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August 16, 2019
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Best Wireless Headphones For Athletes

The best wireless headphones for athletes will be comfortable, securely fitting and deliver great sound. These features set the standard expectation for a set of headphones suitable  for athletics. By having a comfortable and securely fitting set  of headphones, athletes will reduce the likelihood of distraction and boost their productivity.  A great option should also be durable and easy to use. If you are looking for an ideal option for athletics, here are some of the best headphones you could consider.


Product Anchoring hooks Battery life (hours) Price
Beats by Dr Dre Powerbeats Pro Yes 9 Check Price
Jabra Elite Active 65t Yes 15 Check Price
Optoma NuForce BE Sport4 Yes 10 Check Price
Soundcore Spirit Sports by Anker Yes 8 Check Price
RHA TrueConnect No 20 Check Price
Soundsport Liberty Neo Yes 12 Check Price
Bose SoundSport Free Yes 15 Check Price
Urbanears Stadion No 7 Check Price
Monster iSport Victory Wireless Yes 7 Check Price
Bose SoundSport Wireless Yes 6 Check Price


Beats by Dr Dre Powerbeats Pro

There are very few options better then the Beats by Dr Dre Powerbeats Pro for athletes. These in ear  buds look and perform like their predecessors, the Powerbeats buds. Both options are  securely fitting, and  comfortable. The Powerbeats Pro deliver high quality sound, and will stay on your head throughout your session. These headphones will stay on and will never accidentally dislodge from your ears, allowing for an uninterrupted experience. They carry charge for up to 9 hours, and feature fast charging which will enable you to get a few hours’ worth of battery life by plugging them in for a few minutes. The charging case, while it adds on a few hours, might be too bulky to carry around. It is reinforced for added durability and might ensure your headphones last longer.


  • High quality sound
  • Great fit
  • Lengthy battery life


  • Higher end in terms of price
  • Large battery case

Jabra Elite Active 65t

While it is a bit pricier than other options, the Jabra Elite Active 65t in ear wireless earbuds are a great option for athletes. These comfortably fitting earphones are the most secure in ear wireless buds available. They deliver high quality audio, with a bang that is worth the buck. The brand has released numerous updates to fine tune the sound of the Jabra elite Active 65t, and these headphones will deliver very high quality output. The Jabra Elite Active 65t are suited for heavy workouts and athletics, since they will comfortably handle sweat and the increasingly harsh conditions that athletes may choose to use the headphones in. These robust sounding headphones with a secure fit could be your ideal headphones for athletics events.



  • The best fitting true wireless buds on the market
  • Comfortable when used for long amounts of time
  • Specially designed to handle impact and falls


  • A bit higher end compared to other options

Optoma NuForce BE Sport4

The Optoma NuForce BE Sport4 headphones are specially designed to handle strenuous workouts and athletic events. They are coated with a nano-fiber that makes them resistant to sweat and water, ensuring durable use.  These headphones deliver fantastic sound for both android and iOS devices, thanks to their AAC and Apt-X support. The lengthy battery life will ensure consistent use, with the great design ensuring these in ear headphones remain comfortable throughout. Their over and in ear anchorage helps to secure these headphones, ensuring that they will stay in your ear all day. They are very ideal for noise isolation as well, and may even block out noise in certain environments.




  • Great value for money buy
  • Secure but comfortably fitting
  • Astounding sound quality
  • High quality build for added durability


  • Not true wireless like other options listed

Anker Soundcore Spirit Sports

If you are looking for the best wireless headphones for athletes, the Soundcore Spirit Sports  might be an ideal option for your needs.  This sporty set is designed to handle even the most rigorous regimes. It is fully waterproof, and will even survive any sweat or water exposure. These headphones are built to last,  but also offer customized comfort. Thanks to the different filter tips and wings, you can pick a size that comfortably and securely fits in your ear, allowing you to enjoy your listening uninterrupted.  The Soundcore Spirit Sport offers lengthy battery life as well, and includes a fast charge feature that allows you to use it for hours with only a few minutes’ worth of charge time.





  • Budget friendly
  • Guaranteed waterproof
  • Good quality audio
  • Secure and comfortable fit


  • Not the best audio quality of models listed

RHA TrueConnect

With one of the longest battery cycles of models listed, the RHA TrueConnect is an efficient option . These AirPod-lookalikes are stylish, and are designed to fit in the ear securely. They do not have the loudest bass on offer, but  they will deliver great sound quality. They are also ideal for use outdoors because they block out noise, ensuring better audio clarity. They come with a variety of filter tips, allowing you to find a specific fit. They may experience a drop in connectivity, but they offer a sufficient performance for the price.





  • Comfortable but secure in ear fit
  • Stylish design
  • Great audio quality


  • Some customers have experienced paring issues

Soundsport Liberty Neo by Anker

The Soundsport Liberty Neo by Anker offer a great value for money option for athletics. They are waterproof, securely fitting and will remain comfortable when used over long sessions at a time. They are spectacular in terms of sound quality, but their battery cycle might prove disruptive for athletics. They carry about 3.5 hours of charge, with the charging case offering an additional 8-9 hours of battery life.  Their 3.5-hour  cycles are the shortest of any option listed, which could affect your convenience That aside, they are a great pair of headphones for use outdoors. Still, they are a solid option for athletes.





