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June 10, 2020
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June 10, 2020

Sing Like an Opera Singer

Let’s settle this debate once and for all, shall we? Can anyone learn to sing opera? The answer to this question would be “yes!” Everyone is born with vocal faculties. All of us have feet, and all of us can walk. Similarly, all of us possess voice boxes; all we need to do it learn to modulate the muscles involved in singing like an opera singer.

Becoming a legendary opera singer, like Renee or Pavarotti, is not easy because a massive amount of talent, luck, and hard work are required. However, everyone starts somewhere.

So if you want to learn to sing opera, and sing at a concert, be it at home for family and friends, or at a stage in your town, you need the right techniques30 Day Singer has a plethora of tips and lessons that will give you a great head start. To sing like an opera singer, read about the few tips that may help you.

1. Find the Right Tutor

First and foremost, you must find a teacher who possesses extensive knowledge about opera singing. They must know about ‘bel canto.’ Bel canto is an Italian word, which translates to ‘beautiful singing.’ All famous opera singers have given importance to it and studied it often.

2. Practice

To practice opera singing regularly, you must work on your stamina. It is not like singing other genres, and you have to perfect your arias. However, do not go overboard with the practice. There is no set number of hours when it comes to practice. However, if you feel fatigued, then that is your cue to stop. Pushing yourself too much might put a strain on your vocal cords, and damage your voice.

3. Study the Best Opera Singers

There is a reason why legendary opera singers were considered the best. Their voice had consistency, and they were aware of how to treat it. Study the best professional opera singers, and you will find that they never ‘pushed,’ or put so much effort while singing.

They knew what worked for them and what didn’t, and understood the limitations of their voice. For instance, Dame Joan Sutherland knew singing Wagner opera would damage her voice. Therefore, she continued with bel canto. To this day, Dame Joan Sutherland is respected and enjoyed a lasting career because she committed to opera singing.

4. Take Care of Your Instrument

Your instrument is you. Unlike a guitarist or a pianist, you can’t put away your instrument after tuning it a bit. You must take care of your body. Opera singers eat a healthy diet and follow a strict exercise regime. Most of them practice yoga and meditation because it helps with their breathing.

You must also get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water. To sound better, you should avoid dairy and caffeine to avoid the production of excess mucus as a result of acid reflux. Operas are very long, and that’s why a lot of mental and physical stamina is required. You will have to muster up all the strength in your body to perform.

5. Study New Languages

You must have noticed most of the opera singing is done in a foreign language. English is hardly used while singing opera, especially American English, because of their use of vowels. Perhaps, this is one of the greatest challenges faced by people who want to learn opera.

However, with a good teacher and a good opera singing technique, this problem can be easily addressed. An experienced opera tutor will teach you ‘pretty vowel’ used in the main languages used in opera singing, such as French, Italian, and German. Try to study the basics of these languages, because it will make your opera singing sound beautiful and professional.

Before you decide to learn opera singing, you must master the basics of singing with 30 Day Singer. Understand the type of voice and range you have before venturing out to other areas such as opera singing.


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