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Can You Learn Guitar On YouTube?

YouTube has become the self-proclaimed home of DIY-ers and people guiding others on curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities alike. There is a common saying that “you can learn anything on YouTube,” and for the most part it’s right.

Whether you’re looking to scale model or simply learn how to start a fire with rocks, you’ll find videos on it all. But a common question asked by many is can you learn the guitar on YouTube?

It’s true, you can find lessons upon lessons on YouTube, each with their own style, dos and don’ts. However, there’s a reason most YouTube videos are aimed at those beginning to play the instrument or trying to move from beginner to advanced levels.

We’re not badmouthing anyone, but just saying that everyone is different when it comes to playing any instrument at any age. We’re just suggesting that the reason these videos target beginners is that beginners don’t really know whether what they’re learning is right or wrong, and whether it actually is the right way.

So, they just go along with whoever they find charismatic. This results in a very confused learner who can perhaps play quite a few songs, but isn’t as well-versed with the basics. That is what happens when you follow one of those “learning to play the guitar like a pro quickly” type of videos.

While these videos might actually help you learn how to play specific tones, it is important to remember that without basics and by using the wrong technique to do so, you might end up playing the guitar all wrong. When it comes to perfecting your technique, YouTube falls miserably short.

Here are some reasons you can’t learn the guitar on YouTube:

Can You Learn the Guitar on YouTube?

It’s Nothing Short of a Rabbit Hole

The thing about YouTube is that no matter how late at night or early in the morning you’re trying to practice, that dreadful sidebar recommends videos based on your favorites. And most of those are ones that you are most likely going to be interested in.

This doesn’t just include a new movie or game trailer, but also videos from other people ‘teaching’ how to play the guitar. The more people you take advice from, the worse off you’ll be. Ever heard the saying “too many cooks spoil the broth”?

Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side

If you’re teaching something, you’re supposed to be great at it; but you don’t need to flaunt it. YouTubers have a bad habit of flaunting their abilities, whether it’s playing the piano, guitar, scale modeling or more. People like that, but it only serves to shatter beginners’ confidence.

Some even start off by playing a very complicated chord or note, something that you as a learner are a long way from. Yes, sometimes it helps to reinforce confidence, but most of the times, it only sparks despair.

Personalized Means Quicker Learning

Most YouTube tutorials are about how the person tutoring learned and what worked for them. The thing about getting a personal guitar trainer is that you get lessons customized to your way of learning. For example, the YouTube video might be too fast or too slow for you, or perhaps use a right-handed trick that left-handers simply can’t do or vice-versa.

Guitar Tricks is one such tutor, specializing in personalized guitar learning lessons. Furthermore, you are given personal attention from our tutors; something that YouTube channels can’t compete with. This means you won’t have to spend hours on end finding the perfect video to learn from.

You also get a better idea of your progress that way. Where YouTube videos assume that you’ll be practicing on your own between videos, these tutors make sure that you practice by dedicating a few sessions just to practicing and improving.

Deciding where to go next is also not your concern anymore with Guitar Tricks. Unless you have a preference, you will be taken on a route that ensures that not only do you learn quickly, you learn thoroughly.

There are many great guitarists on YouTube, and the platform is a great resource, but it simply isn’t for those looking to play any instrument or sing, let alone the guitar. So, can you learn the guitar on YouTube? The simple answer is no. You can learn workarounds and shortcuts but can’t become a professional in time. It would take longer and without a dedicated teacher, such as from Guitar Tricks, you are bound to make mistakes.

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