7 Best Headphones for Classical Music

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Top 7 Best Headphones for Classical Music

Headphones are the perfect means to enjoy your favourite tunes of music in your personal space. They also tend to widen the range of frequency responsiveness thereby, increasing the clarity of the sounds produced. Therefore, in order to enjoy the best transition of tunes, one must invest on the best headphones for classical music. This is indeed necessary in order to be aware of each and every rhythm every musical instrument makes in a classical music concert.

Factors that must be considered before you purchase your best headphones for classical music:

There are two different types of factors that must be considered. They are:

  1. Technical aspects:
  2. i) Driver diameter: It basically refers to the diameter of the speaker driver unit that is contained inside the earplug. It is considered that bigger the size of the driver, better will be the range of frequencies that can be incorporated by the gadget.
  3. ii) Impedance rating: It has been found that lower the value of impedance, better is the quality of the headphones. Usually, headphones are expected to have an impedance rating ranging from 12 ohms to 35 ohms. Also, according to your electronic devices, you can refer to different impedance ratings. But, in order to avail the best pair of headphones, you must definitely go for that which has the lowest rating of impedance.

iii) Frequency response: It is observed that wider the frequency response, better is the ability to hear sounds from it. Therefore, always go for those headphones which promise to provide a good frequency response.

  1. iv) Noise Cancellation/ Isolation: This is again one of the important feature that you must consider. Also, prefer those headphones which claim to provide better noise isolation. Better noise isolation ensures that you get to listen to your favourite classical chords with clarity.
  2. v) Sensitivity: This is also an important feature that must be considered. A sensitivity of 105 dB is always considered to be the best.
  3. vi) Types of connectors: Headphones use a wide range of connectors. Mostly, connectors of 3.5 mm long are generally preferred. Connectors can be made from gold, silver, metal etc. Gold is considered to be the best connector to date. But it can also increase the price of the commodity.

vii) Magnet type: Mostly, every headphone comprises of neodymium magnets. These magnets are considered to be pretty sensitive and help to produce more accurate sounds. Therefore, one must consider this feature too.

  1. Ergonomic aspects:
  2. i) Types of cables used: Always go for the perfect choice of cables. Cables can be either thick or fat. Go for fatter variants as they sought to produce better quality sounds.

Some of the best headphones for classical music are:

Product’s Name Reviews Colour Variant
AKG K 240 Headphones with 4.4 Black
Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X Open-Air Headphones 4.3 Black
Shure SRH1840 Open Back Headphones 4.1 Black
beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Open Headphones 4.2 Black
GRADO SR80e Prestige Series Wired Open-Back Headphones 4.3 Black
Sennheiser HD 599 SE Around Ear Open Back Headphone 4.2 Black and Ivory
beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphones,


4.1 Black and Grey


AKG K 240 Professional Semi-Open Stereo Headphones

You can find them here: https://amzn.to/3xBBABC

These headphones by the brand AKG are very popular among the people. They feature a well-known semi design. This design makes the gadget pretty efficient in cancelling noise. Also, the product comes with a long cable. One can easily replace this cable by any other high-quality cable or by something that can make your movements pretty comfortable. Its price is also quite affordable.

Being a budget-friendly product, the product assures 100% efficiency in the quality of sounds produced by it. This makes it one of the best headphones for classical music. Also, its frequency range is quite good. It has an overall frequency range from 15 Hz to 25,000 Hz. And, this ensures the best clarity of sounds on the money invested in it. At times, you can receive fat sounds but overall the bass is rounded. It isn’t snappy or tight.

Moving towards its comfort level, well, this product comes with a customised pair of velour pads. This makes it easier to put pressure on it. Also, the product comes with an adjustable headband. Though the overall design might feel like as if the product is pretty tight and narrow, but in reality, you can wear them for hours without complaining about it being uncomfortable.

Again, one of the biggest advantage of this product is that it comes with a low to medium rating of impedance which is close to 55 ohms. This means that you won’t be requiring an additional set of amplifiers in order to make it shine. You are just required to couple the product with your favourite electronic devices and enjoy your favourite playlist of classical music in the perfect volume levels.


  • It is indeed very affordable.
  • One can get a decent level of comfort from it.
  • It also possesses both a good mid and a tremble response.
  • It assures a decent level of noise cancellation.
  • It comes with a set of 3 m replaceable cable.


  • It does not provide the true natural sounds.

Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X Open-Air Headphones

You can find them here: https://amzn.to/3yUDOfL

Unlike most of the other headphones available in the market, this set of headphone is bound to provide you with the most amazing listening experience. The comfort level of this product is also of a high level. The sets of winged supports are basically responsible for it. Also, the product features a lightweight construction. This enhances its comfort level to a great extent.

