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June 29, 2021
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Best headphones for big heads


Shopping for headphones for big heads is a challenge because many options are limited in the size and shape they can accommodate. If you are looking for an ideal pair of headphones for big heads, this guide is just what you need. The best headphones for big heads are comfortable,  convenient for use over long periods of time and adjustable for a secure fit. Here are some of the top options you should look into to help you meet your needs.

Product Rating Custom color options
Audio Technica ATH-M70x 3.8 1
Jabra Elite Active 65t wireless headphones 3.6 5
Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones 4.3 17
Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth headphones 4.6 2
Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 over ear headphones 4.4 3
Sennheiser HD650 open back professional headphones 4.6 1



Audio Technica ATH-M70x

Audio Technica’s ATH-M70x is the brand’s latest product in its high quality M-series. It is a well balanced model, and ensures high quality audio when in use. The well tuned headphones are designed for comfort, and feature an adjustable headband. The 90-degree swiveling cups increase the ease of use and allow for one-ear monitoring. These headphones are suited for big heads because they are comfortable and convenient, regardless of shape or size. They are heavily padded around the cups, which guarantees comfort throughout even the longest sessions. The fold-flat design of the Audio Technica M70x makes them  easy to store and very portable. They also come with a convenient carrying case to ensure minimal damage to your headphones when traveling.


  • Well balanced sound quality
  • Ideal for use in loud environments
  • Quality build for added durability
  • Comfortable fit for a variety of head sizes


  • Joints may break if not well maintained


Jabra Elite Active 65t wireless headphones

The Jabra Elite Active 65t is designed for durability and performance. These in ear headphones are securely fitting and are designed for stability, ensuring people with big heads can enjoy audio and calls with minimal hassle. They will not fall out, whether you are exercising or sleeping. Unlike adjustable over ear options, they will offer no risk of broken joints. They feature a long battery life,  ensuring you can enjoy your music for up to 15 hours with every charge cycle. The trendy charging case also functions as a secure storage medium when the headphones are not in use. They are compatible with Android and iOS voice assistants, and are a certified Alexa built-in device. With the Jabra Sound+ app, you can  customize your sound to match your preferences.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Snug in ear fit for easier use
  • Compatible with Android and iOS assistants


  • Some customers have complained of dropped calls


Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones

Available in any of 17 custom color options, the Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones are a great fit for people with big heads. These headphones are designed to fit all head shapes and sizes, thanks to an adjustable frame. They also feature a proprietary advanced venting and pivoting over ear cushions to enable a custom fit for all users. They offer a great connectivity range, and will ensure you can keep up with your music and calls with minimal fuss thanks to the industry leading W1 chip with Class 1 Bluetooth connectivity in regards to range and strength. The model carries up to 22 hours of charge, which ensures convenient use throughout the day.


  • Active noise cancellation and high quality audio output
  • Comfortable fit for different head sizes
  • Foldable and includes a hard case shell for secure storage
  • Great build and available in multiple colors


  • Adjustable frame should be handled carefully to avoid damage


Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth headphones

For comfortable all day listening, the Tribit XFree headphones are one of the best options available. These model, designed to suit a range of head shapes and sizes, is one of the most comfortable options on this list. It is heavily padded for added comfort without affecting the quality of audio on offer.  The memory foam ear cups and adjustable fit combine with the Hi-Fi sound to ensure an unforgettable experience. The Tribit XFree headphones feature active noise cancellation, which limits external influence when you are listening to music. They are very lightweight and allow convenient use at home or on the road. The high quality CSR chip enables sustained connection to Bluetooth devices with a range of up to 35 feet.


  • Comfortably fitting for people with big heads
  • Long battery life for extended use
  • Excellent sound makes it a value for money purchase


  • Adjustable frame requires careful maintenance


Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 over ear headphones

The closed back, over ear Momentum 2.0 is an industry leading model for comfort and noise isolation. The lightweight and compact design combines with the adjustable frame and great build to ensure you can enjoy these headphones for longer sessions at a go. They are also easy to store, and offer increased value thanks to their durability. These headphones are available with a two year warranty, which should offer comprehensive protection against any faults. They set the bar for quality and performance, which may mean that your warranty card could remain unused. The model handles calls just as well as audio, allowing you to keep up with your work and audio. The great build and precision engineering result in  an iconic design and luxurious finish.


  • High quality sound engineering
  • In-line controls for increased ease of use
  • Comfortable for extended use


  • Detachable cable may loosen if regularly inserted incorrectly


Sennheiser HD650 open back professional headphones

The HD650, an upgrade on the brand’s HD 600, is a dynamic sounding and open back set of headphones that will deliver natural sound. The high quality build and great sound output of this model makes it an ideal choice for many activities. It is also heavily padded for added comfort, and will  easily fit multiple head sizes. The HD650 headphones set the standard for driver quality and feature an acoustic silk design for precision damping. They are well optimized for audio and voice output, which means that you can listen in even at the lowest volumes. The lightweight but sturdy frame ensures increased durability and added value.




  • Longer warranty for added protection
  • Great quality sound output
  • Comfortable fit for different head sizes


  • Does not block out all noise


What should the best headphones for big heads offer?

Finding an ideal set of headphones for big heads is a challenge. Many brands make  stiff models that are only suited for certain shapes and sizes. A great set of headphones for big heads should be comfortable, adjustable and ensure high quality output. Here is some in depth insight into each feature and how it should factor in your decision.

Comfortable and adjustable fit

People with big heads will have trouble finding headphones that are comfortable and snugly fitting without losing this ability over time. The best headphones for big heads should be adjustable, allowing you to find a great fit for your head. These headphones may also be available in larger sizes. We recommend you consider an adjustable fit over a one-size-fits-all due to the difference in head shape. With an adjustable fir, you can optimize the performance of your headphones and could share them with other people around you who may not necessarily have a big head.

High quality sound

You should not compromise on the quality of sound in order to find an ideal set of comfortable headphones for your big head. There are many comfortable options that are also built for powerful performance. When looking into different options, make sure to look into the technology used and quality of sound. Customizable and well balanced headphones that are adjustable and comfortable would be your ideal pick.

Great build for longevity

A great pair of headphones should offer value for money performance on more than just the quality of sound. For people with big heads, finding a set of headphones that can sustain constant readjustment without facing any damage is crucial. You should consider each model’s build to determine the best headphones for your needs. This will ensure you can use your headphones for a long time without having to spend more time researching replacement options.


Final word

While in ear headphone options such as the Jabra Elite 65t are ideally suited for big heads, they may not offer the sound isolation and noise cancellation features of over ear options. We will go with the Beats Studio 3 wireless over ear headphones as the best option for big heads. These sleek headphones are adjustable for a comfortable fit, ensuring bigger head sizes are catered for. The audio quality of the headphones is very high, making them a great option for both music and calls. The model features easy connectivity, and will remain comfortable even when worn for hours at a go. If you are looking for the best headphones for big heads, the Beats Studio 3 wireless are an unbeatable option.


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