Can Anyone Learn to Sing in Tune

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June 6, 2020
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June 6, 2020

Can Anyone Learn to Sing in Tune?

So you’re listening to your favorite song for the millionth time, and wondering how amazing the singer sounds. You start to think… can anyone learn to sing in tune? And by anyone, you mean yourself; right?

If you weren’t born with a naturally gifted voice, chances are that you have wondered about the above at least at some point in your life. Depending on how you sound currently, you may even have come to the conclusion that it may not be possible for you to sing in tune in this lifetime.

But how true is that conclusion? Let’s find out…

Is It Possible for Anyone to Sing in Tune?

The simple answer, for most of us is – yes. Yes, it is possible for almost everyone to learn to sing; at least on a basic level. If you have a set of working vocal cords and are able to speak, chances are that you can learn the techniques that will help you sing better. This of course, includes working on your breathing, tone, pitch etc.

But most importantly, it starts with you.

· Why Are Most People Not Able to Sing?

You may be wondering… if anyone can sing, why do most people sound horrible on karaoke night? The truth is, although most people have the ability to improve their singing skills, they don’t actually make use of this ability.

There is a popular misconception that singing talent is maybe something like an extra bone in your body; if you aren’t born with it, you have to live without it. And although it is proven to be false, most people haven’t seized to believe it. So if they are born without a beautiful voice, they just accept and decide to live with it.

Which is why, if you dream about having a beautiful singing voice, you have to start working on it – now!

Your vocal cords are basically a set of muscles. And just like every other muscle in your body, you can enhance it by working those muscles out.

· Am I Too Old to Learn How to Sing?

Another misconception people have is that if you don’t start working on your voice as a toddler, you have no chance improving it. Which is exactly why people start enrolling their children into singing schools before they even start forming proper sentences.

This again, is entirely false. On the contrary, it is actually possible that your singing voice improves as you age.

It is true that some ages are better than others to start learning how to sing – adolescence being the best time to do so. But that may be the best age to learn singing, not the only age.

So even if you are a 60-year-old person hoping to reignite their teenage dream, it is very much possible for you to start singing today.

· But I Have an Awful Voice; Is It True That EVERYBODY Can Learn to Sing?

Truthfully speaking there are about 3 percent people who are tone deaf. For these people, it may be very difficult to learn to sing.

But chances are that you aren’t one of them. If you can recognize that your voice doesn’t sound as good as the one you’re listening to on the radio, then you are probably not tone deaf. Which means that you are very much capable of learning how to sing.

· What Can I do Now?

Depending on whether you want to be the next big rock star, or just want to improve your karaoke skills, there are a lot of things you can do to improve your voice.

IF you really want to improve your voice to professional standards, then it may be a good idea to invest in a good singing teacher. They’ll help you find your weakness and tell you specifically how to tackle them.

But if you aren’t that serious about it, and don’t have the time for a music teacher, then you can take an online course as well; like 30 Day Singer. This way, you will be able to practice at your own pace, and still get great results.

The key is to remain consistent. A lot of people give up in the beginning because they believe they don’t have any scope for improvement. Which is where they’re wrong.

It may take weeks, or even months before your start seeing noticeable improvement in your voice. But if you give up in the beginning stages, you’re never going to get there.

So keep practicing, train your vocal cords, and eventually, you will be able to sing your favorite song in tune.


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