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August 1, 2019
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Best Headphones For Autistic Adults

Autism is a  tough condition that affects more people everyday. Autism is tough on individuals and families, as it can render people suffering from it unable to communicate with others. Autism also affects concentration levels, which may put people suffering from autism at risk of injury and harm. Noise can be a major factor in exacerbating the effects of autism. However, with the best headphones for autistic adults, the condition can be better dealt with. An ideal set of headphones for autistic adults will provide comfort and security from potentially damaging noise. Here are some of the best headphones available for autistic adults.

Product Rating Custom color options
Peltor Sports Electronic hearing protector 4.3 1
Mpow earmuffs 4.7 3
NoiseRider Headphones Unrated 1
Howard Leight Impact Sport headphones 4.4 7
Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II 4.4 3
Clear Armor 141001 headphones 4.6 3
Heartek Safety Earmuffs 4.2 6
Pro For Sho Earmuffs 4.6 10


Peltor Sports Electronic hearing protector

Peltor Sports electronic hearing protectors are ideal for autistic adults because they are designed for comfortable and comprehensive noise reduction. They are heavily padded, which makes them ideal for sustained use. They also pair with Bluetooth devices to provide a variety of audio options, which can help relax  and entertain autistic adults. They are very easy to set up and use, and will automatically shut off to conserve battery power when not in use.






  • Foldable for secure storage and protection against damaged
  • Amplifies voice while suppressing noise for optimum experience
  • Syncs with Bluetooth devices
  • Soft  padding for added comfort
  • Intuitive voice controls allows for hands-free use
  • Active noise cancelation technology


  • Might cause a high pitch buzzing sound when connected to Bluetooth without any music


Mpow earmuffs

The active noise cancelation of these Mpow earmuffs combines with its great build to offer excellent service for autistic adults. These headphones are very lightweight, and will not be bothersome to wear for long period of time. They are designed to handle gunshot sounds, which means they will comfortably reduce environmental noise levels around the autistic user. Alongside the great cup design, the model also features heavy padding and will remain comfortable even with prolonged use.





  • Ideal for use in very loud environments
  • Portable and compact build
  • Adjustable headband  for added comfort
  • Includes drawstring travel bag for added portability


  • Not compatible with audio


NoiseRider Headphones

The NoiseRider ear-protection headphones feature industry leading sound suppression and amplification technology that makes them ideal for blocking out noise while enhancing the quality of sound. These earmuffs are comfortable even when used for long periods of time at a go.  They support up to 50 hours of use continuously, which ensures comprehensive noise reduction over long periods. They support an external jack  for music connection, as well as a pair of recessed microphones for directional awareness. The memory protein is developed for a comfortable experience even in hot environments





  • Added padding for complete noise cancelation and comfortable use
  • Soft memory protein maintains comfort levels even with prolonged use
  • Easy to operate while still in use
  • In-built recessed microphones allow for situational awareness


  • Battery contacts will rust if not well maintained


Howard Leight Impact Sport headphones

Designed for heavy duty noise cancelation, the Howard Leight Impact Sport headphones are very suitable for use by autistic adults. These headphones offer instant blocking for high noise levels, while they amplify voice thanks to in-built microphones for full situational awareness. They will be able to block out distracting and loud noises while elevating voice, allowing autistic adults to face fewer disturbances and develop social skills through interaction.  They are very lightweight, and feature heavy padding for added comfort. The Howard Leight Impact Sport headphones support audio, and are adjustable for a non-slip fit. They are very easy to use and store, featuring a compact folding design. They feature low battery consumption, with batteries supporting up to 350 hours of use.




  • Ultra slim ear cups contribute to a lightweight designed
  • Additional padding for added comfort
  • Active noise cancelation and ambient sound amplification makes them ideal for  noisy environments
  • Supports audio


  • Might allow  noise penetration for certain jawline shapes

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II

Bose QC 35 II headphones are designed for comfortable use in even the most noisy environments. The model features a three-tier noise cancelation system for effective suppression. It also includes in built microphones for directional awareness. The balanced audio output is suitable for use with different music genres, with Bose AR support helping to improve the audio experience.  With the Bose Connect app, you will be able to customize audio settings for a personalized experience.  The long battery life and comfort-based design should  make these headphones your go-to option. The Quiet Comfort 35 II headphones will offer an enjoyable sound environment for autistic adults with maximum comfort levels.



