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Best Soundbar For Audiophiles

The best soundbar for audiophiles will amplify your music experience. You will be able to enjoy better quality audio than any wafer thin TV speaker can provide, and exceed the output of most home theater systems with an excellent soudbar. There are tons of soundbars available, which can make finding the right one for your music a hassle. Everyone’s needs will also be very different, as we will explore in a later part of the article. We offer an in depth look at some of the best soundbars you can consider to upgrade your listening experience.


Product Multiple inputs Bluetooth support Price
Sonos Playbase Yes No Check Price .
VIZIO SB2920 Yes Yes Check Price .
Yamaha YAS-108 Yes Yes Check Price .
POLK Magnifi Mini Yes Yes Check Price .
Sonos BEAM Yes No Check Price .
Samsung HW-N850 Yes Yes Check Price .


Sonos Playbase

The room-filling Sonos Playbase is a premium soundbar that delivers truly quality sound. This model is a bit higher priced than others in this list, but it offers the best overall performance. For an immersive sound and wide sound stage that is ideal for audiophiles, the Playbase is an unbeatable pick. It is big on bass, but remains very well rounded. It can also be mounted in a variety of spaces with no compromise to the quality of output. It also connects very well with additional speakers, and supports Alexa.



  • Alexa compatible
  • Great sound output
  • Sleek and portable


  • Does not support Bluetooth


The VIZIO SB2920 is our value pick because it offers a performance that defies its price. This model will deliver a great listening experience, with solid bass and a crisp treble while supporting a variety of connection options. It also supports streaming, which allows you to enjoy your favorite music with minimal interference from the web. It is well designed, and will fit in your space without a problem. The 28-inch model does not carry its own subwoofer.






  • Very easy to use
  • Crisp sound with an immersive soundstage
  • Supports music streaming


  • Will need ideal placement for optimal performance

Yamaha YAS-108

While it costs more than the SB2920, the Yamaha YAS-108 is a second budget option that will deliver a quality performance. This model features in built subwoofers, and delivers a well rounded sound. The model also supports a variety of connectivity options, including the rare 4K passthrough. The crisp and satisfying  sound makes this option a top soundbar model for audiophiles.



  • Built in subwoofers
  • High output performance
  • Ease of connectivity


  • Digital optical connection might not be the most efficient

POLK Magnifi Mini

The best small soundbar on the market packs a punch for a compact option. It delivers well balanced sound output, and facilitates an immersive listening experience. The Magnifi Mini lacks a wider soundstage like other options on this list, but it is a very space friendly option with satisfactory output. It also offers Google Cast support, and will deliver crisp vocals and dialogue.






  • High quality output
  • Great compact design
  • Easy to set up and mount


  • Not the widest soundstage

Sonos BEAM

A more compact option than some of the larger performers on the list, the Sonos Beam is the best smart soundbar for audiophiles. This model doubles as a smart home gadget, and offers full voice incorporation. It is big on its audio quality as well, with a wide soundstage and valuable output. Sonos BEAM soundbar will offer convenience while upgrading your listening experience.



  • Value for money buy
  • Alexa integration for smart control
  • Wide soundstage for immersive listening


  • Does not support Bluetooth

Samsung HW-N850

The best Digital Atmos soundbar for audiophiles, the Samsung HW-N850 soundbar could replace your entire home theater setup. It is very easy to use, and delivers a great sound without having to position speakers all around your home. It is a bit more pricy than other options, but is an unbeatable choice in terms of the quality of the experience.




  • Dolby Atmos soundbar
  • Full connectivity
  • Easy to use


  • Higher end pricing

What is a soundbar?

A sound bar is generally a long, rectangular bar that contains plenty of speakers. Soundbars use specialized engineering to deliver  a better sound experience for most environments than many speaker options available. Soundbars are wider than speakers, sub-woofers and sound bases, which means they throw sound further for better coverage. They can be mounted quickly, allowing for efficient and easy use.

The sound base is similar to a soundbar, but it lacks the power and output capacity of its proponent. They are generally deeper than soundbars, but they are shorter and offer a limited scope. However, they have more room and are better suited for bass heavy output than soundbars. They offer limited stereo channel separation when compared to soundbars due to the space between the speakers.

What should you look for in a good soundbar?

The range of options can be overwhelming when it comes to picking out a soundbar. This detailed walk-through will provide some of the top tips to help you find the right soundbar for a better listening experience.

Consider its placement

Do you already have a space allocated for your soundbar? Will it be ideal for secure storage and range? Soundbars can be very versatile when it comes to positioning, with some options even being able to hang on the wall. You should always consider your desired space and the soundbar dimensions before making a choice to ensure you find a compatible option. If you are considering a sound base, you may opt for a more secure tabletop or floor space for your set up.

The right placement is key to a well balanced sound. You may need to angle it well for desired output. Most soundbars will have no problem connecting to your devices, regardless of their size. If you already have an ideal position for your new soundbar, you may consider looking into the aesthetics and build to find a great value option.

Active or passive soundbar?

Passive soundbars lack an inbuilt power amp and will usually require an amplifier or receiver to perform as expected. These soundbars have very powerful speakers and deliver better sound.  They are a better fit for audiophiles, but will need additional connections for full functionality. They will also deliver slightly substandard bass, and may require sub-woofer connections.

Active soundbars feature a built in amplifier that works to provide power for all components. They may also be designed with a channel process separator that breaks down the supply to left, center and right speakers. They feature less wiring and require no receiver. For simple home use, an active soundbar may be a great option. For custom installations, such as setting up a full Digital Atmos system, the passive soundbar will be better suited.

The number of channels

Channels can be considered sound sources for individual speakers in your sound system. Most music, movies and TV shows feature up to 5 channels, which are embedded digitally. For surround sound specials, up to 7 channels may be featured. Unlike a home theater system, the soundbar will contain all speakers in one setup. It is important to understand their arrangement to know whether each model can provide your desired listening experience. 2-channel soundbars feature a left and right speaker, while 3-channel bars offer an additional center option. 5-channel speakers, the hallmark of home theater systems, features a 3-channel set up, with two additional rear speakers. 7-channel options are an upgrade to 5-channel models, splitting surround and rear channels into more sound sources for a richer output.  Dolby Atmos sound bars create a 3D sound stage by reflecting sound upwards in your listening area. It can feature either a 5-channel or 7-channel set up.

Connections offered

The best soundbar for audiophiles should offer increased ease of connectivity for a wholesome listening experience. There are many devices that you will want to connect to your bar to enjoy your music. It is important that your ideal bar offer comprehensive support for all these options. HDMI ARC is the most common, and it allows for a wired connection between your bar and your TV or computer. Optical patch cords are a rarer option, with optical ports allowing for a seamless connection between your soundbar and compatible devices. Only a few devices feature this type of connectivity, but it can still be a great option for future upgrades. Wireless connectivity, through either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth support, is a more common and functional connectivity option. It supports more devices, and facilitates the use of the internet for streaming. USB inputs can be a handy connectivity option for people who want to enjoy music from their thumb drives.

Final word

The Sonos Playbase is our top pick for the best soundbar for audiophiles. It offers great connectivity options, is easy to use and delivers the best sound for any models we tested. The high output performance of this soundbar will reshape your music listening experience, allowing you to enjoy the vocals, mids and bass without any distortion.

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