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Best Wireless Earbuds For Small Ears – 2021

While everyone is busy with their everyday life, doing a variety of different things each day, one thing is consistent; we all listen to something at some point during the day. Whether that’s music, a podcast, an audiobook, the news, meditation, spoken poetry, phone calls to keep up with loved ones, important business calls, classes, sports, or anything else that we might have missed, we all listen to something.  Usually that means that when we want to listen to something, we will reach for a headset or a pair of headphones, maybe some airpods – the point is, we don’t usually just listen to something straight from our speaker – especially if we’re around others.


The problem is that our favorite set wears out. Or maybe we haven’t even found a favorite set yet. Maybe the set we’re using is a random one that came for free, and we’re tired of holding the wire in that one spot to keep the connection smooth. Maybe those earbuds fall out too often, or worse, they make our ears sore. Perhaps we’re tired of getting snagged on wires – or losing connection as soon as we step a few feet away from our device.


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You’ve likely tried different brands previously and, like us, found that your ears are a little achy after longer sessions – or perhaps you weren’t able to get the bud situated correctly in your ear at all because the insertable portion is just too big for your ear.  You’re venturing into the world of ‘who knows best’ because you are looking for the best wireless earbuds for small ears – and we’re here for you!


As with anything else right now, it’s hard to narrow down the absolute best item, and we rely on others sharing their experience to help guide us toward the right item. Take a seat, and let’s take a journey through the best wireless earbuds for small ears that we’ve had the chance to review.


Product Rating Price
Mpow M30 in-Ear Bluetooth Headphones 9.8/10 9/10
BEBEN Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds 9.7/10 9/10
Boltune Bluetooth 5.0 aptX HD CVC 9.7/10 8/10
Boltune Bluetooth V5.0 IPX7 9.5/10 10/10
ENACFIRE G20 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 9.3/10 8.5/10
VANKYO X200 Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds 9.2/10 8.5/10
Boltune Bluetooth V5.0 8.9/10 7/10
XClear Wireless Earbuds 8.6/10 9/10
iLuv TB100 True Wireless Earbuds 8.3/10 8/10
TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds 8/10 7.5/10
AMORNO Foldable Bluetooth Headphones 7.4/10 8.5/10
HeadSound V5 True Wireless Earbuds


7/10 6.5/10


Boltune Bluetooth V5.0

One set of earbuds that stand out would be the Boltune Bluetooth V5.0. When you’re looking for the best wireless earbuds for small ears, you’ll want to give these a look.  Right off the bat, the ear pieces come with three interchangeable silicone covers that start and end on the smaller side of silicone covers across the board. As you can imagine, it is pretty easy to interchange them, so if you (for whatever reason) like or need different sizes at different times, changing them shouldn’t be a hold up for you.

Adding to that, the next thing that we enjoyed was the ability to toggle dual/single mode (they refer to this as twin and single mode).You will usually find one or the other.  A set you must keep paired when in use, or a set that will only pair one at a time. This gives you the ability to use as needed.

Have a full charge, and want to jam out? Pair both.  Have a lot of listening to do? Use one at a time, so that you can charge the other one, losing no time when you need to change them. Speaking of charge features, each bud has a 6 hour battery life, and you charge them directly in the case.

When you fully charge the case, you can recharge the earbuds multiple times, giving a total battery life (on one charge) roughly 40 hours of use time before having to plug the case back in. And you’ll only need 90 minutes for the case to fully charge again!

Other great takeaways with this set would be that these are waterproof from sweat and rain during normal use (of course, you won’t want to submerge these, but you also don’t have to worry about getting’ sweaty either). The sound quality isn’t lacking either. Clear sound mixed with noise cancellation makes this all that better. Need more? This is all built with TWS and Bluetooth 5.0, making your use really stable with no cutouts or static noise.


  • Compact
  • Dual and single mode
  • 0 TWS/Bluetooth
  • Great package design


  • C-Charger is a bit out of the norm for charging (though this is changing!)
  • Earbuds aren’t interchangeable. This can become an issue if you sometimes want to switch ears but the bud isn’t charged.


You can find them here:




Boltune Bluetooth V5.0 IPX7

It’s no surprise that Boltune shows up again for a second time.  Boltune is serious about making quality earbuds, and not only are they looking to make great sounding products, but they want them to fit the wearer as well, as can be seen by the Boltune Bluetooth V5.0 IPx7’s.

These baby pink, wrap around earbuds are great for anyone that wants to match outfits, or just have something different from the dark earbuds we see in the market. Style, form and function come together to put these high on our list for the best wireless earbuds for small ears. If you want a bit more security in case of a (rare) slip out of an earbud, you can rest easy with this set.

