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Best Headphones For Audio Editing

Are you looking for a pair of headphones for audio editing? There are so many options available with a range of features that you may just not know which ones to consider. SO, what criteria should you use? How do you determine the best headphones for audio editing? This article offers insight into some of the best options available that could help meet your needs.


 Product Rating Design
Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones 4.3 Over ear
1More Triple Driver headphones 3.8 In ear
RHA S500u headphones 3.2 In ear
Grado SR60e headphones 4.3 Over ear
Urbanears’ Plattan II 3.9 Over ear
Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BT headphones 3.8 Over ear
Bose QC35 II headphones 4.4 Over ear
Focal Stellia headphones N/A Over ear


Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones

Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones are an industry leader in audio playback and adaptability. These headphones guarantee a great quality sound output that dwarfs many of the headphone options available. Its clarity and proprietary active noise cancellation make it an ideal option for audio editing. The WH-1000XM3 headphones are designed for added comfort and feature an up to 30-hour strong battery life. They are also Hi-Res audio-ready, and feature a number of additional codec for quality output. They also support Google Assistant, which makes them ideal for use in a home and work environment. While these headphones have been challenged for their quality of delivery of calls, they stand out in many other areas.




  • Improved sound quality
  • Industry leading active noise cancellation
  • Longer battery life for extended use
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use and storage


  • Might deliver poor quality calls


1More Triple driver in-ear headphones

The 1More Triple Driver headphones are the best in-ear options for audio editors. They deliver a lush sound output, allowing for isolation when editing. 1More Triple Driver headphones are very comfortable and are well designed, which helps to increase their convenience during use. The 1More triple driver headphones feature a remote controller for added convenience, although the lack of wireless support limits their use. However, they are still an unbeatable option for audio editing and feature an entry level price when compared to other headphones listed. You may need to maintain your remote controller to ensure maximum value over time.




  • Value for money
  • Great audio clarity for a variety of uses
  • Excellent design and durable build
  • Comfortable when used for long sessions at a go
  • Includes remote controller for added value


  • Plastic remote controller is not very durable


RHA S500u headphones

The RHA S500u headphones are one of the best budget options for audio editing. Alongside their affordable price, these headphones offer great quality sound output, which makes them suited for the job. They feature a lengthy cable, which helps to make work comfortable. The model’s sound output features a slight emphasis on bass, and the highs can be a bit more energetic, but overall these headphones deliver high quality sound. They are very well priced and ergonomically designed, which means that they will be comfortable both on your budget and ears. Their build also works to narrow the soundstage, but the quality of output supports their use for audio editing.





  • Best budget headphones
  • Great quality and well balanced sound
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Comfortable for prolonged in-ear use


  • Narrower sound stage than other headphones on this list


Grado SR60e headphones

The Grado SR60e headphones sound like they should cost much more. These entry level ear pieces offers well balanced sound output that is very compatible with audio editing. They are sturdy and well built, and you should expect these headphones to offer extensive performance over tie. The open-back ear cup design increases the comfort during use, allowing for extended working hours. Grado SR60e headphones offer impressive definition in a high quality design, which makes them value for money options. While the model does not offer in-line controls, the refined output of these headphones makes the pair a go-to option for anyone interested in audio editing. The Grado DR60e is the gold standard when it comes to budget headphones for audio editing.




  • Impressive sound quality and definition
  • Value for money
  • Comfortable open-back ear cup design for prolonged use
  • Great customer service from brand


  • Does not offer in-line controls


Urbanears Plattan II headphones

An upgrade on the brand’s Plattan headphones, Urbanears’ Plattan II offer better sound definition and clarity. For audio editors, this convenient model is also comfortable and can be used for long hours at a time without hurting your ears, weighing you down or becoming too clammy. Even though the Plattan II headphones have a limited soundstage compared to other models listed, they are fine tuned for the perfect listening experience. The well defined highs and clear vocal output of these headphones will make audio editing easier. These headphones also offer an added level of comfort, which makes them ideal for lengthy patches of work.




