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Best MIDI Controller for FL Studio

FL studio software continues to become more famous due to its ease of use and versatility. You should choose a midi controller that can integrate well with this software so that you can maximize its results. Since the models in the market are different, we will compare them to help you find out the best midi controller for this software. We will begin with a summary of the different midi controllers discussed below.

Comparison table

Midi controller Pads Weight Call to action
Akai APC 40 1.85 pounds Check price here
Novation Launchkey 16 1.55 pounds Check price here
Akai Fire 64 2.55 pounds Check price here
Novation Launchpad MK2 64 1.98 pounds Check price here
M-Audio oxygen 49 MKIV 8 6.39 pounds Check price here
Korg Nanonkey2 16 12.8 ounces Check price here


What should you look for as you buy a midi controller for FL Studio?

Before we review the best midi controller for FL studio, we have to look at the essential things that should guide you make an informed decision. Most of the people that use FL studio software as their primary DAW work on genres that use loops and clips like hip hop. You may also be working on a budget. Ensure you choose a midi controller that comes with lots of pads. This can help you have full control over many clips at a go. Do not choose a midi controller that does not come with any pads.

Since the FL studio software is designed to produce beats, you should choose a midi controller that offers DAW controls. During the process of making beats, you should not have to keep on switching between the controller and the computer. You can avoid this by choosing a keyboard that allows you to control the DAW directly from it. Also, consider choosing a midi controller that has custom integrations for the FL studio software.

The portability of a midi controller depends on its size, shape, and weight. If you want to use this instrument while on the go, then portability is a crucial factor to consider.  You should also confirm if the model you choose offers multi-device support. If you are a music producer, you need to select different controllers that you can connect at once. This can help you get access to various drum kits.

The best midi controller for FL studio

Akai APC

Though this is an Ableton controller, it delivers high performance even with FL studio. It comes with 25 synth keys that enhance flexibility during use. You should not have any problems trying to integrate it with FL studio. Unlike some of the models, this is not only limited to FL studio software. Feel free to use this midi controller with any other DAW.

This model comes with 40 pads and a set of keys. The pads perform well with the DAW’s step sequencer. Akai APC offers adequate control to help you come up with complex beats. Due to the incorporation of the 25 keys, this midi-controller solves the problem of entering notes. It enhances the workflow since you can use the midi keyboard as more than a mere drum pad. Feel free to enter notes as you would with any other keyboard then use the pads to access the step sequencer.

You will also like the light-weight of this midi controller and its small dimensions. It is one of the most portable controllers that are available in the market. Though it does not come with complete transport controls, you can record and play tracks directly from the controller. Though the keyboard has some flaws, you can use it to play some simple chords and enter mini notes effortlessly. It is suitable for anyone looking for a full-fledged keyboard that comes with many pads.


  • It is versatile
  • The 40 pads work well with the step sequencer
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • The midi controller is light-weight


  • The pad size is small
  • Limited controls
  • It does not have a sound selection function

Novation Launchkey 25

Get an all-round keyboard that integrates well with FL studio. The Novation launchkey comes with 16 multi-color pads that perform well with the software’s step sequencer. Make use of the velocity-sensitive pads for you to play drums and trigger clips. You will also like the way the keys of this midi controller respond. You can easily throw this midi controller in your bag and carry it with you anywhere since it is not too heavy. Though this midi controller is small, it helps you create tunes without using too much desk space.

Unfortunately, most artists complain that this model lacks onboard DAW controls. It makes it hard to control since you have to keep on juggling your computer’s keyboard while utilizing the controller. It is, however, an ideal choice for anyone on a budget. If you want a midi controller that allows you to play notes and control the step sequencer without any fuss, Novation Launchkey 25 will not disappoint. You will find it easy to use this keyboard. You can enter different melodies or create drum sequences smoothly with the help of this model.

Since it is USB bus-powered, it does not rely on drivers on Pc or Mac for it to work. Your package includes everything you require to start making electronic music. Apart from FL studio, this midi controller is versatile since it can also integrate with Ableton Live, Reason, Logic, and Pro tools without need any mapping. The model also contains high-quality knobs that enable you to tweak your instruments.


  • Responsive keyboard
  • It is user-friendly
  • Most people find it affordable
  • You also get a warranty for your purchase


  • It lacks a mod wheel
  • There are no onboard DAW controls

Akai Fire

The best midi controller for FL studio should give you a smooth hand-on experience. This is what you should expect from choosing Akai Fire. The model was specially made for FL studio software. Akai, the manufacturer behind this model, collaborates with the makers of FL studio known as Image-Line. Together they developed a midi controller that has all the control options and features which could help producers enjoy a high-quality performance.

