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August 18, 2020
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Top Picks: Best Guitar for Female Beginner

Seeing growing numbers of female guitarists every year, the guitar industry is especially catering to the needs of female customers. It’s no secret that all guitars are not perfectly suited to everyone. Guitars come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, and you should choose the best guitar for female beginner if you are a gal yourself!

If you’re a female who’s planning on buying your first guitar, you ought to keep a few things in mind. If you have small hands like most women, a shorter scale length (distance between frets) would work best for you. Though it is not impossible to play a full-sized jumbo acoustic with smaller hands, it can get quite difficult, especially for beginners.

So, whether you want to play pop, rock, classical, jazz, blues, or anything else, we’ve curated some entries for the best guitar for female beginner.

Baby Taylor BTe-Koa Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar


The BTe-Koa or Baby Taylor Koa is a great ¾ sized dreadnought used by touring singer-songwriters like Taylor Swift. The smaller size is great for traveling as well as for beginners with smaller hands.

The beautiful Hawaiian koa top lends it darker and deeper tones without sacrificing on brightness.

For a small-sized guitar like this one, the BTe-Koa surprisingly packs a lot of punch in terms of loudness and quality. It has built-in electronics if you plan on busking or playing shows. It also packs in an LED display for tuning and indicating low battery levels. Check out the Amazon link here.



Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

The LX1 Little Martin is a competitor to the Baby Taylor. Its scale length of only 23” is incredibly easy to play for women with small hands, making it one of the best guitar for female beginner. But, despite its small size, the Little Martin is a brilliant sounding guitar.

It has a hand-finished solid Sitka spruce top with a Rust Stratabond neck and Solid Morado or East Indian Rosewood fingerboard. These materials allow for a loud Martin-esque sound in a compact package.

It’s perfect for beginner gals learning the ropes as well as for seasoned guitarists who want a no-compromise tone. You can get the Martin experience at an affordable price too.



Cordoba Dolce 7/8 Size Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar

The Cordoba Dolce is a beautiful sounding 7/8 size classical guitar with nylon strings. Its lightweight, comfortable, and easy to play. The traditional Spanish fan bracing in the interior, solid spruce top, and mahogany sides and back evoke deep bass notes, and the higher strings have a lot of mellow brightness.

The nylon strings make it easier to play than a traditional acoustic guitar as well. This will be a must-have for beginners who want to sharpen their chops for classical guitar music. Plus, this quality instrument will be easy on your wallet too!




Squier by Fender – Classic Vibe 70’s Jaguar Electric Guitar

For all women rockers out there, the Jaguar series by Fender is well worth looking at! Because of its smaller scale length (24” compared to 25.5”), the fretboard is very easy to play. Not to mention, the Fender Jaguar was used by Kurt Cobain, so it has the grunge rock mystique.

The 3-color sunburst on this model is a beauty to look at. Though the controls on a Jaguar can look complex, the instrument lends itself to a lot of variation that one can get used to quickly. Whether rock or blues, this will be amongst the top of the list of best guitar for female beginner. The Squier model is reasonably low priced, though you may want to get it set up by a luthier or at a guitar shop first.

Fender Offset Series Mustang MN Faded Mocha FSR Limited Edition (CME Exclusive)

The Fender Mustang is another brilliant guitar with a shorter scale length (24”) and minimalist design. It has incredible playability because of its modern “C” shape maple neck with a 9.5” radius and medium jumbo frets. The bridge is a six-saddle string through type and has great sustain and robustness.

The two MP-90 single-coil pickups create a vibrant sound that can be modulated with any sorts of effects you’d want. It’s a great alternative guitar for women beginners.

What’s more, you can find this variant at a lower price compared to Fender’s higher-end models. If you want to start off with an even cheaper option, check out the Squier by Fender variant of the Mustang.

Ibanez Artcore Vibrante AS63 Semi-Hollow – Coral Pink

The Ibanez Artcore Vibrante hollow-body series is equipped with thick, jazzy tones in a small package. The Artcore features a 24.75 scale length on a Nyatoh neck. It has two humbucking pickups to churn out anything from jazz to hard rock.

The Artcore series by Ibanez is famous and respected for its quality tone and craftsmanship in a highly affordable package. Perhaps above all, this guitar is gorgeous with its vibrant pink color and pearloid pickguard. The price is also not to be beat!





Ibanez Steve Vai JEMJRSP – Pink

The Ibanez Steve Vai JEM Junior Special is a dream come true. This is especially true for female rock- and metal-heads! It gives you room for all that crazy wizardry that Steve Vai is famous for in a very affordable package.

The JEM Junior Special has excellent build quality for its price. It features a mahogany body with a thin Wizard III neck for easy shredding. This guitar has a full-sized 25.5” scale length, but the neck has a slimmer profile, which will be easier to grip.

The Tree of Life inlay is visible on the fretboard along with the ‘monkey grip’ handle on the body. There are two Infinity humbuckers and one Infinity single-coil pickup, along with 5-way switching. To top it all off, you also get a double-locking tremolo system!

But you might want to hold on to this one, as you’d want to take it out for some shredding when you’re past your beginner stage! Not to mention, it’s a steal at this point.

We hope this buyer’s guide for the best guitar for female beginner was useful to you. May your journey to becoming a guitar goddess be even more fruitful!


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