  • High quality build and design
  • Comfortable headphones can be used for a long time
  • Active noise cancellation for immersive experience
  • Variety of features for improved quality of output and enhanced use


  • Features a narrower soundstage
  • Some pats might be affected by wear and tear if not well maintained


Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BT headphones

Whether wired or wireless, the Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BT headphones will deliver standard high quality sound. They can be ideal options for sound editing as a result, because you will be able to get the best output possible regardless of your connection. The model offers a near-flat response curve and Hi-Res audio support, which makes them ideal for audio editing. These headphones are very comfortable and are designed for longevity. Aside from the padded ear protection, they are also made with great quality materials. They will offer up to 40 hours of playback on every charge cycle, allowing for convenient work over extended amounts of time. Even though they do not offer active noise cancellation, these headphones will limit interference and ensure high quality sound every time.




  • Extended battery life for prolonged use
  • Comfortable pair of headphones
  • Great quality and well balanced sound
  • Best output on wired mode


  • May distort certain aspects of sound, such as excessively energetic highs


Bose QC 35 II headphones

The industry leading noise cancellation algorithm of the Bose QC35 II headphones contributes to the overall quality of output for this model. The headphones have an impressive sound output that ensures precision presentation which is ideally suited for audio editing. The headphones are lightweight and comfortable, and offer a good balance of features that makes it a value for money purchase. While it is made with a plastic build and a plain design, the headphones are very comfortable on the ears. They offer the best isolation, allowing for clear output and efficient work. The model also features Google Assistant support, which makes it convenient in connection. They do not offer inline controls, which reduces the ease of use.



  • World class active noise cancellation
  • Comfortable pair of headphones can be used for longer amounts of time
  • Lengthy battery life for prolonged use
  • Well balanced sound output
  • Features Google Assistant compatibility for added convenience


  • Plastic build might be susceptible to damage
  • Cannot be muted instantly due to a lack of in-line controls


Focal Stellia headphones

Despite the relatively higher cost, the Focal Stellia headphones offer the best sound output available. The wide sound stage and highly detailed frequency separation offered by these headphones makes them an ideal option for audio editing. They may be a bit heavier than other options listed, which limits their consecutive usage time. However, you will be guaranteed top of the line isolation and presentation, which should facilitate high quality work output. The added padding and durable materials use to build these headphones increase user comfort and headphone longevity, which are both key factors to consider for audio editing headphones. They are also luxurious and stylish, and include a protective case to protect against any inadvertent falls.



  • One of the best sounding headphones on the market
  • Open soundstage for comprehensive output
  • Great build and ergonomic design
  • Reliable and convenient carrying case for impact protecting during motion
  • Comfortable and luxurious headphones


  • Might be bulkier than other headphones listed


What should the best headphones for audio editing offer?

The best headphones for audio editing should offer high quality output, feature a comfortable design and offer service for a long time. These are the top features to look for in the best headphones for audio editing.


Can you use a specific pair of headphones for long amounts of time at a go? Audio editing will require you to spend hours listening to your base material. A great pair of headphones will facilitate an uninterrupted flow by being very comfortable and enjoyable to use. The best headphones in terms of output will offer little value for audio editing if they cannot be used for long amounts of time at a go. When looking for the best headphones for audio editing, you should always choose a pair that will be comfortable for you.

Build and design

Are your headphones over-ear or in-ear? What material are they made of? The best headphones for audio editing will offer comfortable and quality output over long amounts of time. They should be very durable and designed to facilitate increased comfort and ease of use. A great model should be sturdy and lightweight while offering beneficial features such as a rotating ear cup design for added value when in use.

Sound output

A great headphone option for audio editing should ensure high quality sound output. Audio editing involves isolation and precision listening, which may be enhanced by great quality sound output. You will make your work easier with the best headphones for audio editing thanks to the supreme sound output on offer. Yu should generally avoid models that offer little definition, as well as those that do not facilitate sound isolation.

Final thought

This comprehensive list of options should help you find the best headphones for audio editing. While all the models offer great value in their own way, we have to pick the Sony 1000XM3 headphones. This model offers the best sound output available, a standard-defining active noise cancellation effect and increased connectivity in a comfortable and affordable package. Sony’s 1000XM3 are the go-to headphone options for audio editors looking to make their work easier without affecting the quality of output.

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