8 Best Headphones For Audio Books – 2021

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Best Headphones For Audio Books

Thanks to the audio book, you no longer have to spend days leafing through a book. With the right headphones for the job, you can even get your reading done while you engage in other activities. There are many high quality headphone options available that could help you achieve this.

But what should you look for in the best headphones for audio books? How do you tell apart the options available to determine an ideal set of headphones? The article looks into the best headphones for audio books available to help you out. We even detail out some of the key features to look for in the right headphones for your needs.

Product Design Rating
MPow 059 wireless Bluetooth headphone Over ear 4.5
Senso wireless headphones In ear 4.0
LBell V4.1 headphones In ear 3.6
Avantree wireless Bluetooth headphones Over ear 4.4
Brookstone color changing cat-ear headphones Over ear 4.2
Sardonyx SX-918 Bluetooth headphones In ear 4.0
Bose Soundlink headphone Over ear 4.3
COWIN E7 headphones Over ear 4.3



MPow 059 Bluetooth headphones

Built for performance and comfort, the MPow 059 wireless Bluetooth headphone set is one of the leading products by a great brand. This model offers an exceptional listening experience, lengthy battery life and unique design. The high quality engineering, featuring a CSR chip and neodymium driver, produces an impressive and robust sound. Even at low volumes, this model delivers clear audio.

This model is a passive noise cancellation headset, which means that it does not deliver comprehensive isolation for very loud environments. However, it will comfortably handle most reading environments. It is a great option for audio books because it offers a comfortable build and is easy to store. The MPow 059 is foldable, and features a closed-back design. The memory protein foam simulates skin texture to stay comfortable on the ear for extended periods. It also includes additional padding for sensitive components to increase its lifespan. When used with the additional cord, this headphone will never power off!


  • Great customer service
  • Unbeatable build for added comfort and durability
  • High quality sound output
  • Foldable, lightweight and includes a portable bag


  • Might have a problem pairing with some devices
  • Might be too uncomfortable for big heads

SENSO Bluetooth headphones

Senso wireless headphones are a great option for listening to audio books because they are designed for comfort, feature an extended battery life and offer unbeatable sound. The state of the art acoustic CSR technology works to produce high definition sound, with an ultra crisp array. The model also delivers high quality sound at low volumes, making it ideal for use at night. The warranty policy and great customer service should enhance your trust in the product and brand.

With up to 8 hours of battery life for every charge cycle, you will be able to spend continuous hours listening to your choice of audio book. The large memory foam ear tips are comfortable when used for a long time. The set is also waterproof and secure, featuring flexible ear hooks to keep them in place at all time. While it only features passive noise cancellation, the snug fit, great build and unbeatable sound quality improve the efficiency of this set at blocking out external sound. It is compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices, and may connect multiple options simultaneously.


  • Stable fitting across different ear sizes
  • Ergonomic design
  • Powered by a long life battery
  • Precision engineered to produce high quality audio
  • Can connect to multiple devices at once
  • Multifunctional headphones can


  • Ear clip might break if mishandled


LBell Wireless Headphones V4.1

LBell wireless headphones are ideal for travel and for use at home or in the office. They feature the latest noise cancellation technology, easy to use in-line controls and offer an extended battery life. These headphones feature A2Dp technology for active noise cancellations, allowing you to listen to your audio book wherever you wish. The LBell V4.1 headphones are waterproof and easy to pair, which makes them ideal for an outdoors listening experience.

The model is also easy to control and features an integrated voice control function. The LBell V4.1 wireless headphones can connect to multiple devices, including both smart phones and tablets. Their comfort fit increases the ease of use, which means that you can listen to audio books for hours on end without developing any irritation. With proper maintenance, the LBell V4.1 wireless set will ensure a great audio experience.


  • High fidelity sound output
  • Multifunctional wireless build
  • Waterproof and stylish for use in a variety of environments
  • Includes cord clip to secure headphones on shoulder when not in use
  • Lightweight but durable


  • Might be prone to disrupted function if not well maintained


 Avantree 40hr Wireless Bluetooth headphones

The aptX hi-Fi sound output is only one of the attractive features of the Avantree wireless Bluetooth headphones. The set also features an industry leading battery life cycle, offering 40 hours of uninterrupted use. For travelers who are interested in a convenient set of headphones, this passive noise cancellation option could be ideal. The 24 month warranty and great customer support by brand are additional attractive factors.

It offers Bluetooth and wired connectivity, allowing for a variety of options. It can also connect to multiple devices simultaneously, which makes listening to audio books across multiple interfaces easy to access. It even includes an NFC feature which allows users to connect with one tap. Avantree 40hr wireless Bluetooth headphones are comfortable and lightweight, allowing you to enjoy extended audio book sessions with ease.


  • Extended battery life for heavy duty output
  • Adjustable headband makes it easier to fit comfortably
  • Touch-to-pair connectivity and increased ease of use make it very convenient
  • Superior sound output quality


  • Does not cancel out louder background noises
  • May cause an audio delay when used on certain devices

Brookstone color changing cat-ear headphones

What’s not to like about these customized cat-ear shaped headphones? The Brookstone color changing cat-ear headphones feature customizable LED lighting support that changes color to match an outfit or mood. It is a fashionable set and is easily well suited for travelling. While it can carry up to 5 hours’ worth of charge, it also includes an added cord for longer listening.