The earbuds are connected with one piece of wire, and the way you situate these in your ear gives you a safety net in case one (or both) slip out.  Instead of dropping to the floor and under that terrifying stove, or into the never-ending couch cushion trap, these catch on the back of your neck, clasp together magnetically, and stay within arms reach.

This also gives you an easy way to hold/carry while not in use without having to throw them in a pocket or constantly hold them in your hand. Handy functions can be found right on this wire too, giving you volume up and down options, with next/ last/ stop/ play as well.


  • Hands free carry
  • Coloring is unique
  • In-line multifunction buttons while in use


  • One charge lasts only 16 hours
  • While the wire is intended to keep things easier (and more secure) sometimes this can get a bit tangled – especially with hair.


You can find them here:




BEBEN Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds

Another excellent contender in the best wireless earbuds for small ears list would be the Beben True Wireless earbuds. These things just look neat. We’re sure that Beben spent some time creating the look and feel of this set. Very smooth, aesthetically pleasing case with minimalistic style earbuds make this a unique set, even if it only comes in standard black.

The round ear pieces with no down-handle dongle attached push these quite flush against your ear while in. While the circular portion is a bit wider than a standard earbud, the shape fits perfectly in your ear – without worrying about accidentally popping these out – much unlike the earbud setup we’re used to seeing.

IP68 waterproofing keeps things great even if you sweat, or tend to run in the middle of a rainstorm. There’s also quick and easy one-step pairing, bluetooth 5.0 connection, 33 feet of stable connection range. They even allow for dual or single use buds (each bud coming with it’s own toggle button conveniently located on the outer portion of the earbud).

Dual listening gives you the ability to fully submerge yourself within the music (or whatever you happen to be listening to of course), however, it really helps to give you that unique Binaural beats experience – even enhancing any ASMR you may be inclined to indulge in.


  • Fully submersive feel with both buds in use at once – allowing for a full binaural beats experience.
  • Minimalistic design
  • Carry case doubles as a charging case


  • Short battery life, only allowing for 6 hours per charge
  • While sync toggles are conveniently located on the back of each bud, there’s no quick reach multifunction button here.


You can find them here:




Mpow M30 in-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

It wouldn’t be a best wireless earbuds for small ears list without including the Mpow M30 on it. With a mega-high rating, this item hasn’t only caught the eye of large groups of individuals, but it’s done it’s job so well, that lots of those individuals have felt compelled to review them.

The Mpow M30s offer a convenient carry-and-charge case like the other earbuds we’ve seen on this list. They were built with a slightly minimalistic feel in mind, but ended up with a certain bit of flair on the outer ring of each earbud that gives this a little dash of ‘extra fancy’ as well. The way the ear fin is built helps secure these into your ear in a nice, comfortable way.  However, Mpow went the extra mile, gave this a glammed up design, and allowed for just that little bit of extra air movement for those extra sweaty situations.

Incorporating polyurethane drivers allows for clear and authentic audio accompanied by a rich bass. Multiple heads for your earbuds allow you to get a perfect fit for more of that noise cancelling effect we’re all after.

Of course, this comes with that great waterproof-ability boasting iPX7 style waterproofing, and allowing for all wet conditions aside from swimming/submerging.  On top of that, you also get a complimentary 2 year warranty once you’ve made the purchase.


  • Ear-fin design that’s not only functional, but stylish.
  • Advanced chipset allowing for an extremely stable connection
  • Dual and single mode settings with easy toggle.


  • Short stability distance, coming in at just 30 feet.
  • C-charger, which (while this is more common on earbuds) is still a bit of a lesser known charger and hasn’t yet become widely sought after.


You can find them here:




VANKYO X200 Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

Next on the best wireless earbuds for small ears list would be the Vankyo x200s.Once again, we see some great stability with that 5.0 chip inside. These ones have a great feature allowing you to pull both earbuds out at once, and automatically syncing them together with one sync up (rather than syncing the right then the left). Of course, you can also just pull one out and use that alone as well.

Amazing sound quality with an extra special (and large) 8mm speaker in place, making the driver 1.77 times larger than standard drive areas. The metal charging (and carrying) case offers great durability and is, additionally, really fashionable.

On one case charge, you get 120 hours of charge and listen time making this a top contender for those times when you know you’re about to be without a power source; traveling, camping, hiking, other outdoors situations, you get the idea. The only thing that becomes an issue at that point is hoping your device(s) can last that 120 hour time span too!

