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June 29, 2021
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June 29, 2021

Remember the time when we used to buy headphones with intertwining cables, always tangling, always hanging around…After some time the cable will probably break, and we have to fix it with duct tape. It was pretty annoying.

Today we don’t have to deal with those issues. No wires, no duct tape are required to have a good set of headphones. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, we can jam and enjoy our favorite music without worrying about the cable connection.

But sometimes, we can experience some problems.

Imagine buying new Bluetooth headphones. You got home, cranked them up to try them on… And when you have just connected them with your mobile phone, computer, or any other device, there was NO sound!

Oh my! What did I do wrong?!



I unpacked my Bluetooth headphones, turned on the Bluetooth device, click on the Bluetooth setting on my laptop, and turned it on. I paired devices and played music but nothing happened!

Now your head is popping with a number of questions. Did I buy the broken ones? Did I connect them correctly? Do I have to do something additional to pair the devices?

There is no sound on my Bluetooth headphones even after I connected them with my PC!

We understand how frustrating that must be, especially if you’re listening to audio that is very important to your personal or work life.

Don’t worry. These things can happen, and we are here to help you with the existing problem.

Often, when we buy something new, especially related to tech, we don’t read the User Manual.

No worries, we are not judging you…I mean, we do the same thing!

Who has the time to read 20 pages front and back about how to use audio devices, right?

That’s why we decided to write a short but concise article with all the necessary information, and an explanation on how to fix Bluetooth headphones connected but with no sound.

We will help you and show you the possible solutions on how to fix Bluetooth audio problems on Windows 7,8, and Windows 10.

5 Ways on How to Fix Bluetooth Headphones Connected but No Sound

1. Choose the Default Playback Device

Sometimes problems are very easy to fix.

All you need to do is adjust the settings to the default playback device. Make sure that it’s set properly, and if so, your Bluetooth headset might work. This method has proven to be very effective and helpful, so there’s no harm in trying to fix it this way.

Follow these steps to do so:

  1. On your computer’s keyboard, click on the Windows Key
  2. Type S or Sound and then click on the same icon
  3. When the Sound window is up, tap on the Playback tab and then choose your Bluetooth device connected with your PC
  4. When you finish that, set the Bluetooth headphones to the “Set Default” button
  5. Save changes is required. Tap on the Apply button and then press OK
  6. To see if the problem is resolved, play some music and hear if there is sound on your headphones through a Bluetooth connection

2. Assure to Adjust the Proper Audio Level

After you make sure your Bluetooth device is paired, you should make sure that the audio level is properly set up.

This means that your Bluetooth headphones are audible at least a minimum, through the sound settings.

Follow the next steps on how to do that

  1. Find the Windows Search box on your computer and click on the Search tab on the taskbar
  2. Type S or Sound and hit Enter
  3. Choose the Playback tab, and select your Bluetooth headphones
  4. Go to the Properties section and tap on the Levels option
  5. Click on the volume icon and make sure the audio output is not muted
  6. Now drag the volume bar up, at least to an audible level or to the volume limit
  7. Don’t forget to save the changes you made by clicking on the Apply button and then OK
  8. The problem should be fixed and you should be able to listen to your favorite playlist

3. Check-up the Bluetooth Support Service

If you see that your Bluetooth device is not working, even though the devices are paired, there can be a few reasons. Let’s say we tried step one and step two of the above and it’s still not working.

You went to the Bluetooth settings and make sure that the Bluetooth connected properly. Everything looks fine except the Bluetooth headphones are connected but no sound is coming out.

Besides the stated options on how to fix no sound Bluetooth headphones, one of the possible reasons for not working is because the service is not activated.

The headphones will not work decently if the needed Bluetooth support service is disabled.

How to enable Bluetooth support service step by step:

  1. Click on the Windows search box and click on the R button simultaneously
  2. This should open up the Run dialog box
  3. On your keyboard type in “services.msc” and then click on Enter
  4. The Service window will pop out where you should make a double click on the Bluetooth support service button
  5. You should be able to see the drop-down menu and, besides Startup Type, click on the Automatic option
  6. Run your Bluetooth support service by clicking on the Start button
  7. Always save the changes by clicking on Apply and then OK
  8. To make sure the issue is solved, play some audio and check if there is sound available

4. Assure your Bluetooth Driver is Up-to-Date

To function properly, the Bluetooth device should be updated.

So, if you somehow have an outdated Bluetooth driver, this type of problem might happen.

It means that corrupted or incompatible or even missing drivers are interfering with the normal function of your Bluetooth. In this situation, you should try to update it and get the latest Bluetooth device drivers.

How to update your Bluetooth Driver

– Automatically – Driver Easy will help you with all your hard work. It will recognize the system in a minute and find the right drivers. In a few seconds, you will have updated driver software.

You don’t have to do anything. Let Driver Easy do the system running, driver downloading, and driver installing. Driver Easy gives you two options: Free Version and Pro Version. It’s just that with the Pro Version you will need only two steps to take to finish the whole process.

– Manually – Updating device drivers manually can be daunting. You would have to go to the Official site of the driver manufacturers and find the newer version.

When you find one that is compatible with your system, you will have to go through a very complicated and long process of installing it.

Be aware that if you choose this option, there is the possibility that you installed the wrong version. To avoid that, install a program called Auslogics Driver Updater. It will find you the latest versions and help you recognize all errors such as outdated and missing drivers.

5. Make Sure the Windows on Your Computer Supports Bluetooth

You’ve got new headphones and you are so eager to listen to your favorite songs and annoy your neighbors with your all-day, all-night singing.

But your Bluetooth headphones don’t work, and now you’re wondering how to fix Bluetooth connected with your iOS device or Android devices?

The first thing you should ask yourself Is the Bluetooth connected? And does your computer support Bluetooth?

You own an older PC or mobile phone and you upgraded the system to a new version, Windows 10.

It often happens that your device will not support a Bluetooth connection. Of course, it would be preferable to check that out just to be sure.

If so, you can still connect it with wireless headphones, thanks to the USB Bluetooth dongle.

This is a Bluetooth Adapter for PC USB Bluetooth Dongle with a wireless transfer for headphones. Using a USB Bluetooth, you are able to connect your PC with your headphones. If buying, try to find the one that suits your computer’s Windows system.

So don’t worry fellas, there’s a solution for everything and with this handy USB Bluetooth, you are going to rock your headphones!


Dear music lovers, we really hope that we helped you with resolving all the issues that may occur using Bluetooth headphones.

There are different reasons why your headphones are silent. However, with our 101 guide article, you can troubleshoot that rather quickly.

Try all the stated steps, one by one, and find out where the problem arose. It is not so complicated to fix Bluetooth connected to other devices when you have all the methods explained as well as possible.

Listen to music carefree


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