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February 26, 2020
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Best Sennheiser headphones for music available online


In recent times headphones have become a way of life. People have grown an obsession for cranking up the volume on their headphones when the world around them turns too distracting.

Music more than a cultural activity and form of art has become our way of associating something that we like and experience pleasure through it. With time the change in music and relatively different meaning that it holds for different individuals, the way itmovesus emotionally is somewhat same for everyone. With changing time music has completely taken over us not only triggering our cognitive capabilities but also improving our health significantly. It has become an explosive emotion of humanity and no matter what culture we belong to we share the same love for music all across the world.

There are different types and designs of headphones, allowing you to choose the best out of whatever the market has to offer. Best Sennheiser headphones for music are those which not only do not compromise on the audio quality but is comfortably cushioning to the ears and comforting to use for the user.

Headphones have completely taken over and revolutionized the way we listen to music.These are similar to a pair of small loudspeakers that the user wears on or around their head overthe ears. They work as an electroacoustic transducer that converts the electric signal received into a corresponding sound. In contrast to a loudspeaker, it lets you listen to music privately and enjoy your personal time.

While along with the obvious perk of listening to music privately and without disturbing people around you, it also provides sound fidelity better than loudspeakers at almost the same cost. They offer extremely low-frequency audio performance that can not be obtained by a loudspeaker. They are helpful for playing video games, telecom operators, radio stations and many other and hence are widely sold and equally popular among all type of sectors.

Product Rating
Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones


Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone


Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless – NoiseGard


Sennheiser HD 599 SE Around-Ear Open Back Headphone


Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System


Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphone


Sennheiser Pro Audio Sennheiser Headphone


Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Headphone – Wireless


Sennheiser HD 800 S reference headphones system




A walk through the history of headphones:

Before the invention of amplifiers, telephone receiver earpiece originated headphones were the only device which allowed listening to electrically generated audio signals. First used by the telephone operators and then the military bases, headphones have evolved to become the original wearable technology in recent times.

Originally made headphones were difficult to use and offered poor sound quality and several other limitations.

With growing demand and popularity, headphones became much more accessible and easy to use not only in the telecom sectors or military operators base but also as a way to listen to music without forcing anyone else to be a part of it. The plug in-ear canal headphones were a popular choice which is now dethroned by the wireless facility offered by the headphones in recent times.

Factors to look for while buying headphones for music:

With hundreds of brands to choose from, deciding upon which headphone suits you the best can be an extremely exhausting process. While making an online purchase, the design and the way it looks is the major point at which the customers judge the product, which results in them being disappointedwith the quality or the fit. To avoid any such situation it is important to research the market thoroughly and keep in mind certain points while considering to buy a headphone.

  • There are different types of headphones; therefore, being clear about the type and design you are specifically looking for can help you to eliminate the unwanted options.
  • While it is not a thumb rule, but generally it is believed thelarger the driver the better is the sound quality. A driver is the component of a headphone that generates sound.
  • For all those who love to listen to loud music, the sensitivity of the headphone can be e the major specification you want to check out. It specifies the range of how loud your headphones can get.
  • Frequency response is also a major factor to check as it gives you a rough idea about the range of frequency that a pair of headphone can produce.

It is not possible for anything to ease our way of living without raising certain health or other issues regarding its use. Headphones are no exception, while they make our lives undeniably easy in many ways, it also causes certain harm to our body system, due to which choosing a high quality headphones is more important than people realise.

The process of choosing a pair of headphones that fits your requirement is as tedious as it sounds. To help you with the process, given below are some of the best Sennheiser headphones for music that along with comfort gives you the revolutionary experience of listening to your favourite tunes.


1. Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones

This RS120 RF model of wireless headphone by Sennheiser, lets you enjoy music without the discomfort associated with the cables of traditional headphones.The sound and bass quality is detailed and balanced making it amongst the best Sennheiser headphones for music.