Unique taper-end on the ear bud portion allows for much smaller ear space, even with a standard to normal sized looking outer ear piece. On top of that, you’re getting the benefit of it giving a fairly secure seat within your ear. Once these are in, you feel safe that these won’t fall out without the pain of some of those buds that can cause soreness.


  • Excellent sound quality on a relatively small earpiece
  • Snug fit with taper end
  • 120 hours of use per charge


  • May actually be too small for some normal to large ear’d individuals
  • These are a bit on the expensive side
  • The interactive button on the ear buds can accidentally be hit during adjustments if you’re a bit clumsy.


You can find them here:




Boltune Bluetooth 5.0 aptX HD CVC

Want to go wireless, but you’re not ready to fully adapt to two separate earbuds?  Boltune is comin’ through for you! The Boltune’s AptX HD CVC pair is wireless, but allows the pair to hang on your neck for great in-between listening.

If you find yourself constantly having to pull one or both out to listen to someone or to just take a break, these are an excellent set of earbuds because they automatically hook around your neck and are right there ready for you when you want to use them again.

The completely hands-free listening and carrying that is offered is an excellent way to work out, get active, clean, or just finish any task without having to worry about them falling off your pocket. Still not convinced? Have we mentioned that these come with noise cancellation built in for a fully submersive sound fest?

Calling and audio in-call is also crystal clear not only on your end, but for whoever you’re speaking to. No more ‘Can you hear me?’ or ‘What was that?’ comments in call, get right down to the point, handle it and then get back into your sound bath.

And on top of all of that, you’re getting a few different sound modes, which are built in the earbuds. Want heavy bass? You got it! Looking for just audiobooks? There’s a toggle for that. Need some good soundtrack love?  You won’t be disappointed!

You’re also getting 16 hours play time on a full charge, and you only need 10 minutes of charging for every hour of the earbuds charging. If you have to run, you can plug them in for a few minutes, and still reap the benefits long-term.


  • Wire connecting both buds for hands-free carry
  • Snug fit
  • Quick simple toggle for different listening modes


  • Somewhat shorter play time per charge (16 hours)
  • Not as uniquely designed


You can find them here:




ENACFIRE G20 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Enacfire has a large following, which may have something to do with the industry leading Qualcomm chip that they’ve added into this G20 model. Making for smooth notes, stable connection, and rich clarity, these make the best earbuds for small ears list multiple times over. While they do come with a slightly higher increase in price, they’re still well within range of the other top-dog type sets we’ve reviewed within this list, and the case is amazing.

The charge and carry case that is provided offers great functionality and is also extremely stylish with its uniquely designed taper-square feel and perfectly placed engraving. When you open the case up, you’ll notice that the buds themselves keep up with that unique feel while remaining within the same realm of other bud setups.

Yes, this is an earpiece with stick dongle setup, but the stick dongle has been crafted slightly more flat without the rounded edges. We feel this gives the stick portion of the bud a bit of an easier time sitting and resting against your ear while in use.

The G20s also come with noise cancellation features, waterproofing, and dual MIC allowing for either bud to control your calling (rather than the standard right bud always having a mic, and left bud being reserved just for music). They’ve really thought of all the needed features to make this a remarkable set of buds, and the owners of this model aren’t afraid to let us know of that either.


  • Double mic
  • Sleek design
  • Attention to detail with top quality insides
  • Gorgeous sound


  • They might feel really light at times
  • Short charge time per earbud (7 hours)


You can find them here:




AMORNO Foldable Bluetooth Headphones

So maybe you don’t want fully separate buds, but you also aren’t into the half wired, half bluetoothed setups either. Maybe you have long hair, and you don’t like how easily it may be tangled. Maybe it’s some other kind of issue. Don’t worry, Amorno has you covered.

The Amorno Foldable bluetooth headphones have arguably the smallest ear pieces. They have a very sturdy neck band that keeps your buds around your neck through all activities, but won’t be prone to tangle in your hair. They aren’t heavy, but will stay in place nicely as it follows the natural curve of your neckline.

Once these are on, you barely notice they are there. Retractable earbuds allow for a sleek ‘put away’ style if you don’t plan to use them right away (and you can avoid any kind of ‘snag’ issue this way as well). When you want to use your buds, just grab them one by one, and place them in your ears. The lengthy wire allows the neck band to sit flat against your neck while you have ample wire to reach your ears.

Additionally, these come with a great carry case where they fold up to fit nicely and securely inside. The toggle buttons on the side of the device allow for easy access when answering/hanging up on a call, playback of your favorite songs, audio books, or podcasts, and more.

