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August 24, 2020
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There comes a time in every guitarist’s journey when they reach a sufficiently advanced level of guitar playing. But resting on your laurels is not good for musical excellence. These are the best online guitar lessons for advanced players if you’re looking for ways to take your guitar playing to the next level.

GuitarTricks is one of the most respected online guitar lessons resources. Not only does it take players all the way from a beginner to advanced, but there’s also a whole host of extra resources, toolkits, and practice schedules that users can avail.

The largest online instructional system with over 11,000 lessons, GuitarTricks will keep you directed towards your goal without you needing to jump around to different resources. It’s like a one-stop solution to all your guitar learning needs.

For advanced players, is especially beneficial because it has a huge array of lessons in different genres. Not only that, but it also has the largest collection of over 1,000 detailed song lessons whose copyright has been bought by GuitarTricks for learning purposes.

GuitarTricks is for anyone looking for directed, in-depth learning, which will fill in all the gaps and help you develop confidence and diversity in your playing. From music theory to niche techniques, the site has everything for every type of guitarist.

Their instructional system is also easy-to-followdue to its progression ladder. As an advanced player, you can jump in on a higher level and ensure that you learn all the things necessary to take you to legendary status.

Considering the amount of confusion and back-and-forth that you might face; otherwise, GuitarTricks is the most viable option for taking guitar lessons as an advanced player.

As you might’ve noticed, out of all the options, we would most strongly recommend GuitarTricks because of its quality, depth, vastness, and strong customer support. It also has a huge online learning community where you can engage with other guitarists at your level or help beginners learn a thing or two.


You may have heard of Justin Sandercoe, one of the most popular guitar instructors with recommendations from the likes of Mark Knopfler, Steve Vai, and even Steve Wozniak.

Though JustinGuitar, the guitar-teaching YouTube channel and website, is best known for beginner guitar lessons, there are plenty of lessons for advanced players as well.

Because of his wide array of videos and personable nature, his platform can be a great resource for guitarists who want to learn different things. You can also find niche lessons in jazz and funk to help you spruce up your playing.


Coursera is known for its online university education. But it may surprise you to know that many, highly-reputed music academies like Berklee have also put up music lessons on it. Much of Coursera is free, so you can avail of some of the highest quality academic lessons from prestigious tutors.

Courses will usually have assignments or quizzes to test your knowledge and may even give a certificate upon successful completion. If you want to explore music theory, song arrangement, scales, or even music production or jazz improvisation, Coursera is a great resource for advanced players.


LickLibrary is one of the great old-school guitar lessons resources, coming from a time when DVDs were popular. Now, you can find online guitar lessons from them uploaded directly to the website. With over 5,000 lessons from qualified instructors, you can learn anything from Blues and Jazz to Metal and Country.

They also have backing tracks so that you can play along what you learn. Advanced players can learn many new things from some of the LickLibrary lessons like advanced picking techniques or shredding.


With over 40,000 lessons from guitar heroes and qualified instructors, TrueFire is a hidden gem for advanced players. Though the site also caters to beginners, advanced players will find mini-masterclasses from the greats such as Steve Vai.

Even if you are a long-time guitar player, there are always new things you can learn from TrueFire. Be sure to give this site a try if you want some niche lessons.


Online instructional systems like JamPlay are great for in-depth guitar lessons. With its resource of over 6,800 video lessons from over 110 guitar teachers in 20 different genres, its still not as huge as TrueFire or GuitarTricks.

However, JamPlay comes with toolkits, apps, and practice plans, which can help you keep track of your learning journey. JamPlay has a lot of great reviews and is worth checking out with a free trial.

We hope this guide to the best online guitar lessons for advanced players was useful for you. Remember: learning never ends. If you feel like you’ve reached a plateau, use some of these online resources to help get you past and reaching higher and higher!

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