Can a 70-Year-Old Man Learn to Play Guitar?

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September 9, 2020
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September 9, 2020

Some of the most common questions asked on guitar forums are: “am I too old to learn the guitar?” or “can a 70-year-old man learn to play the guitar?”. Well, man or woman, age is really is just a number when it comes to learning an instrument, without the risk of sounding cliché. So, the answer is a definite yes!

If you’re around 70 or even above, sure, there will be some challenges you might face while learning the guitar, for instance, if you have arthritic hands. But despite that, there are some added perks too! Let’s go over some of these:

Perks of Learning Guitar at 70 or Above:

Older learners might feel that they are at a severe disadvantage compared to a teenager when it comes to learning the guitar. But the truth is, in many ways, you’ll be at an advantage:

1. You have a deep sense and appreciation of music

Learning the guitar in your 70s means that you probably already have definite tastes in music. This means that not only you’ll be able to gain greater pleasure playing tunes you heard over 50 years ago, but you’ll also make headway faster.

Compared to you, someone younger may not have a developed taste of music. Since you already know your favorite genres or songs, you will have much more motivation to see it through.

2. You have much more time on your hands

Its likely that you’re retired and now enjoying the relaxing side of life. What better time to pick up the guitar?! Compared to you, people in their 20s often have their hands full since they have to juggle work and life (and kids).

This is also perhaps the main advantage that kids have when it comes to learning an instrument. The free-time and the practice you put in that time is all it takes for you to learn the guitar.

So, how do you want to spend the time now that you’ve had your food and taken care of household chores? Do you want to sit in front of the TV all day long? Or do you want to do something creative and progressive like learn the guitar? Heck, yeah! That sounds like much more worth it.

3. You’re better at time management and direction

Unlike a teenager who is all over the place, you have a much more developed sense of time management. You know what you want to play on the guitar, and chances are if you follow the right methods, you’ll reach there much sooner.

Not to mention, you have lived a full life and know how to prioritize your activities. If guitar is up there, you’ll put in much more time and not get carried away by mindless entertainment.

4. You’ve got control over your finances

If you’ve lived a productive life, you probably have some money saved up. Getting a good guitar and the accessories shouldn’t be that expensive either. But more importantly, now you have the ability to spend that money on something worthwhile, like good guitar lessons.

5. You can take premium guitar instruction

With the increasing quality of online guitar instruction, its no wonder that millions of people use the Internet as their main source of guitar learning. But you don’t have to follow the crowd or get bogged down or confused by the millions of different YouTube lessons.

Instead, you can use some of your money to get premium guitar instruction! We have scoured the web for good quality, reliable and comprehensive guitar instructional methods. But none of them can hold a candle to GuitarTricks.

Not only is their website refined, logical and easy-to-follow, they have one of the largest collections of lessons (over 11,000!). Plus, if there are some popular (and not so popular) songs that you’ve always hoped to be able to play, well now you can scratch that itch!

GuitarTricks has over 1,000 in-depth lessons for some of the greatest songs ever. Because of their exclusive copyright, GuitarTricks is able to teach them properly. This means you can kick back and easily play your favorite Beatles or Elvis songs, and a whole host of others.

If you’ve been hesitating on picking up that guitar out of your shed, now your worries are extinguished. If the only thing stopping you back was some question like, “can a 70-year-old man learn to play the guitar?”, now you have your answer.

So, go pick up that guitar and rock on, you senior citizen! Also read our article on basic guitar chords

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