How Much Does It Cost To Restring A Guitar

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July 14, 2019
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How much does it cost to restring a guitar

Whether your guitar’s strings are made of metal or nylon with time they lose on quality and get damaged. When this happens your guitar will definitely need restringing. However, this may not be the only reason you might want to do a restringing. You can also get the strings on your guitar changed for some of more preferred quality and properties aligned with your preferences. Whichever your case might be, restringing is an inevitable for maintaining your guitar at its best performance level.

You can replace the strings by yourself or you can decide to get that done in a professional guitar repair centre. Your decision on this will probably depend on different factors. Some of them include how much free time you have, the tools that are on your disposal, and knowing how to do the restringing. If you do prefer restringing to be done by professionals you might be interested in how much this service costs.



Usually, the restringing of a guitar is included in the overall guitar set-up. The overall set-up for six string guitars is available at a price ranging from $30-$60 in most guitar repair centers. Aside from restringing, this set-up usually includes services like:

  • lubricating and conditioning the hardware,
  • adjusting the action,
  • cleaning the guitar,
  • intonation adjustments,
  • cleaning the electronics,
  • testing the electronics,
  • fixing scratches and corrosion,
  • bridge adjustments,
  • saddle adjustments,
  • truss rod adjustments,
  • nut adjustments, and
  • other general treatments.

The price of this service package seems affordable. If you do, however, want to restring your guitar and get just a few of the services from the previous package, you can get that done for around $20-$30. Smaller restringing and set-up packages can include changing the strings, tuning, cleaning, and polishing the guitar and its elements.

The prices for restringing classical, acoustic, electric, and bass guitars usually don’t differentiate much. However, there are repair centers that will charge you almost double for restringing a 12 string guitar. There are also guitar repair centers that will restring your guitar for about $10. In this offer you only get the service provider to change the strings on your guitar. Other adjustments and maintenance services are not included.

You will have to restring your guitar depending on multiple factors. Such factors may include the climate in the place where you live, the frequency of playing the guitar, and string quality. It is recommended to change the strings of your guitar at least once in three or four weeks. This means that you will need to pay around $300-$500 a year for restringing your guitar.

However, how often an instrument needs restringing will often be slightly different for every player. Your guitar’s strings’ lifespan will be also closely related to the well-being of the other parts on your guitar. Taking good care of your guitar and its elements will make sure the strings to last longer and produce a good sound.

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