Fluance SX6 Review: The Best Budget-Friendly Speakers?

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High-end products are usually available at high prices, and the same is the case with speakers as well. You might have seen some expensive speakers on the market that perform exceptionally well. But what if we tell you that you can get the same level of performance at an affordable price? It would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

After doing our research, we found a cost-effective product that will amaze you with its performance. Fluance SX6 managed to grab our attention, and we found it very appealing considering the price range it is available in.

In this Fluance SX6 review, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about this product. So, without any further ado, let’s jump into the review section, and see what this budget-friendly unit has to offer.

Fluance SX6 Review

You can get it here: https://amzn.to/3edIRjc

If you want to buy a pair of speakers without spending a lot of money, SX6 can be a great option to go with. This model is known for its performance, and it offers exceptional sound quality as well. This model is constructed of durable material, which makes it long-lasting, so you can rely on it.

It comes in a common design and there is nothing unique about it; however, the color combination makes it stand out in the crowd. You will be happy to know that it looks elegant as a unit, which is a great thing. Let’s have a look at the specifications of this pair of speakers.


Model Fluance SX6
Series Classic Elite
Speaker Type Bookshelf
Power Handling 30-100 Watts
Frequency Response 60 hz – 20 khz
Impedance 8 Ohms
Dimensions 13.5 x 8.3 x 9.1 Inch
Weight 11.6lbs/speaker


Well, these are the specifications of this pair of speakers. We can clearly see that this model has a lot to offer, and this is the biggest reason for its popularity. Now, we are going to discuss the features of Fluance SX6.


  • 5-inch driver

The 5-inch polymer treated drivers produce dynamic low-frequency response, which is a great thing. The tuned bass port offers a controlled low-frequency response. This is something that improves the overall performance of the speaker and makes it even more reliable.

  • Power- 100W

SX6 offers a power handling range of 30-100 Watts, which is amazing considering the price range. It can easily charge up a medium-sized room, and you will have a pleasant experience with it. The output may not be the same if you decide to use it in a hall; however, it will still do a decent job.

  • Frequency Response- 60 Hz to 20 kHz

You should always keep an eye on the frequency response range of the speaker while making the purchase as it can make a big difference in the overall performance. The frequency response range of SX6 is 60 Hz to 20 kHz, which is decent enough for a speaker.

Well, these are some appealing features of Fluance SX6 that make it worth the investment. While doing our research, we found some pros and cons of this unit. In the next section of this Fluance SX6 review, we are going to discuss them in detail.

What we like

  • Exceptional sound quality 

Sound quality is one of the most important factors to look for if you are a music lover, and this model does a stupendous job in this field. The best thing about them is that they can operate as the front main or rear surround speakers, which brings in a lot of flexibility. With the right placement, these speakers can turn your living room into a dance floor.

Moreover, it delivers natural sound, which can take your listening experience to a new level. You are unlikely to face any issues with this model in the field of performance.

  • Impressive build quality

No matter how cost-friendly the product is, you should always keep an eye on the build quality. The material used in the construction of the speaker can play a big role, and if you want it to do good in the long run, you should never compromise on the material quality. As mentioned above, Fluance SX6 is made of durable material, so you won’t have to worry about anything as far as durability is concerned.

  • Available in different color variants 

Getting to choose from different color variants is very rare when it comes to buying speakers. SX6 is available in three appealing color variants, and this is something that sets it apart from others. All the color variants look equally good; however, it is a matter of preference, so you can choose the one that looks most eye-catching to you.

They look elegant, so you can keep them in any part of your apartment without hesitating. Yes, they come in a common design, but the overall appearance of the unit is amazing.

  • Compact 

You can check the dimensions of the unit on the specification table above to get an idea about its size. It may not be too small in size, but it is compact enough for small spaces. You won’t face any issues while choosing a spot for it, and you can easily keep it on a normal-sized table. It would have been better if SX6 was more lightweight; however, it isn’t too heavy either.

  • Value for money

One of the most impressive things about them is their price tag, and budget won’t be a factor while making the purchase. The performance that you are getting in this price range is amazing, which makes it a value for money deal.

Well, these are the things that we found appealing about these speakers. We want to keep this review unbiased, so we are going to talk about a few areas of improvement.

What we don’t like

  • Weight

This model weighs just under 12 lbs, which isn’t a big number, but it certainly isn’t small either. You are unlikely to face any issues while changing the place of the speakers, but the experience would have been better if they were more lightweight.

  • Power 

As mentioned above, they are perfect for medium-sized rooms, and they can easily fill up the room with energy. But you may not have the same kind of experience in a hall. However, if we consider the fact that it is a budget-friendly speaker, it is powerful enough.

So, these are the advantages and areas of improvement of SX6. If we look at the positive and negative sides together, it appears to be a well-built unit. It does well in almost all fields, and the flaws are too small to make a difference in the long run.

Who can buy them?

  • Music lovers 

People who like listening to music on speakers can invest in SX6 as this model has a lot to offer. You can invite your friends and play your favorite songs to enjoy with them.

  • People who are buying their first set of speakers 

These speakers don’t underperform in any field, so you can buy them to replace the unit you own. At the same time, they are perfect for people who are buying their first set of speakers as they are available at an affordable price. You are likely to have a pleasant experience with them, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money as well.

How do we rate them?

Sound Quality 4.5/5
Material Quality 4.4/5
Durability 4.6/5
Style 4.7/5
Weight 4/5
For small spaces 4.2/5
Value for Money 4.5/5



Frequently Asked Questions

Are budget-friendly speakers any good?

Price is just one of the many factors that come into play while finding a good quality speaker. Budget-friendly models can also do the job for you if they do well in other fields. Fluance SX6 is the perfect example here.

Is Fluance a good brand?

Fluance is a reliable audio brand, and it is known to manufacture speakers that deliver exceptional sound quality. The best thing about this brand is that its products are fairly priced if we compare their price tag with their performance.

Is Fluance SX6 worth the investment?

We have mentioned everything about SX6 in detail in this article, and if you have read it carefully, you will know the answer to this question. If we look at the amazing features, the deal becomes even more impressive.

Is Fluance SX6 durable?

SX6 offers a sturdy construction, and if we look at its material quality, it is capable of serving you for years.


We hope you liked this Fluance SX6 review and found it helpful. We discussed all the specifications, features, advantages, and disadvantages of this model in detail to help you make the right decision. There are no doubts about the fact that these speakers are one of the best options to go for in the budget range.

Since they offer fantastic performance, they are perfect for both beginners, as well as people looking for a replacement unit. If you find them appealing, you can go for them without having any second thoughts.


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