Some of the features it has to offer are:

  • Analytical detailed reproduction of sound.
  • Strong bass quality with a range of up to 100 meters.
  • Perfectly suitable for all type of modern music as well as TV applications
  • High quality of reception receiving even through walls outdoors and ceilings.
  • Signal to noise ratio is higher than 65 dBA


  • It has high quality frequency response of 22 19500 hertz.
  • The impedance of 24 ohm


  • Maybe uncomfortable after hours of use.
  • Some hiss might mix up with the music, which has a quick fix but can disturb your music listening experience.


2. Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone

The HD 280 Pro model of Sennheiser headphones is linear and accurate sound reproduction as well as soft earbuds for comfortable music listening experience. These are rugged comfortable headphones designed for multiple purposes.

Some of its features are:

  • They offer high ambient noise attenuation.
  • Soft padded earcups for a comfortable fit and easy longer use.
  • It is provided with the tough single-sided cable.
  • It has an extended frequency response that produces natural warm sound reproduction.


  • The ear pads, audio cords and headband pads are easily replaceable that ensures longer life run.
  • Moderate sound pressure level that causes minimum damage.


  • It has a comparatively lower isolation than other sennheiser headphone models.
  • Some users find the design bulky and inconvenient to use.


3. Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless – NoiseGard

These wireless headphones by Sennheiser, have adaptive noise cancelling feature that makes it a top choice in the list of best Sennheiser headphones for music. It gives you uninterrupted listening by modifying to ambient noise. Its lightweight and comfortable design is few of the many features that it has to offer.

  • It has an exceptionally long battery life that makes it a perfect choice for longer use.
  • It has an intuitive touch control for the users that makes it easier to use even with voice prompts.
  • The triple array of microphone delivers a business-class communication with exceptionally good voice quality.


  • Impedance – passive 46 ohm and active 490 ohms.
  • Amazing frequency response that allows you to surf a wide range of frequencies.


  • Turns leaky at higher volume.
  • Moderate noise cancellation


4. Sennheiser HD 599 SE Around-Ear Open Back Headphone

The HD 599 SE model of headphones by Sennheiser offers great quality audio signals along with high bass quality and accessible volume control functions. These premium headphones by Sennheiser are a top choice for all the right reasons. Some of its amazing features are listed below:

  • It delivers exceptionaldetail, clarity and dynamics through its top-quality transducer.
  • The comfortable extra-large ear pads provided along with padded headbands are a major plus.
  • The angle transducers present inside the ear cups channel the sound directly into your ears generating natural sound reproduction.


  • High-frequency range, as well as exceptional bass quality, makes the music listening experience much better.
  • Lightweight with extra-large ear cushions provides extreme comfort.


  • Highly sensitive to ambient noise
  • Leaks a little bit of sound at times.


5. Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System

The RS 175 RF model of Sennheiser headphones upgrades home entertainment to the next level.It offers an impressive range of features within an ergonomic, compact design that helps you enjoy music as well as television to its fullest. Some of its amazing features are listed below:

  • Extreme comfort is provided with extra-largeear cushions as well as headband padding.
  • The wireless connectivity technology helps in avoiding discomfort due to cables of traditional headphones.
  • Bass boost and surround sound listening modes are provided.
  • It is easy to set up and you can enjoy a range of 100 metres.


  • Clear and high-quality signal transmission gives business-class communication.
  • It offers a wide frequency response of 17 20,000 hertz that helps you surf through a wide range of frequency.


  • Offers limited usability
  • Poor isolation at high volume

6. Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphone

The HD 650 model of Sennheiser headphones are best suited for all type of audio signals due to its lightweight aluminium voice coils that ensures clear transient response. These dynamic Hi-Fi stereo headphones have much more amazing features to offer more than its modern design.

  • It has an improved frequency response of 10 39500 hertz.
  • The lightweight aluminium voice coils ensure a rapid transient response.
  • It has a highly optimised magnetic system that offers minimum harmonic and intermodulation distortions.


  • The high power neodymium helps it in delivery high efficiency.
  • Excellent bass quality and easy Voice controlmake it a preferable choice.


  • It lacks a little treble.
  • Music listening experience could be more harmonic.