It comes in an open-air design which ensures almost zero sound pressure. Therefore, if you are someone looking for headphones which can keep you on for long hours, then this particular set can definitely be your choice. When it comes to price, the headphone is pretty inexpensive. It is both affordable and budget-friendly. It comprises of large drivers. These ensure the users to get a high definition of sound clarity. Added to this, the dynamic response of the product is also pretty awesome.

This is the most premium set of headphones one can go for in order to enjoy listening to classical music. The gadget also comes with an impedance of 38 ohms. This makes it quite great for listening to songs without the need for further amplification. The device also comes with an advanced version of ear cup design.

Also, the large spacing between the drivers ensures a pretty large space for creating a spacious soundstage. One can expect natural tones from the device. Added to this, its wide range of frequency response is responsible for making smooth transitions in between the arrangements. Therefore, you can simply plug into your PC or smartphone or iPods, whenever you are in the mood of listening.


  • It comes with a wide range of frequency.
  • It provides the most comfortable fit.
  • It also reduces the pressure of sounds to a great deal.
  • It comes with good instrument differentiation.


  • It does not come with detachable cables.
  • It requires amplification.

Shure SRH1840 Open Back Headphones

You can find them here: https://amzn.to/2UBUsBQ

These are undoubtedly the best headphones for classical music. Though they can be a bit expensive yet this pair of studio-quality headphones is considered the best when it comes to features and comfort level. It comes with an unmatched level of durability and provides the best comfort. The yoke of the device has been made from aluminium alloy.

In order to boost its protection level, the gadget has been provided with stainless steel grilles. This makes the device quite convenient to use during travelling. Also, the product comes with a well-designed frame of the driver. This ensures special protection to its internal resonance. Also, it ensures that a perfect balance and consistency of sound is maintained throughout the listening experience. Chances of having any sound escape also gets minimised by its feature of including an open-back design.

Also, its other components like the ear cups and the headband are pretty adjustable and well padded too. You can enjoy your favourite playlist of classical music all day long. The midrange of the device is perfectly on point. It comes with a wide range of frequency responsiveness. Also, the overall serenity and clarity of the device is self-explanatory and saves the product from the question of being highly-priced.


  • It comes with a superior quality of midrange responsiveness.
  • It provides the best clarity.
  • It includes a highly durable design.
  • It produces the most clear and natural sounds.


  • It is pretty expensive.
  • Sometimes, users may require amplification.

Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Open Headphones

You can find them here: https://amzn.to/3yTWc8t

As we all know not every set of best headphones for classical music can be budget-friendly. Similarly, this product by the brand beyerdynamic is also a bit high on its price. But, when comes to features, the gadget is pretty rich in it. This is the most premium set of headphones one can avail for himself. They come packed with high definition technology. This is necessary in order to bring out its impeccable quality of sound. Speaking about its quality and comfort, the product does excel in it.

It comes with a detachable cable for promoting multiple uses. Also, the product’s soft memory foam ear pads are perfect to give you the smoothest feel. Its lightweight design makes the product pretty comfortable to wear and cancels out a major portion of sound pressure. This enables you to wear them for hours. One of the biggest advantages of the product is its low impedance. This ensures that you are able to enjoy your favourite selection of classical music without any kind of interruption.

The gadget works better when plugged into a more powerful source. The quality of the sound imparted by the device is pretty impressive. Both its ability to create a distinctive frequency response and natural tonal profile of its premium open-back design contributes to proper functionality. This gadget can be the best for you if you are habituated to switching between genres.


  • It comes with an appreciable wide range for frequency response.
  • It is highly comfortable to wear.
  • It is an excellent piece from top to bottom.
  • It provides good clarity of sounds.


  • It is a bit more expensive as compared to other headphones available in the market.
  • Its ear pads are pretty difficult to replace.

GRADO SR80e Wired Open-Back Stereo Headphones

You can find them here: https://amzn.to/3AVebgr

This is again one of the most comfortable pair of headphones you can buy for yourself. It comes with an awesome combination of large ear pads and large ear cushions. This makes it quite comfortable to wear during your favourite classical music night or concert. Also, these features ensure that the sounds are not that harsh on your eardrums.

Also, its open-back design adds to its on-ear design. It provides the most incredible audio detail. A sufficiently good audio can be expected from the pair in both its treble and midrange. This, in turn, ensures that users get to listen to clearer recordings of classical music. It also enables them to easily distinguish between passages and notes. Though the gadget provides less protection against sound escape, yet all of its features are enough to replace that.

When its price is concerned, this pair of headphones is pretty cheap and affordable. Its alignment of ear pads is perfect to provide maximum comfort. It also ensures to absorb the maximum amount of pressure. Using this product, switching between genres won’t be a problem. The sounds produced by it are clear and aren’t fat as one may have expected. This ensures an overall smooth listening experience.


