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Wireless technology has made life easier and it is used in a lot of electronic devices as well. Headphones are a common example of devices that use wireless technology. In earlier times, all headphones used to be wired, and the concept of Bluetooth headphones wasn’t clear to a lot of people. Nowadays, we all use wireless headphones as they have a lot of advantages over wired ones.

People often have doubts related to wireless headphones, and some of them are very common. Can headphones overcharge? Should you completely discharge the battery before charging it? In this article, we will discuss several common myths and doubts people generally have about their wireless headphones.

Myths and doubts people have about wireless headphones

1. Can headphones overcharge?

This is one of the most common doubts people generally have related to the batteries of their headphones and smartphones. If you own a pair of wireless headphones, you will know that they need to be recharged from time to time. Since they aren’t wired, they need a power source to run, which in this case is a battery. But, can you overcharge your headphones?

Well, when it comes to charging your devices, you should try not to overcharge them. Leaving your smartphones or headphones on charging all night long may not be the best option. However, you are unlikely to face any serious issues if you accidentally leave them on charging at night. In earlier times, nickel-centric batteries were used in most devices; however, lithium-ion batteries are mostly used these days. If your headphones also use a lithium-ion battery, you may not face any issues at all even if you overcharge them by mistake.

Most devices these days are designed in such a way that they can tackle this issue on their own. So, if you are worried about overcharging your headphones by mistake, you can take a breath of relief.

2. Always use the official brand charger

This is another common myth that people believe, and the biggest reason behind it is marketing strategies. Whenever you buy a pair of headphones, it will be written in the manual that you should charge them with the official brand charger only. Using the official brand chargers isn’t a bad thing, as they are designed especially for your unit. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use any third-party charger to recharge your headphones.

However, if you decide to go with a third-party charger, you should make sure it’s compatible with your headphones. If you take care of these small details, you are unlikely to face any issues.

3. You should completely discharge the battery before recharging

This may be true for nickel-centric batteries as they can forget their true capacity if you recharge them before they are fully drained. However, you don’t have to worry about anything if your headphones use lithium-ion batteries. If you decide to recharge them when they still have 50% of the juice left, you are unlikely to face any issues. It won’t make a big difference in the battery life of the headphones, and you won’t notice any difference as well.

You should know that batteries diminish in capacity with every charge cycle and this is why it is advised to let the battery drain completely before recharging it. But the difference isn’t noticeable, and the battery is most likely to retain about 75% of its original capacity even after one to two years.

4. Don’t use headphones while charging

If you have a power socket near your bed, you may put on your headphones while charging. But is it safe? Well, it is advised not to use headphones or any other device while charging as it isn’t good to drain a battery at the same time when it’s charging. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t even touch a device when charging. If it’s urgent, you can use your headphones while charging. But you should do it a lot as it can affect the battery life of the headphones.

Well, these are some common doubts people have about wireless headphones. If you have read this article carefully until now, you may have got clarity on them. Now, we are going to discuss a few tips that you should follow while charging your headphones.

Tips for charging your headphones

1. Try to charge your phone and headphones together

This trick can do wonders for you if you often forget to unplug your headphones when they are fully charged. You should plug them in whenever you plug in the charging cable on your smartphone. This way, you will be able to unplug them every time without overcharging them.

2. Invest in Bluetooth headphones that can be turned into wired headphones

You will be able to use your Bluetooth headphones more efficiently without worrying about the battery backup if they can be turned into a wired unit. This will make it easier for you to follow the first tip as well. If your headphones run out of fuel before your smartphone, you can plug in the audio cable to continue listening to your favorite songs.

3. Always carry a portable charger

If you own a pair of Bluetooth headphones, you should carry a portable charger while traveling. This will allow you to charge them whenever it’s required, and you won’t have to charge them forcefully before leaving home.

If you follow these simple tips, you will have a decent experience with your wireless headphones. It will also keep the battery life of your headphones healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you overcharge a Bluetooth headset?

If your Bluetooth headset runs on a lithium-ion battery, you don’t have to worry about overcharging it. However, it will be better if you don’t keep it plugged in all the time.

How do I know when my Bluetooth headphones are charged?

The charging time of headphones varies from model to model. So, it is better to read the user manual when you buy a unit. This way, you will know when to unplug the charger. Also, most Bluetooth headphones have LEDs that give some indication when the battery is fully charged.

Can you overcharge AirPods?

You are unlikely to face any issues if you leave your AirPods on charging all night long. AirPods have a battery protection circuit that protects the battery.


So, can headphones overcharge? If you have read this article carefully, you may have got clarity on all charging related doubts and myths. Normally, you don’t have to worry at all even if you leave your headphones on charging for the whole night. But if you want to increase the life span of your headset’s battery, you should follow the tips that we discussed.


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