8 Best Tower Speakers Under 500

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April 26, 2020
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Get the best tower speakers under 500 today

Speakers are a great way of enhancing your entertainment experience. With good speakers, you can add a different vibe to any party. A party is no fun without them. These come quite handy if you love inviting people to your home often.

If you are someone looking for the best tower speakers under 500 then you are at the right place as following is a list given which you can go through and choose the perfect speaker for yourself. All these products have been well accepted by the customers and are among the best sellers of Amazon.


Product Rating Custom Color Options
Polk Audio 4.7 1
Pioneer 4.7 1
Cerwin-Vega 4.5 1
Abramtek Bluetooth Speaker 4.3 2
Rockville Speakers 3.8 1
Dayton Audio 4.6 1
Rockville Wakeboard Speakers 3.6 2
BOSS Audio Systems 4.5 2


Factors to look for

Before buying a new speaker, there are a few things that must be considered to make a better choice. Following points may help you out in making a better decision while buying a new Tower speaker.

  • Space Available – There must be enough space in the room or hall you are planning to place the speaker in so that the place doesn’t look overcrowded. With enough room available, placing those speakers will give a great look to your room/ hall. Also, placing them in a way that can make them look organized is preferred.
  • Furniture – One of the important questions is that if you want the speakers in a cabinet or in open. You must have furniture of the size that may be able to fit in the speaker easily. You may even have to get the furniture built especially for fitting in the speaker. So choose wisely and do go through the total expense.
  • Amplifier Support – Some of the speakers may need an amplifier to help them work better. Do make sure that the speaker you are about to buy suits good with the amplifier. The amplifier too must easily be able to handle an 8Ohm load and thus your speaker too must be of the same.
  • Sound Quality – It is one of the most important features to be looked for. Some of the speakers don’t provide good sound quality when played on a lower frequency. You must buy the one which can provide you with a reasonable sound quality regardless of the frequency of the sound.
  • Features – some features like the bass, woofers, subwoofers, midrange drivers and tweeters must be present in the speaker to provide you with excellent sound quality. Presence of these can help you out in suiting all of your requirements from these speakers.
  • Quality of Material used – Some of the manufacturers use quite cheap quality which may lead to damage in the speakers within just a few uses. So do make sure that you go for the one which uses only high quality material in speakers.

Some Featured Products

While shopping for these, it may get a little difficult to find the perfect match for yourself but to help you out, following is a list given featuring the best tower speakers under 500 which you can go through and choose the perfect one.

1. Polk Audio

Polk Audio T50 offers a 150 Watt tower speaker which is perfect for all occasions. You will be highly satisfied with the quality of thesound produced by them. If you are a home theatre owner, you would be glad to choose them. It also works with all stereo. Polk Audio has been an expert in the field for over 40 years and the quality is ensured too. There won’t be any muffled noise to disturb your mood. With a cool base, you will experience a massive boost even at a lower volume.

It is quite easy to set up and can fit in perfectly in your home. One of the best things about it is that you can get it at a great price. Its made of great material which makes it quite durable too. It has also succeeded in providing great customer satisfaction to many of its users.


  • Perfect Choice for a home theatre
  • Sleek design with black oak finish
  • High quality sound to suit all requirements
  • Offers great value for money


  • Not supported by many amplifiers


2. Pioneer

All Pioneer speakers are manufactured with the aim to provide great quality music to all the customers. Its SP-FS52 Speakers are also among them. With their sleek design, they can act as a great piece of attraction in your hall. These are sold individually and each piece comes with three surface woofers to add a tinge of gold to your party.

Detailed attention has been paid to this one to make it look great. With the perfect sound quality, you will have a theatre-like experience while sitting at home. It comes with a stiffer design which helps in avoiding sound waves inside the cabinet and hence results in high-quality audio.

With a high-quality crossover, it is ensured that the quality of sound is perfect. With the best material used, it provides great bass for all the songs.


  • Doesn’t overpower the music
  • High-Quality music which is perfect for all audiophiles
  • Lightweight and quite handy


  • Midtones of music may feel hollow


3. Cerwin-Vega

It is a 3-way floor tower speaker with some amazing sound quality. It comes with a midrange to get clear vocals. For high notes, its dome tweeter helps in getting the tones crisp. It comes with easy installation and you can install it without anyone’s help. You’ll find it quite reasonable because of its amazing quality.

It’s ensured that no harsh sounds will be emitted from it as it is built in a way to avoid those. It comes with a great design which is quite visually appealing and will act as a great piece of attraction for your room or hall.

With Cerwin-Vega you surely will have a one of a kind experience. It offers reasonable sound quality at both high and low frequencies. It is a must-try and has also received many great ratings from customers around the world.


  • No need for a sub-woofer
  • Provides a crisp sound to the listener
  • Its compatible size will make installation easier
  • Sleek design offers suitability for gifts


  • May not last for a long time


4. Abramtek Bluetooth Speaker

It is a different tower speaker than the others because it is a Bluetooth one and offers 360° sound. You just have to turn it on and unlike other speakers, you’ll get a 360° experience. The voice quality provided by this one is quite great. It comes with base subwoofers which ensure good quality sound.

You will experience great sound quality not only during movies but also while playing games. It acts as an all-in-one piece because of its beautiful design and the sound too. It even comes with different modes which you can switch to by simply using the buttons available on the speaker.

With two feet tall size, it is quite handy and you can even carry it with you. Abramtek Bluetooth Speaker works from 66 feet away. It lasts for more than 4.5 hours after charging so that you can enjoy it for as long as you want.