7. Sennheiser Pro Audio Sennheiser Headphone

Shaping the future of audio, these HD 25 professional Sennheiser headphones model are purpose-designedand of excellent attenuation of background noises. It is Capable of handling very high sound pressure level, these headphones work exceptionally well in a loud environment. Some of its features that make it a top choice are:

  • It is lightweight and extremely comfortable to use.
  • It offers a very high sensitivity due to its aluminium voice coils.
  • This model provides a detachable, toughsingle-sided cable as well.
  • It has a rotatable capsule that lets you listen through a single ear with ease.


  • The high-frequency response givesa wide range of frequency to surf from.
  • Easy to use and accessible volume and bass control options.


  • Can be uncomfortable after hours of use.
  • Bass quality is moderate.


8. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Headphone – Wireless

This is the second-generation, new addition to the momentum headset family. The advanced Bluetooth technology helps you in becoming free from the cables of a traditional headphone and the noise guard technology helps in enhancing the audio quality. Some of the features why it is considered amongst the best Sennheiser headphones for music are:

  • It incorporates apt-X Codec.
  • It delivers great quality audio when it is connected to Bluetooth apt- X enabled devices.
  • The near field communication technology provides effortless connectivity with Bluetooth devices.
  • The ear cushions are leather-covered as well as stainless steel headbands deliver durability as well as style to its exceptional design.
  • Noise Gardhybrid active noise cancellation blocks noise with the help of 4 microphones, for ultimate isolation and exceptional sound quality.
  • Frequency response is of 16 to 22000 hertz.


  • Impedance active 480 ohm and passive 28ohm.
  • Amazing battery life for longer use.


  • It has an echo effect on phonecalls


9. Sennheiser HD 800 S reference headphones system

The HD 800 S model of sennheiser headphones brings you the ultimate power of emotion delivered through music. With its ergonomic ear pads, it delivers sound as natural as it is. Along with this, let’s look at many other features that it has to offer.

  • Comfortable ear paddings and the unique ear cup design direct the sound waves at slight angle into the ear that creates an impressive spatial and natural music listening experience.
  • It has innovative absorber technology that reduces unwanted noise and frequency response peaks, allowing all the music to be audible.
  • It includes two single handedconnecting cables.


  • Open back, around ear, reference class dynamic headphones.
  • It has the largest driverwith 56mm ring radiator transducer.


  • While detaching cables can be troublesome.

Amongst all these models of Sennheiser headphones, you can choose which design and features fit you best, making the exhausting process of selecting a headphone comparatively little easier. These are some of the best Sennheiser headphones for music that along with comfort can provide you with great sound quality and high durability. The online market is a most preferable option while buying any electronic device due to the ease of the researching and availability of multiple products under the same roof that helps you to compare and pick out the product that suits you best.

With the popular belief of music enhancing our working abilities, the majority of people prefer having headphones around at their place of work. It is a proven fact that music helps us at concentrating and performing better by making us happy but this extreme use of headphones is gradually tilting towards the negative sides overshadowing the benefits it provides. The only triumph of a headphone is that it creates an oasis of privacy even in a public surrounding.

By creating your own cocoon of sound, headphones enable you to distance yourself from the extremely loud and crowded public space. While music does provide you withvibes of happiness what it actually does steal your capability of acute concentration.  The power of controlling your environment is much stronger than paying attention to the harm caused by excessive use of headphones. Many consider wearing headphones out in public or among your group as a sign of disrespect and a display of rude behaviour. This is especially observed in the younger generation, whose love for privacy be it for listening to music or keeping theirsecrets, knows no bound.


Q1. Where can you find the best headphones for music?

Answer. While the online market is a great option, you can always circle around visiting manual shops to research more and gather information about each product.

Q2. What to look for while buying headphones for music?

Answer. Design, as well as bass quality, should be chosen carefully. Higher frequency response, as well as volume control, also makes a headphone morepreferable.

Q3. Which brand is the best for headphones?

Answer. While many brands provide top quality headphones, the definition of best brand varies from individual to individual. Thorough market research and comparing different models is advised before settling for a headphone to buy.

Q4. Why using high-quality headphones are important?

Answer. Excessive use of headphones can cause severe health concerns from hearing impairment to brain nerves damage. Using good quality headphones can help prevent any such disorders without compromising your love for quality music.


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