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August 4, 2019
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Best Headset For Podcasting

Podcasting can be enjoyable if you start out small, but stick to high quality equipment. This article looks at some of the best headset for podcasting to help you out. It provides a look at some of the top recording tools for a seamless experience when it comes to making your show. We also offer detailed insight on how to improve the quality of your shows, as well as help you out with a few pointers to get you listed on your favorite podcast avenue.


Product Rating USB Price
Sennheiser PC7 headset 3.9 Yes Check Price .
Audio Technica Multimedia  Headset 3.8 Yes Check Price .
Jabra US MC Voice 550 headset 4.1 Yes Check Price .
Logitech H540 Headset 3.4 Yes Check Price .
Sennheiser PC8 Headset 3.9 Yes Check Price .
Plantronics Wireless Audio 655 Headset 3.7 Yes Check Price .


Sennheiser PC7 headset

The small and lightweight Sennheiser PC7 headset is a great option for podcasting. It is compact and comfortable, and features heavy padding around its cups. While some customers have complained of a shaky feel, the headset is very easy to use and store. It is also securely fitting, and features USB connectivity for increased ease of use. The sound isolation quality of the PC  is tough to beat. It also features a single-sided design that facilitates ambient awareness. With the right maintenance, it can be a  handy podcasting tool for your studio.






  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • High quality output
  • Balanced and steady sound


  • Not the most sturdy option available

Audio Technica Multimedia  Headset

The Audio Technica multimedia broadcast series stereo headset is a top performer, and is ideally suited for recording. This powerful headset features a built in polar microphone with a microphone that is designed for high output vocal reproduction. It is the best headset for podcasters thanks to its high quality and speech pick up patterns. This headset is very comfortable, and features thick padding across all its components. The user replaceable pads and cable prolong the life of this handy tool. The adjustable fit of the  BPHS1 make it a comfortable option to consider for your recording needs. This model could be a great long term equipment for recording or listening to your podcasts.




  • Memory foam for heightened comfort levels
  • Best microphone of any headset listed
  • High quality sound
  • Made for recording


  • Uncomfortable at first

Jabra US MC Voice 550 headset

The HD voice output of the Jabra US MC Voice 550 headset makes it one of the best headsets for podcasting available today. It offers intuitive controls and is easy to use, thanks to a plug and play design. This model will offer active noise cancelation, and includes PeakStop technology that shuts off the set when it reaches certain noise levels for protected hearing. The flexible boom tip allows you to adjust the microphone for ideal output. Some customers have complained of a flimsy build, although it will offer longevity with the right maintenance. It is a very comfortable model, and you will enjoy using it for hours on end thanks to its thick padding.





  • Great build and finish
  • Comfortable padding and lengthy connection cable for convenient use
  • PeakStop technology for hearing protection
  • Plug-and-play connectivity for increased ease of use


  • Requires careful maintenance

Logitech H540 Headset

The Logitech H540 headsets are a value for money purchase. They deliver a great bang, and an easy to use choice. The H540 will bring out the full detail when listening, and may offer similarly high quality recording with the right mic placement. This elegant option even features an on-cord mute warning light to protect you from talking on mute and compromising your recording. It will remain comfortable with extended use, thanks to the heavy additional padding around both the ear cup and its frames. It is compatible with Windows and iOS, ensuring full value for podcasters with multiple devices. The H540 could be a value pick for your needs.





  • All around high performance
  • Seamless connectivity for convenient use
  • Easy on ear controls
  • Long lasting comfort


  • Cable can be a bit stiff

Sennheiser PC8 Headset

An upgrade on the PC7, Sennheiser’s PC8 is a high quality option that connects to both iOS and PC operating systems thanks to its USB connection. The quality of sound of these headsets is high end, and it is a big factor for their inclusion in this list. The plug and play and compact build of the model makes it easy to set up and use. It also offers noise cancelation, ensuring you can work in any environment without disruption. Thanks to its double-sided design, you can even listen to conversation while recording without any distortion. It is a comfortable, lightweight and quality option that could be just right for you.





  • High quality build and finish
  • Comfortable even when used for long periods
  • Easy to use
  • Impressive audio quality


  • Rigid microphone should be handled carefully

Plantronics Wireless Audio 655 Headset

The Plantronics Audio 655 is a comfortable and quality option for podcasting. This noise canceling option is padded heavily for sustained comfort. It is very well designed, and features a semi-adjustable boom mic that will capture recording clearly. The outstanding sound quality and comfortable use throughout the day make this one of the value for money picks you could consider.







  • Compatible with iOS and PC connections
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Comfortable with extended use


  • Semi-rigid microphone should be placed perfectly for ideal sound

How to make a successful podcast

As more people are starting to enjoy podcasts, it could be a great time to capitalize on the interest and grow your profile. Podcasts offer a potential platform for influence, but is a relatively untapped field. There are surprisingly few podcasts around. According to Edison Research, only over half a million Apple Podcasts were listed on Apple Podcasts, compared to 50 million channels on YouTube as of late 2018.

