How Long Do Bluetooth Headphones Last?

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August 12, 2019
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August 12, 2019

Bluetooth headphone is an absolute must device for your digital collections as this gives you the desired mobility along with freedom from cables. The sleek design with best quality sound out put makes it not just a fashion statement but a necessity. People are spending hundreds of dollars on headphones to enhance the sound experience. However, most of the enthusiasts’ remains worried about how long do Bluetooth headphones last. Frankly, there is no clear cut answer of this question as the life of your device depends on several factors.


Normally, if you are not a music professional and have several other works to do you won’t get much time other than commuting and relaxing time to wear your favourite headphone. If your Bluetooth headphone is of medium price range, then it is likely that one charge will give you about 20 hours of running time which is pretty high as compared to 6-8 hours of earbuds. However, how long do Bluetooth headphones last depends on factors like;


  • Usability


If you are music professional it is likely that you will remain hooked to your headphones, even if you are not actively engaged with the device. It has been observed that the life of devices in professionals hand is relatively less ac compared to others.  If we take the available warranty as benchmark, a good quality medium priced Bluetooth headphone will last up to 24 months if not broken.


  • Frequency


If you are not music pro, the longevity of your Bluetooth headphone will depend on whether you use it till the battery fully drains or you use it with some intervals in between. Because these wireless technology has an inherent heating problem which impacts other component of the device. If handled will your headphone will definitely remain with you for longer period of time.


  • Battery Quality


One of the biggest challenges with Bluetooth headphone is the battery life and need of frequent recharge. If your Bluetooth device has good quality batteries and fast charge functionality, it is likely that your device will remain in good shape for longer period as compared to cheaper sets which normally comes with low battery quality making replacement cost higher. Of course, good headphones come with little bigger batteries to give you longer backup.


  • Sound Level


You are using headphone only because you want listening to remain personal. That is great. But what should be the optimum sound to ensure better longevity of the devise. The rule is simple, keep the volume little below the mid-point in healthy audible range. This keeps sound component of your device in healthy state and drains lesser battery.


  • Bluetooth Chip Quality


Well this is what makes your device costlier or cheaper. If you go with the cheaper version, it is likely your chip won’t be of good quality and in short span of time you will start facing challenges on sound quality front. If you are using advance version, it is likely you will enjoy the device for longer period of time without the urge to upgrade it sooner.


If we take all positives, then you Bluetooth headphone will remain in perfect shape up to 300+ recharge cycles. It has been observed that due to multiple factors into play the play time normal falls to 80% in that period and continues to fall with passing time. And of course the fashion statement also changes in the period.


What To Do


Well, it depends. You can buy Bluetooth headphone at just $20 with longevity of maximum 2-3 months or you could spend little higher and get better sound quality, battery life and longevity of 3 or more years. You use headphone for better sound experience, so it is not advisable to compromise on quality sound aspect as little disturbance will be enough to upset you.


The best possible solution is to opt for a mid-range Bluetooth headphone which offers quality sound, better battery life and most importantly the 1 to 2 year longevity. The positive side is that you have the freedom to remain updated and fashion savvy. Another point o keep in mind is the likely maintenance cost, low end devices don’t have much option but mid or high range devices gives you some room to repair and save money.


Apart from the tech and other advantages, one of the most important factors deciding how long do Bluetooth headphones last depends on the handling and care. It is your device, so keep them clean and store in moisture proof case.

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