The Amorno has about 16 hours of playback time on a single three and a half hour charge. While it’s not as long as some of the others in this list, it does have standing ground. An additional added feature that is hard to find would be the added call vibration that’s built in.

Of course with single earbuds, you can’t really add vibration (I guess you could, but it would be really odd to feel a rumble in your ear canal for a call – startling to say the least), and wired / wireless earbuds just use that wire for connecting the two buds together. It’s, therefore, not really feasible to add a rumble function; that’s where Amorno shines again.

Within the neckband, there’s enough wiggle room to add the vibration call function. If you end up taking a cat nap at work, and your 5 o’clock calls, you’re going to get a gentle buzz right around your neck to wake you up so you don’t miss that call (we don’t condone napping on the job if your boss asks).


  • This is the only type of bluetooth headset that has a vibration function in it
  • Great functionality to use around the neck for more active users (runners, workers, and the like)
  • Foldable – and comes with an easy / handy carry case


  • Lower battery life than some of the top dogs we’ve seen.
  • A bit bulkier if you like to be more discreet
  • Possibly with constant folding and unfolding, you could experience quicker degradation of sound.


You can find them here:




iLuv TB100 True Wireless Earbuds

iLuv TB100 is next on the list for the best small ear wireless earbuds. You’re getting a super light and compact design with two separate buds that sit in their charging case (which of course doubles as a carry case) when not in use. This set has a 6 hour listen time, with a 20 hour case charge time.

You can have about two hours (give or take) of listening time from a 20 minute charge, making these likely the quickest to charge for the longest play time in short bursts on this list, while also making this a very short listen per charge time.

While the design is small, and there are no actual buttons (protruding buttons that is), there are tap sensors on the bud itself that allows you to navigate your sound experience with just a single tap. You can use the tap feature to play and pause your stream, as well as answer and end a phone call quickly without having to bring your phone out or mess with multiple buttons trying to find which one is the correct one.

This is a great pair that is really easy to use if you’re not a serial listener that uses literally hours upon hours of bud time. This will help get you through your midday meditation, some ‘get movin’ soundtracks, and quite a few calls in a day, and if that’s all you need this would be the one for you.


  • Simple tap-to-toggle/play setup
  • Comes in a few different colors to help stand out from others
  • Easy sync up and go technology
  • 0 bluetooth


  • Biggest con here, I believe is the battery life
  • Another thing to note would be with moderate use, the logo on the buds are likely to show signs of wear and tear at a quicker rate.


You can find them here:




TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

The Tozo T10 has a similar charge and carry case as the iLuv we have already visited on this list, but it also comes with a small addition to the case, allowing for a small strap that you can add on effectively allowing you to loop the case around your wrist, through a purse strap, around a belt loop (etc).

That of course makes them a bit more ‘hands free’ than the iLuv and other similar carry cases with the same style. You probably don’t want to jostle this around too much though (while it does have a magnetic closure much like the others listed here, enough of a jolt could potentially open the case which would make it easier to lose the earbuds – but standard carry even with a strap should be fine).

Tozo has color options similar to the iLuv we’ve mentioned as well, along with the same 5.0 bluetooth capability for stability in connection. The T10s are also waterproof. You’re also getting double sync of both headsets right from the case (instead of having to pair one, then pair the other if you choose to use both at the same time), 8mm speaker drive (the same we see in the VANKYO x200s if you’re keeping track) giving almost 2 times the size of a standard drive (1.77 to be exact) which also gives these a rich and robust sound structure for your listening pleasure.

This one comes with a set of 4 different tips to choose the one that fits your ears best, which is one of the contributing factors that allowed TOZO to make it to the list for best wireless earbuds for small ears.

This one clocks in at only 4 hours of listen time per charge, which (we believe) makes that the shortest listen time per charge. Carry (and charge) case allows for an additional 14 hours without having to recharge the case.


  • Exceptionally small earbuds.
  • Available option to tether with a string wrist wrap
  • Larger speaker drive for ample sound quality


  • Shortest play time per charge (and per case charge)
  • No toggle or touch options on the earbud themselves – all has to be done via your device.


You can find them here:




HeadSound V5 True Wireless Earbuds

HeadSound was going to make this list no matter what. HeadSound is a very innovative provider that mixes color and style with function. Most of HS’s products will show you a large diversity in the chances they take with bold colors and out of the box design concepts. While this is great for your next pair of earbuds, it’s also definitely a statement piece – whether you’re usually into statement pieces, or you just like well thought out items.

The gorgeous sleek black carry (and charge) case opens up to a sneak peek of bold red interior with stark white battery life indicator right between the two ergonomically designed earbuds.