The Brookstone color changing cat-ear headphones are designed for an adjustable snug fit. They will minimize the noise levels and could be ideal for a variety of environments. These headphones pair with any Bluetooth enabled device, and may connect to multiple sources simultaneously. They are a great option for listening to audio books with friends because they include in-built speakers in each ear. The color changing cat headphones come with a carrying case for increased security during storage or movement.


  • Comfort fit thanks to a shape-conforming build
  • Includes external speakers for comprehensive sound output
  • Features accent lights for ambience
  • Premium sound output quality
  • Extended usage for every charge cycle
  • Fashionable and attractive design


  • Lighting may be distracting for listeners


COWIN E7 active noise cancellation headphones

Quality and output combine with the COWIN E7 active noise cancellation wireless headphones. They are designed to filter out noise, enabling an immersive experience when you are listening to your audio book.  Whether in wireless or wired mode, you can trust these headphones to cancel out all noise. This model also features high quality output, allowing for a crisp and precise audio presentation.

COWIN E7 headphones also feature a memory foam protein and swiveling ear cups for increased comfort during use. They feature up to 30 hours of play time thanks to an extended battery cycle. COWIN offers an 18 month warranty for these headphones.




  • Amazing sound quality for precision listening
  • Extended play time thanks to durable battery
  • Active noise cancellation feature makes it ideal for use outdoors
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Not ideal for extended use at a time in hotter environments


Sardonyx SX-918 wireless headphones

The Sardonyx SX-918 Bluetooth headphones are tough and well built, but also feature proprietary sound technology. Designed for high output performance, these headphones will work well in many environments. They can even be used under water, allowing for a comfortable and convenient audio book experience. The passive noise cancellation feature supports isolation and clarity, although this may be limited in areas with extremely loud noises.

If you are looking for a headphone set to use while travelling, the Sardonyx SX-918 could be ideal for you. It is a comfortable fit and includes an over-ear hoop for secure attachment. It is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices, and may connect multiple options at once. With up to 8 hours of continued use, this model will help you get through your audio book with minimal interruption.


  • High definition sound output
  • Extended battery life for long use
  • Passive noise cancellation for increased comfort
  • Comfort fit allows easier use while moving
  • Compatible with a range of devices
  • Easy to connect and use


  • May not offer comprehensive noise cancellation in very loud environments


Bose Soundlink headphones

You will be able to enjoy a wireless audio book experience with the Bose Soundlink headphones. These around-ear headphones feature exclusive technology for an immersive sound. They are one of the best sounding wireless headphones available, and represent great value for money. The model features a dual microphone system which cancels out noise, making them ideal for a number of environments.

The Bose Soundlink headphone set is NFC-compatible, which means that you can connect your devices in one tap. You can pair to this device by simply taping on the right ear cup. Additional features for increased ease of use include voice prompts, which enables effortless control. These headphones also include a carrying case and audio jack, which may sparsely come in handy thanks to its 15-hour battery cycle.


  • Immersive and audible sound at every volume
  • Can connect to multiple devices at once
  • Extended battery life for continued use
  • Impact resistant build increases headphone durability and longevity


  • Might be susceptible to tears if not well maintained

What should the best headphones for audio books offer?

The best headphones for audio books should allow you to listen in comfortably for extended periods of time; regardless of your location they should also ensure high quality sound for an immersive experience. These are some of the top things to look for in the best headphones for audio books.

Comfort and convenience

You need to be comfortable to take in a book, wheter physical or virtual. For audio books, this means being able to use your headphones consistently for long amounts of time. Some headphones may be too bulky or get too hot for your ears after consistent use. The right headphones for your needs should be lightweight, breathable and comfortable. They should also feature a long battery life, which facilitates extended use for audio books.

Wireless connectivity

The right environment for comprehension depends on the individual. Many people enjoy listening to audio books while travelling or at the comfort of their home. Listening to audio books through wireless headphones allows you to enjoy other activities without being tethered to your device. With wireless headphones, you can listen to your audio books and carry out other activities simultaneously for added efficiency. While some decent wired headphones could also offer great value output, they are generally limiting in this regard.

Sound output

Clear sound output is a prerequisite feature for ideal headphones for your audio book. You will have to listen through a lot of recorded hours, which elevates the importance of output quality. With the wrong headphones for the job, you may often have to skip back to listen over certain parts. A great quality set of headphones for sound output will neutralize this need by presenting every word with great pitch and clarity.

Additional features

The best headphones for audio books should offer value beyond their connectivity and output. Having a set of waterproof headphones for audio books, for instance, would allow you to listen to your favorite book while relaxing in the pool. This value may also be found in other features such multi-device connectivity. With the right additional features, your audio book experience should be enjoyable and comfortable.

Final thought

Brookstone color changing cat ear headphones are setting the standard for high tech incorporation and sound quality. While some users have suggested that the mood lighting may cause distraction, with the appropriate settings, these headphones could enable you to listen to audio books without any interference. They offer an unrivalled sound quality output, and are very easy on the ears. The comfortable fit and fashionable design add on to the feature-rich list of this model. You can even host audio book clubs with these headphones, thanks to the stand out speakers that allow for audio sharing.


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