  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Portable and stylish
  • Helps in getting a great experience because of 360° speaker
  • Detailed instructions provided for usage
  • Great entertainment set-up


  • Not waterproof so use away from pools


5. Rockville Speakers

It acts as a complete Home Theatre system. You won’t have to purchase anything else because it is a whole package in itself. It comes with a 10-inch subwoofer which ensures that you get the desired sound quality. Rockville Speakers can be operated using a remote.

You can even manage it by using Bluetooth or a USB from a range of 150 foot. If you’re feeling bored, you can even have access to FM Radio with it. These can go quite loud and even on high frequencies, the sound quality is quite clear. It can be connected to the TV in a few simple steps.

You can also adjust the bass and treble according to your needs and ensure great quality. These will give a great look to your hall as these come with silver plates that surround each speaker. Available in black and cherry wood finish, you can choose the one matching your hall!


  • Comes with a complete package of desired remotes and cables
  • Acts as a great decorative piece
  • Great sound quality
  • Comes with a warranty card


  • Bluetooth may stop working after a while


6. Dayton Audio

Dayton Audio T652 Tower speaker is a great model by the manufacturer. It offers a great experience to the customer accompanied by the great sound quality. It comes with deeper bass and hence enhances your experience. Its dual 6” woofers provide a crunch to the sound.

It weighs quite less and hence can be carried along easily. You won’t need helping hands for the installation. It has a slim design hence can fit in your room easily without creating an overwhelmed look. Offering great value for money, these have been highly appreciated by the users.

It can also be connected with your home theatre to provide an unmatched experience. You will surely be impressed by the quality and clarity of sound provided by these under such a price. It comes in a pair and is sure to entertain your family and friends in a great way.


  • Suitable for all types of music
  • Quite durable and can entertain you for long
  • Offers great quality at all frequencies
  • Great value for money


  • Warranty protection isn’t much effective


7. Rockville Wakeboard Speakers

It is a pair of two Wakeboard Speakers which are made of stainless steel. These are also waterproof which adds an additional feature to the speakers. Rockville Wakeboard Speakers are also rust-free so need not worry about anything. Its size is its biggest advantage which is also accompanied by its lightweight.

Its easy installation can save you from a lot of work. These last for a long time and are quite durable because of the high-quality material used in its manufacturing. Its sound quality is sure to give you a one of a kind experience. The sound quality is quite loud and clear and can act as a great part of any of your occasions. It is a highly recommended one because of its different design.


  • Great value for money
  • Beautiful design and quite compatible
  • Great bass
  • One of the least expensive speakers available in the market


  • The plastic used is not of a good quality


8. BOSS Audio Systems

This Marine Wake tower speaker System comes in a pair of speakers. These are quite small in size and are of merely 4”. Their size makes them portable and is quite affordable too. You will find them quite good because of their waterproof feature.

These are 2-way speakers which makes it better for the convenience of the listener. Its design is quite great and is suitable for all types. BOSS Audio Systems may also last for a long time because of the great quality material it is made up of. Rubber and polymer ensure that these last for a long time without getting damaged.

There’s no need for worrying because of any technical problems as it comes with a 3-year warranty which is a quite long period. It even weighs just a few pounds which makes it consumer-friendly.


  • Easy to install
  • Offers great value for money
  • Loud and clear sound quality


  • May not work well will lower frequencies



Tower speakers are a great choice to go for. Some of these even act as great home theatres which provide an all in one experience to the users. One ofthe best things about these is that with their huge design, you can also use these as home decors.

Because of the elegant design of most of them, they can attract a lot of attention from your guests. With so many additional features than the normal speakers, you can have an unusual experience when you go for these.

With more than one speaker in each row, these provide high quality of sound. It also helps in creating a depth and richness to the sound which normal speakers usually fail to provide.

Although these take up space but are worth it and thin hence providing a smart look instead. Another thing to be kept in mind it to do your part of the research so that you get the best deal possible. All in all, tower speakers are a must-have as these can enhance your gaming, party or even movie time to a great extent.

You may get many options in the market but going for the above best tower speakers under 500 would be a better decision to make. So wait no more and order one for yourself as soon as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Ques. 1 – What is a home theatre set up for speakers?

Ans. – Usually, five to seven speakers are involved in creating a Home theatre formation. These speakers must have bass and subwoofers in them to provide the best quality sound. The tower speakers present on the left and right side deliver the most sound and hence must be of great quality.

Ques. 2 –What materials affect the sound quality of a speaker?

Ans. –If the speaker you are purchasing has metal or ceramic, then you are sure to experience a crisp and accurate sound. When it comes to the woofer, usually hard materials with a blend of light ones like paper is preferred. It gives the woofer its great sound.

Ques. 3 – How to take the best care of your tower speaker?

Ans. – Dust may be a bad component when it comes to speakers. It must be made sure that you keep it away from dust as it may end up damaging it in the long run. You can clean it with a lint-free cloth or a slightly damp cloth which can clean off the dust properly. It is preferred not to use any sprays for doing so. You can use ear-buds to clean the corners that cloth can’t.

Ques. 4- How to install tower speakers?

Ans. –By knowing how to install one, you can use these tips to install tower speakers without anyone’s help. Firstly, do make sure that you keep it at least 3 feet away from the wall. Do make sure not to keep two speakers in front of each other. If possible, you can go for floor standing speakers as they provide great sound quality.


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