If you are interested in podcasting, or have already started, you will need some help to make your shows successful. These are a few professional pointers that will help you tap into the high interest in podcasts, which has been placed by Edison Research at around 70 million listeners in America alone.

Develop a podcast concept

Podcasts may vary with their creators, but a great concept is central to their success. There re many podcasts that have become popular while exploring niche topics, and there really is no limit to what you should share. As long as you understand the reason for starting a podcast and its central theme, you should be able to create an interesting channel for your followers.

Treat your podcast as a brand and you will be able to achieve accountability, which may be crucial to its success. This way, even if you write down your podcasting goal, it will become  a driving force to helping you achieve it. Some common goals for podcasting include lead generation for businesses, for fun, to share information and to generate influence and become a leader in a specific field. You should choose a central concept that you are passionate about to keep the show lively and interesting throughout. It is also a good idea to carry out some market research to know about potential niches.

The best format for your podcast will depend with your theme. There are several options you could consider for an ideal impact. Interview podcasts feature a single host with different guests. News recap podcasts cover events in a field, while educational podcasts focus on providing information to their listeners. Scripted non-fiction podcasts feature a seasonal theme changes, whereas scripted fiction offer a similar performance with radio shows. You will need to determine an appropriate podcast length for your shows, pick a catchy name and be ready for the next bit.

Getting the right equipment and software

Podcasts offer easier entry than visual-centric platforms such as YouTube. There are many equipment options available for every budget, with some versatile cost saving measures also accessible. Some podcasts have grown from using smart phone recording to specialized podcast studios! The quality of your content is ultimately more important than your sound quality, but crisp output could provide even more growth.

The right set up can be challenging for people without any background in recording. The basic podcasting needs feature a recording device. A great headset with a quality mic should be ideal for this purpose. The best headset for podcasting will offer speech recognition and may include noise cancelation for a desirable output. A good quality microphone or studio boom arm, as well as a shock mount to reduce distortion for the right sound delivery will also come in handy. After recording, you will need a sound computer program to help you make adjustments and final editing.

Getting started

Before you record your first podcast episode, I recommend that you check out a few episodes. This way, you will understand how to deliver your content, and note mistakes you may need to avoid. You can write a podcast outline to help you stick to your planned content and avoid rambling. You should consider getting the right space for podcasting, such as a quiet room with plenty of space. Smaller spaces may cause distortion, although materials that absorb sound could help make it work. For many podcasters, the closet has been a great place to record due to the absorbent feature of fabric.

Microphone placement will be key to cutting down distortion and feedback. You should consider looking at a few online tutorials to understand how to place your mic when in use. You could also look into techniques for speaking into the mic that will help reduce sibilance. This way, your recordings will be audible and perform to your expectations.

You have to listen to your show a few times to get the recording right. You can cut out any false starts and arrange it better for your desired final outcome. After making your show and editing it, you should export it and upload it to your podcast host. Getting your podcast online and generating RSS Feed will help you get listed on the major platforms such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify to grow your reach.

What should the right headset for podcasting offer?

You will have noticed that we went for USB headsets alone for this list. We chose USB headsets because they deliver better quality sound than their 3.5mm counterparts, which makes them better suited for podcasting. 3.5mm headsets will deliver high quality sound, but they are heavily dependent on the sound card in your PC. If you have a great sound card, 3.5mm headsets could  be ideal, but for a standard performance across multiple computers, the USB headset is better fitting.

The best headset for podcasting should also offer these key features:


A lightweight build, padded cushions and larger ear cups, as well as a breathable lining material are a necessity for all headsets for podcasting. This will help you create your podcast over long hours without experiencing discomfort and fatigue.


Are you looking for a wired or wireless connection? Wireless headsets can offer convenient use around your recording space. Wired options deliver robust performance, even though their mobility is somewhat limited. A great headset may connect to a microphone for added value, but there are many high output recording microphones available that you could consider.

Frequency response

How do your headsets sound? The driver quality will make a world of difference when it comes to making podcasts. You will be less likely to experience a lower sound quality if you are using high quality headsets with a flat frequency response.

Sound isolation capacity

A great headset will minimize environmental noise, allowing you to focus on the podcast. The quality of your recording will increase, and you will be able to get longer takes on the first try.

Final word

Audio Technica’s Multimedia BPHS1 broadcast series headset is our pick for the best headset for recording.  It offers a high quality audio output, and features a great mic. The model is very comfortable over time, although the memory foam might need some getting used to. It could help you improve the quality of your podcasts, whether as a listener or content creator.

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