  • High quality build and design
  • Comfortable for prolonged use thanks to heavy padding
  • Long battery life cycle for added value
  •  Bose AR support for customized audio settings
  • Increased ease of connectivity


  • Google assistant problems on older Android devices


Clear Armor 141001 headphones

ClearArmor 141001 headphones are designed for comfort, style and performance. Each ear cup is padded heavily for a high level of comfort, which ensures you do not get tired of the set even when used over a long time. The adjustable headband adds to the overall comfort, because the set will be a snug fit across multiple head sizes and shapes. The headphones are designed to handle shooting ranges and other noisy areas, which means that they will offer comprehensive noise cancelation for autistic adults. They also feature SonicSeal technology for better hearing protection. In case of storage, the compact foldable design will reduce the likelihood of damage, ensuring long term durability.




  • High quality sound output
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Industrial grade engineering and design
  • Certified to meet noise cancelation requirements of the loudest environments
  • Comfortably fitting


  • Plastic build needs careful maintenance


Heartek Safety Earmuffs

Heartek safety earmuffs are comfortable and heavily padded. They are also lightweight and well designed for convenient use for long periods of time at a go. The Heartek Safety Earmuffs are adjustable for an easy fit for all head shapes and sizes. The fun colors available make them trendy options for autistic adults with style. The brand, which is based in the US, prides itself on great customer service, and offers a 5-user warranty for these sturdy options.






  • Available in a variety of colors and prints
  • Easily adjustable for different sizes
  • High quality build and design
  • Comfortable when used for long periods at a go


  • Does not support audio


Pro For Sho Earmuffs

Pro For Sho Earmuffs are designed for specialized ear protection from loud noises. They are solid and lightweight, thanks to the high quality build and materials used. They can be easily carried as they are very compact, and are also very easy to store. The industrial grade earmuffs are designed to protect your hearing from damaging sounds, which may be as loud as gunshots. They are also comfortable and available in multiple sizes, ensuring that autistic adults and children can find a snugly fitting match. Pro For Sho offers a 3-month money back guarantee, which goes to show the confidence in the quality of the headphones.




  • Comfortable fit for different head shapes and sizes
  • Foldable for easier storage
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Longest money-back guarantee on offer


  • Do not support audio


What should the best headphones for autistic adults offer?

Loud noises are a major cause of overwhelming discomfort for people with autism. Environments with loud noises can make it tougher for them to express themselves and explore their thoughts The best headphones for adults suffering from autism will feature high end noise cancelation. Autistic adults will be better able to manage their condition and develop social and communication skills if they face minimal background noise. You can control noise levels by having headphones accessible to autistic adults at all times, weaning them into noisy environments by exposing them to only gradual changes in noise, developing an activity schedule that offers a distraction from noise, creating a noise-free environment that is easily accessible and letting autistic adults experiment with different sounds to develop a comfortable threshold.

The best headphones for autistic adults should also be comfortable since they will likely be in use for a long time. An ideal set of headphones should feature thick padding for added comfort, as well as a fitting design and lightweight build to ensure that they do not become burdensome on the wearer. A comfortable set of headphones will be easy to keep on, which ensures protection against injurious noise. Headphones that are built for durability and comfort would offer added value to wearers.

Final word

The ultra comfort of the ClearArmor 141001 protective earmuffs places it at a cut above the rest. While  other headphones for autistic adults also offer value, these standout earmuffs feature the thickest and most comfortable padding of the lot. They will effectively minimize sound and vibration that can find its way to the ear, and also features a specialized blocking shell for maximum efficiency. All components around the ear cup are heavily padded with acoustic foam, allowing minimal sound penetration. These headphones are very lightweight, which means that autistic adults will not be weighed down while they enjoy the protective features on offer. They are also foldable for easier storage, and feature swiveling ear cups for the right fit.


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