Connecting a Soundbar with other Speakers

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February 23, 2020
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Is It Possible To Connect A Soundbar To Other Speakers?

If you’re a music enthusiast you probably want your current sound system setup to offer more sound than what it already does. You might not be attempting to add a complete surround sound system, however, looking to connect a soundbar to a few speakers.

Only a handful of soundbars come packaged with wired or wireless surround sound speaker. Rarely, do soundbars have the ability of connecting to external speakers which didn’t come with the system. There exists only a few possibilities where connecting your soundbar to external speakers is possible, however, it would require a clutter of wires. Don’t worry, though! We’ve got your back. With this blog, you will learn how to integrate a soundbar within an entire surround sound system. However, be cautious because connecting a soundbar to a complete surround system may not be the best idea.

How Soundbars Function

If there are no specific instructions on how to connect the soundbar with surround speakers you shouldn’t attempt to do that. In order to accurately comprehend why, you will need to understand the functionality of soundbars.

Soundbars are designed to produce sound with using some odd audio tricks. The speakers are often positioned towards the soundbar exterior such that the sound rebounds off the walls of your room and travels to your ears. As a result, the sound you hear comes from the side walls of the room.

Once you add sound speakers within a surround system, you are essentially trying to amplify the sound that is already being amplified. Since sound moves in waves, adding surround sound speakers which aren’t intended to be connected with the surround system will probably cause interference. This will result in areas within the room where sound will be quieter and other areas where sound will be louder.

To reiterate, it is highly recommended that a surround system where your soundbar is connected to external speakers not be setup. Warnings aside, let’s go through the steps that will allow you to connect any soundbar to any surround sound speakers. However, there is a list of items that are required to have readily available, before you can connect your soundbar to surround sound speakers:

  • Soundbar with a RCA
  • A 5.1 audio/video channel receiver that consists of front right, front left and center channels pre-outs
  • A mini stereo mixer consisting of a minimum of 3 inputs
  • Standard speaker cable inputs that connect with surround sound speakers

Now let’s go through the steps:

  • For front right, front left and center channels, connect RCA cables to the pre-out connections. Pre-outs on the receiver are responsible to output each channel’s audio signal
  • Connect the mini stereo mixer output to another set of RCA cables, and then connect the other ends of the RCA cables into the soundbar’s RCA input
  • Finally using normal speaker wires, connect your receiver to your surround speakers. You can only connect as many surround speakers as your receiver will allow.

Now that you know the process of connecting your surround system to external speakers, now you can hear your music louder than ever before. However, you should be aware that connecting surround sound speakers to a soundbar is not possible with high definition audio.




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