  • It comes with a great mid-range performance.
  • It is quite comfortable to wear.
  • It produces the liveliest sounds.
  • It comes with a good frequency response.
  • It comes with a warranty on its manufacture.
  • It also comes with a 1/4 inch adapter.
  • It also includes a mini-plug termination.
  • It provides an improved version of bass resonance.
  • It comes with large ear cushions.
  • It also includes a 4 conductor connecting cable.
  • It comes with a vented diaphragm.
  • It includes standard copper voice coil wires.
  • It also includes standard copper connecting cord.
  • It incorporates a no resonant air chamber.


  • Sometimes, the sounds produced by it seem to blend too much with the surrounding.
  • It comes with an average quality of construction.

Sennheiser HD 599 SE Open Back Headphone

You can find them here: https://amzn.to/3hUbVgE

This pair of headphones by the brand Sennheiser is considered to be one of the best headphones for classical music. These are of studio-quality. The headphones feature a premium open-back design. This makes the gadget both convenient and comfortable to use. It also cancels out the unnatural reverbs. Considering its tonal profile, the gadget does not put much emphasis on its low-frequency range. Instead, the gadget has been constructed perfectly to shine in the midrange. It provides a fuller quality of sounds.

One can easily distinguish between different instruments’ sounds. The headphones come well-equipped with an incredible frequency response. The response varies from 12 Hz to 38,000 Hz. This range of frequency response is pretty spot-on. Also, it comes with a 50-ohm impedance rating. This allows you to use the gadget without the trouble of implementing external amplification. When it comfort ability concerned, the product leaves no area where its comfort level can be questioned.

It comprises of premium quality velour based ear cushions. This allows you to use the headphones for multiple hours without the issue of getting irritated by its weight. Its proper padding cuts off a major portion of the pressure imparted on the user’s head.

The headphone has been built in accordance to the open-back design. This ensures to serve the best comfort. It also improves the overall tonal profile of the headphones. The product also aims to produce natural tones of sound. The design of its ear cups is sufficient enough to create an in-room effect.


  • It comes with two sets of cables.
  • It gives the most comfortable fit.
  • It is definitely value for money.
  • It is capable of clearing mids and treble.


  • It does not provide effective sound isolation.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 ohm Headphones

You can find them here: https://amzn.to/3ea8oK2

If you are someone who is very much concerned about comfort while wearing headphones, then this headphone by the brand beyerdynamic can definitely be the one. These headphones have been in the market for quite a long time and they have been successful enough to keep themselves up amidst the more expensive studio-quality headphones.

The headphones are the best when it comes to feel and design. The construction of the headphones basically includes plastic. It comprises of a metal band responsible for holding the cups in place. The memory foam padding of the headphone is an excellent way to ease out excess sound pressure. Also, it makes the overall feel of the device quite luxurious. In added to this, the velour wrapping of the gadget gives the product the necessary plush feel.

The headphones also come with a 250-ohm impedance rating. This is quite standard. Also, users may require small amplification in order to amplify the sounds produced by the headphone. On connecting it to electronic devices, one can easily adjust the volume levels according to his taste. This pair of headphones is undoubtedly the best when its sound quality is questioned. It is also pretty affordable. It comes with low-end responsiveness which is great for listening to classical music.

The gadget also comes with mid and high range of frequencies. This ensures the best clarity that can be ever achieved. The frequency responsiveness of the device ranges from 5 Hz to 35,000 Hz which is pretty good as compared to the audible frequency range of humans. This is only made possible by its brilliant open-back design.


  • It comes with an appreciably wide frequency range.
  • It is quite comfortable to put on.
  • It is indeed affordable.
  • It brings out the natural tones of sounds.


  • It comes with average durability.
  • It comes with a non-detachable cable.


Therefore, these are the sets of best headphones for classical music. You can go through their features and get yourself one accordingly. We are 100% assured that none of them would disappoint you and you’ll be finally relieved from the hunt of getting the best sets of headphones.


1) Should one go for big ear cushions in his pair of best headphones for classical music?

Ear cushions are basically meant for providing comfort around. Due to their existence, one is able to wear the headphones for quite a long time. Always, make sure that you don’t go for larger ear cushions. This can make your headphones quite heavy.

2) What range of frequency response is suitable for the headphones?

Usually, a frequency range above the audible frequency range is considered to be the best criteria. This will ensure that your headphones provide better clarity of sounds. This creates a soothing effect on the eardrums without thrashing the harsh sound pressure on the eardrums.

3) What does one mean by noise isolation?

Noise cancellation or noise isolation basically refers to the property of the headphones to cancel out noise. Noises can make the listening experience pretty uncomfortable. They mix up into the original tunes and makes it completely vague thereby, making it difficult for the users to listen. Therefore, always go for those headphones which are capable of providing a high amount of noise cancellation. This will nullify any amount of noise that may have got mixed in the original music.

4) Why is open-back design essential?

Though your listening experience won’t be affected much by the use of closed-back design, yet it is highly recommended to use open-back design in your pair of headphones. The performance of open-back design is pretty awesome. Closed cups tend to reduce noise levels to a great extent. This makes the listening experience a better one.

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