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February 27, 2020
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The Best 5 Tangle-Free Headphones

It’s unavoidable: whenever we get on the treadmill or elliptical and reach into our pockets to pull out the headphones, the wiring has become a giant knot of frustration. No matter how neatly you wrap the headphone wiring, it just doesn’t seem to remain untangled. Tangled headphones and ignorant facebook posts have become the nuisance of this modern society.

Maybe science can help us understand why headphone cords are such a headache. In recent years, mathematicians and physicists have contemplated why headphone cords are such jerks. In 2007, at University of California San Diego, researchers tangled pieces of string inside boxes in order to determine how cords can become knotted as they wander around in backpacks. Their research helped justify how random motions result in knotting.

In order to solve this frustrating issue of knotting, we list here the best 5 tangle free headphones that should help you in choosing a headphone that fits your budget without the need to do any research.

1. Activate BX Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

The Activate brand has certainly become an obsession for music aficionados in the past several years. As Bluetooth headphones have become more accessible due to a drop in prices, while the sound quality and battery life have only improved, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t own a pair.

Fortunately, Activate has provided the perfect blend of quality and value with the BX waterproof headphones.


  • At $49.99, it has the best price to quality ratio among the five recommendations for tangle-free headphones
  • While these headphones shouldn’t be taken for a swim, an IPX-5 rating is a terrific feature for a more active lifestyle
  • Comes with a carrying case and ear tips to fit various ear sizes. This is an added benefit for comfort when headphones are used for an extended period of time
  • Comes in several color options: Deep Blue, Electric Yellow and Pitch Black


  • None



2.  JLab Audio Epic Executive with Active Noise Headphones

If you don’t want to experience tangles ever again, this JLab product should be on the top of your wishlist. These headphones help you solve two problems at once – getting rid of tangled cords and irritating ambient noise that spoils your experience.

Just activate the noise cancelling feature and eradicate ambient noise for good. You are left with your music, audiobook or whatever it is that you listen to in peace.


  • Terrific sound with exquisite, crisp treble and deep bass.
  • Active noise cancelling certainly improves the experience
  • Each charge provides over 11 hours of noise time, which is the best out of the 5 recommendations.
  • With noise cancelling being active, you can still expect 7 hours of on-time before charging is needed.
  • Several accessories included: Aux cord adapter, micro USB cable, 1 set of triple ear tips, 4 pieces of silicone ear tips and a sturdy travel case


  • Only one color option – Black. More choices would have been definitely a plus
  • Priced at $99.99, it is reasonably expensive



3. CaseCube Stereo Sound Earphones with Wireless Charging Case

Perhaps the best way to avoid a tangled life is to get rid of cords altogether. Not only are these CaseCube headphones a clear winner on the list of best Bluetooth headphones for battery life, they end up taking a top tangle free spot too.

Credit goes to their leading edge innovation, phenomenal sound quality and portable charging case.  Another added benefit – should you happen to get these headphones sweaty or wet, you can still rely on them to keep cranking out the calls,  music and podcasts with no trouble.


  • Portable charging can charge two USB devices at a time. It also is able to hold a lot of charge.
  • Best rated for water and sweat resistance
  • Fun color combination enhances individuality. Since the headphones are small enough, you can’t see them when they are in the ears


  • Sound can never be as crisp as over the ear headphones



4. Zipbuds Slide Sport Multicolor Tangleless Headphones

Zipbuds Slide Sport is an updated and much enhanced version of the gen-1 headphones, and they were released back in the year 2017. These headphones feature new color combinations, and better sound quality.

The performance of these headphones is exceptional and they guarantee zero tangles.


  • A level of personalization is offered through the cool color combinations
  • Lifetime warranty from a reliable brand is a confidence booster
  • Unique sliding design results in a tangle-free solution


  • Considerably more expensive than the first generation Zipbuds



5. JLab Audio Diego In-Ear Tangleless Headphones

Jlab’s Diego is offered with a wide variety of sweet color options. These headphones offer a high quality sound at a very reasonable price point of $59.99. The headphones are smartly made from a flat no-tangle cord which is constructed from a more plasticky material that allows them to be tangle-free.


  • The design looks sleek and there are more color options than other brands selling headphones at this price
  • You get what you pay for. You can get enhanced sound quality with richer bass
  • Lifetime guarantee is provided by manufacturer


  • Does offer the same value as other products on this list

There are a number of other tangle-free headphones that offer similar features within a similar price range. However, in this blog, we’ve rounded up the best tangle-free ear headphones, as gathered from the praise by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon. If you have any mentions that you feel should be on this list, feel free to share them in the comments.


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