Can You Learn the Piano on Your own

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June 20, 2020
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Can You Learn the Piano on Your own?

The simple answer to this question is – yes. You can learn the piano on your own. In fact, a piano is one of the easiest musical instruments to learn because it has the easiest set of instructions to follow.

I know what you’re thinking; but it all seems so complicated, in what world is that the easiest? But trust me, it only seems complex on the surface. Once you get into it, you’ll learn that it is actually very easy to master once you learn the basics.

A lot of people don’t have the time to take regular classes for anything; it just doesn’t fit their schedule. But does that mean you should let go of your dream of being able to play your favorite song on the piano? Absolutely not!

The piano is one of the key instruments that form the basis of music. From rhythmic beats and dynamics, to melodious tunes and harmony, basically all the elements can be performed on the keyboard. And it very comprehensible. All the notes are very clear-cut as compared to other instruments that need a lot more understanding to master.

That being said, there are a few things you have to keep in mind if you plan on learning the piano by yourself.

· You Have to Be the One Pushing Your Own Self

When you have a teacher or a mentor, you have a natural support system. No matter how badly you do in the beginning, they will keep trying to push you to do your best. But when you are learning on your own, you are not provided with that kind of motivation. Instead, you have to be your own motivation and push yourself to do your best.

· It Will Be Difficult to Realize Your Mistakes

Since you have no teacher, you do not have anyone to critique you either. No one will stop you when you make a mistake and explain how to correct yourself. This means you will have to work extra hard in order to be able to access yourself. But don’t worry, with a little practice, this will be possible soon enough.

· Practice, Practice, Practice

You will have to practice a lot. But the good thing about this is that you can do it at your own pace and your own convenience. No teacher will show up to your place regularly and force you to play even when you are tired or just not in the mood. However, that does not mean that you can get lazy. If you really want to learn the keyboard, you will have to be regular with your practice. Set a schedule that suits your time and pace, and try to follow it as regularly as possible. It is estimated that a 15 to 30 minute lesson 4 to 5 days a week is enough to learn a new instrument at a good pace; but make sure to give it your all during this time.

· Find a Method That Works for You

There are several ways you can go to self-learn the piano. There are a number of books, online courses and video tutorials to choose from. And since, as mentioned before, the notes you have to learn to play the piano are very clear cut, it will be a lot easier to pick up on them even if you just follow the instructions properly. One such method you can choose is the online course Pianoforall. It gives you super easy to follow lessons that are very comprehensive, and will give you fast results even if you are just a beginner.

· You Will Have to Learn to Read Music

This may be the toughest part of learning the piano. Being able to read music is the key to teaching yourself how to play the piano. It is not that hard to do once you learn the basics of piano, but it is a necessary step that cannot be skipped. Once you learn to read the music, you will basically be able to play any song you want just by looking at a sheet of paper. And yet again, it is a lot easier to do it on the piano than on any other instrument.

· Play!

Finally, the most important thing to do is play the piano. You can sit around wondering whether you can learn the piano on your own, or you could go on and test yourself. You won’t be that great for a while, and that is okay. The important thing is that you don’t give up. Because if you are truly passionate about it, you will see results. You just have to be persistent.

So go ahead, stop thinking, and start playing!


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