Akai Fire is, therefore, equipped with superior features that enhance flexibility during the creation of beats. Unlike most of the traditional pad controllers, Akai fire comes with 64 RGB pads which are arranged apart. The unique arrangement of these pads emulates the visual design of the FL studio’s step sequencer.

It also contains transport controls that enhance the process of playing, recording, and moving tracks around. You can, therefore, use FL studio without using your computer’s mouse or looking at the screen. With a touch a button, Akai Fire can transform from a pad controller to a responsive keyboard which is often referred to as a note mode.

Though this is not as intuitive as the conventional pianos, it offers adequate playability. Akai fire may be a high-quality midi controller, but it is flawed in some ways. If you want to play notes using the keyboard, you may find the layout inadequate. This is, however, an ideal midi controller for any producer that wants to tap out different drum patterns and launch clips with ease.


  • The 64 RGB pads work well with the step sequencer
  • You also get hands-on control
  • It comes with an audition mode


  • It does not integrate well with other DAWs apart from FL studio


Novation Launchpad MK2

If you want a midi controller that can work with both FL Studio and Ableton Live, you should consider this brand. The seamless integration means that you can start making music and loading clips without configuring anything. It comes with brightly lit pads that are not only added for aesthetic value. They can help you distinguish between the instruments and clips. You will also like the quality of the included pads.

Novation Launchpad is a highly performing midi controller that works as expected. It comes with dedicated buttons that are arranged in different positions to give you DAW control. Some of the buttons allow you to control solo and mute tracks. You can, therefore, create patterns from the controller without focusing on the screen of your computer.

The small size also makes it occupy less space on your desk. It also enhances portability, especially if your work involves a lot of travel. The problem with this midi controller is that it lacks a note mode. You may not be able to play chords or melodies with it. You should have this factor in mind before making a purchase. If you, however, intend to use it with FL studio software to launch clips or create sequences, this midi controller would be an ideal fit. It looks not only stunning but also feels good.


  • The pads feel great
  • The grid provides you with a lot of input options
  • It is small and light-weight
  • Reasonably priced


  • You may have to buy a separate keyboard for you to play chords since this one cannot
  • The pad size is smaller compared to what other models offer

M-Audio oxygen 49 MKIV

Since FL studio supports this midi controller, you only need to plug it in for you to start playing. It saves you from complicated configurations. The controls of this model map automatically so that you can have full control over the FL studio within a few seconds. Most customers find this midi controller easy to use.

Apart from the integration with FL studio, the midi controller also contains some useful features that you need to create sound. Some of the control options available include 49 full-size keys, sliders, customizable knobs, and velocity-sensitive pads. Unlike some of the midi controllers we have discussed earlier, this comes with mod wheels that have a rubbery feel. Some people, however, reveal that the quality of some of the components of this midi controller is average.

While some of the models offer 16 pads, eight pads included in this one may not give you enough control over the software’s step sequencer. The price of the midi controller is however friendly, and the seamless integration makes it ideal for beginners. Whether you prefer playing basslines or chords, this midi controller will not let you down. You can access the note range with the help of the strategically located octave down and up buttons.


  • It comes with numerous control options
  • The midi controller comes with pressure-sensitive keys


  • The keys have a plastic feel and loosen after some time

Korg Nanonkey2

Even though this midi controller lacks some of the features that are available in other brands, it comes in a compact design that increases portability. The length and weight of the midi controller make it easy to carry in a backpack and enjoy music even when traveling. It is also a pre-configured controller that integrates well with FL studio.

You will also enjoy how easy it is to control and use. It comes with 25 keys and dedicated octave buttons. Unlike some models, this also features mod buttons and dedicated sustain buttons. Intermediate musicians looking for an affordable midi controller for FL studio should consider buying Korg Nanokey2. Despite its advantages, the button like keys of this model does not have the intuitiveness of most piano keys. It also lacks transport controls making it inferior to some of the models.


  • It is affordable
  • The weight makes it easy to carry around


  • Does not have transport controls

Final thoughts

Recording artists that make use of the FL studio software have an easy time recording and creating songs. Using a midi controller that integrates with this software can help you simplify the process of recording different sound layers. From the above, you can tell that midi controllers are designed differently. Compare them so that you can choose the best midi controller for FL studio.

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