through bumpy terrains without worrying about losing your headphones. They are compact to fit snugly in the ear, and will remain comfortable even with long hours of consecutive use. The model will sustain a remarkable sound output for 8 hours without interruption, which means that you can comfortably cycle for long periods of time without worrying about the loss of your music. The lifetime sweat protection offered by the brand on these earbuds should offer some guarantee of durability. The brand also offers great customer service in the event that anything goes wrong with your set of earbuds. You have full control of these multi-connection headphones, ensuring you can enjoy your music and take any urgent calls while you get in some exercise on your bike.


  • Tough build for added durability
  • Powerful sound output
  • Easy to use controls with added connectivity for convenient use


  • May suffer from dropped calls


Aftershockz AS600SG headphones

The Aftershockz AS600SG titanium wireless bone conduction headphones are a smart set of earbuds that could come in handy for cyclists. These buds, which are available in up to five unique color combinations, feature bone conduction technology that delivers high quality output without interfering with ambient sounds. You can sill hear traffic and conversations, ensuring you remain safe while cycling. The titanium wraparound band is lightweight and durable, and ensures these buds remain comfortably in your ear. They feature an openfit design which ensures comfort and protection from damage. They also connect to multiple devices, and carry up to 6 hours of charge for every battery cycle. The long warranty and passive noise cancelation feature of these buds should make them a great choice for your cycling needs.


  • Ultimate durability with protection against water, sweat and impact damaged
  • High quality sound
  • Comfortable even with extended use


  • Plastic components could be damaged without proper maintenance


3-Preset AUKEY wireless headphones

The AUKEY wireless headphones offer  a great sound experience that is suited for exercise. You can customize your sound output by picking one of three well balanced presets for optimum performance. These headphones are sweat proof, thanks to a nano coating that ensures minimal risk of moisture damage. They will fit securely into your ear canal without any discomfort, even with long term use. The sports earbuds are designed for standard performance in all manner of environments, which makes them ideal for cyclists. Both ear buds will attract magnetically, ensuring secure storage when not in use. The reliable connectivity on either Android or iOS devices makes these headphones a go to choice for people looking for the outdoors thrill.  With up to 8 hours in battery reserve, the models will also see you through your entire session each time.


  • High fidelity sound output
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Comfortable even when used for long periods of time
  • Multiple sized tips and fins for the perfect fit


  • Rubber wing tips may loosen over time

What should the best earbuds for cyclists offer?

The best earbuds for cyclist are trendy, sturdy and engineered for the ideal performance. These are the top features you should consider when looking for an ideal pair of earbuds for your cycling needs.


A great set of earbuds should be comfortable. For cyclists, comfort is the biggest factor to consider. With a set of comfortable earbuds, cyclists can engage in their activities without any breaks in the flow of music. This ensures you can work out for longer to greater benefit. Your earbuds should be a comfortable in ear fit for maximum output. They should also remain comfortable over long hours of use.


Distorted sound can break the flow of rhythm when cycling. The best earbuds for cyclists will ensure high quality sound output, allowing you to combine  crisp audio with a satisfying workout. In order to achieve this, your earbuds should minimize interference from external sources and feature advanced sound output technology.

Ease of use

A great set of earbuds for cyclists should be easy to use to reduce the likelihood of distraction. With the right earbuds for cycling, you will be able to manage your playlist without having to control your devices. This will ensure continuity, which can be crucial to getting a fulfilling cycling experience. An ideal model should connect easily, as well as feature great controls for full benefit.

Multiple functions

An ideal set of earbuds for cycling should offer multiple functions for value added service. They should be able to take calls, and may connect with multiple devices to ensure you do not miss out on any urgent needs. The best earbuds for cyclists may also carry added features for an improved experience, such as sweat proofing for an ideal and durable performance.

Final word

The Jabra Elite 65t stands out for its superior qualities and great design. This flashy in-ear model will deliver consistent and high quality audio, allowing you to cycle  without any interruption. While the model isolates noise, it can be controlled for environmental awareness, which reduces the risk of any accidents. The Jabra Elite 65t is a comfortable set of earbuds, which facilitates continued use. These earbuds have great connectivity, ensuring that your rhythm will not be broken as a result of dropped connections. They are also water proof, making them ideal for use for cycling. With the right care, these earbuds could offer value added service for a long time.

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