The earbuds themselves follow a sort of design much like the bulbous ear and stick dongle, but have been reimagined into a rounded rectangular build, sitting nicely within your ear while in use. The V5s are super lightweight, and the bottom portion is short enough (paired with a slight angle) that it shouldn’t bother any ear accessories you have  (if you normally find that your dongle portion interferes with your jewelry or other earwear).

When it comes to sound, HeadSound boasts a truly 3D experience with full surround sound experience generally stated as bringing that heavy chest bumping feel that you can usually only experience in those live concerts when you’re up against the speaker, and the music is moving through your body. Rich, bold sounds will have you losing yourself in the moment, whether you’re working out, or just relaxing.

Quick and simple pairing right out of the box with no slip material helps the earbuds stay put through your listening experience.  Waterproof, portable, and of course risk free with a satisfaction guarantee included, these are a pair for the individual that really loves the experience of the music. If you miss that live concert feel when you can’t be in the crowd, these are definitely the pair that you want to check out.


  • Gorgeous construction
  • Unique fit and material to keep your buds where they should be
  • Live-feel sound experience


  • Short play vs charge time. 5 hours of use per charge
  • Charging case brings that up to 25 hours of play time
  • Charge indicator light on the inside of the case means you’re going to have to open it to check


You can find them here:




XClear Wireless Earbuds

Rounding out our list of best wireless bluetooth earbuds for small ears would be the XClear buds. These ones probably have the thinnest charge and carry case, which takes on that minimalistic/hard lines look instead of that softer more rounded look.  The sleek all black case and buds with a single indicator light on each bud makes you feel like James Bond while wearing them.

Of course this comes with duo and single mode listening, allowing you to go with just one ear if you want to prolong the life of the buds, or if you’re just accustomed to using one bud. Easy to double pair right out of the case. Oh, and when you’re done? Just place the buds back in the case, and shut to disconnect them immediately (as well as save battery life).

You’re also getting one toggle button for everything you need. From powering up or powering down, to answering and ending phone calls, playback (rewind, fastforward, stop, play) and even Siri commands – just tap your finger directly on the back of the bud as needed when in use. No need to fumble with your phone or try to remember which button does what.

Another great feature is the 5.0 bluetooth for that added stability we all look for, stay put design, and a standard bulbous / dongle design. The case can easily fit in your pocket, and, on top of that, is extremely lightweight. Sound is rich with even tones, and no cutouts in quality.

This one also has a shorter play time, coming in at 5 hours of play time per charge, and the case allowing up to 14 hours per charge total to kind of draw that out a bit further.


  • If you ever wanted to be a spy like James Bond, you’ll feel that you embody him with this sleek design
  • Slim carry case that should fit in virtually all pockets
  • Quick and simple touch-toggle
  • Quick ‘close to disconnect’


  • That dreaded short battery life seems to be the worst part here
  • Would prefer a few additional tip sizes for those medium sized ear fits
  • Short 1 year warranty


You can find them here:





All buds mentioned in this list are currently having a small promotion (which varies per bud set) allowing anywhere from 5% off to 15% off with an easy to grab coupon directly from Amazon. If you’re ready to buy a pair for you, or a small eared loved one, now is the time. Review the notes, check the prices, and snag the pair that’s best for you now. You won’t be disappointed.


Being that this is the best wireless earbuds for small ears, it goes without saying that ear fit was taken into consideration with each and every option listed (even if it isn’t mentioned within our review). Aside from that, due to these being earbuds, it goes without saying that all listed here have also been reviewed for sound quality and came out on top. Outer design and build specs were third in line, and have been noted where they stand out, but you can rest assured that the sound and fit of any of these should be right on par to meet your expectations!


We’ve done our best to ensure that first and foremost, these fit smaller ears, they have amazing sound quality, and they have a longer play life. That being said, you will see that some of these are drastically shorter on play time per charge.  Unfortunately, to get that high quality sound experience, it will sometimes take more battery life which is where you’ll come up a bit short (especially if you want a fair price tag included in that price). However, we made sure that those lower play time options come with single-charge ability (IE: charging one bud while using the other) to help extend that enjoyment just a bit further.


Wherever you go, whatever you do, however you listen to your music, we hope this list will help you on your next sound bath. Earbuds allow us to connect to sound in an extremely personal and ever expanding portable way these days. Earbuds are becoming life lines for workers, and loved ones at long distances while also supplying that music need, the meditation, and the ability to listen and learn (whether that’s books, podcasts, schooling, or otherwise) every single day. We hope that this has helped you to narrow down your search and pair you with exactly what you need.


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