  • High quality sound output
  • Comfortable even when used over time
  • Value for money buy


  • Not the longest battery life

Bose SoundSport Free

The Bose SoundSport Free are not completely fitting in the ear. They may protrude, but will deliver some of the best quality audio available. These headphones offer an unbeatable sound, thanks to specialized technology for enhanced sound isolation. The bass output is great  too! Sonically, these headphones may even compete with the highest end options listed. They are not quite as securely fitting as the Jabra Elite Active 65t, but they will deliver great comfort and might be an ideal alternative for athletes looking to uphold performance over design.  These headphones carry a sufficient battery cycle, and they will last throughout your whole session.  If you are looking for a high output and fairly comfortable set of headphones, these could be a great go-to choice.



  • Consistent connectivity
  • Highly comfortable
  • Great quality sound


  • Might be susceptible to wind interference
  • Not the most elegant design

Urbanears Stadion

The Urbanears Stadion headphones are a classic option for athletes. These headphones are very comfortable. They are also designed to fit your ear with minimal discomfort, even when used for long amounts of time at a go. They are lightweight and securely fitting, and will not cause any strain on your ears. They deliver well balanced audio, which makes them an option to consider in terms of performance. They will  allow some ambient sound, which means that you can use the headphones in louder environments with minimal interference. They carry a sufficient battery life for extended use. Their in-line controls are located at the nape of your neck, which makes controlling these headphones during an active workout rather challenging.


  • Secure fit designed for minimal noise penetration
  • Comfortable when used over long periods of time
  • Durable build


  • Poorly placed controls

Monster iSport Victory Wireless

The in ear option with anchoring hooks, the Monster iSport Victory Wireless are a secure option that will work out well for athletes. These headphones match both the Sennheiser CX and NuForce BE Sport in terms of comfort and output, as well as convenient use in strenuous exercise environments. Unlike the other two option, the iSport Victory wireless is both comfortable, easy to use and better priced.  These headphones come with a variety of wings and tips, which allows you to find the right fit for your ear.  The headphones also feature additional perks, such as voice control and better connectivity than some higher end rivals. The bass boosted sound quality will ensure energetic highs. They include a warm up and sport mode , allowing you to experience diverse sound customizations for the right fit for your needs.



  • Decent sound output quality
  • Convenient connectivity
  • Securely fitting regardless of activity


  • Battery life can be compromised with poor use

Bose SoundSport Wireless

One of the more lightweight options on this list, the Bose SoundSport Wireless is a comfortable and easy to use option that should enhance your listening experience when engaged in athletics. These headphones fit securely in the ear,  facilitating minimal distraction. They are durable, and feature a nano-coating that offers water proofing benefits. These headphones will deliver great sound, which will ensure an immersive listening experience. They are solid and will work just as well outdoors as indoors. Athletes should consider the SoundSport wireless headphones due to the high comfort level and rugged design, which ensures added protection. They will stay comfortable even when used for lengthy amounts of time, and carry sufficient charge to see out even the longest sporting sessions. They might be a bit higher priced than similar quality options.



  • Excellent performance and sound
  • High quality build
  • Comfortable fit


  • Not competitively priced

What should the best wireless headphones for athletes offer?

The best wireless headphones for athletics do not have to be true wireless, but these options are ideally suited for optimum  performance. They are securely fitting, comfortable and work to isolate sound for an immersive experience. But how do these features make them suitable for use by athletes? What are the top features that athletes should look for when finding the best wireless headphones for their needs?


The best headphones for athletes will not be worth the buck if they cannot last.  Athletes will have to engage in strenuous activities and may experience tough conditions, which makes it ideal that a set of headphones be able to withstand these conditions as well. A great pair of headphones may be waterproof and could be built to sustain impact and falls. This will reduce the likelihood of the need for a replacement.


The best set of headphones for athletes should be comfortable, not disruptive. An ideal option should be able to stay in the ear throughout strenuous exertion, reducing the likelihood of loss. They will also be less likely to be uncomfortable and weigh down on their user if they are snugly fitting. A comfortable fit might even improve sound isolation, which will work to minimize noise and enhance sound output.


Just because they are designed for athletics shouldn’t mean that you may compromise on audio quality. There are many great sounding headphones that will deliver a comfortable and secure fit, a durable build and a high quality sound as well. Combining all these features will enable you to find a high quality option that should go well with your athletics.

Final word

There are many great options here, but the Jabra Elite Active 65t are the best wireless headphones for athletes. They are comfortable, secure and easy to use. They will carry sufficient battery life, and will ensure you can listen to your music throughout your session. These headphones will not succumb to water damage, thanks to their protective nano coating that makes them compatible with outdoors use regardless of weather.  While they are a bit pricier than other options listed, these true wireless headphones will be just what you need to enjoy your audio experience when engaging in athletics.

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