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The given below subject matter will provide you with all the necessary details regarding the cost of a guitar set-up. As it proceeds, it will also enrich you with certain vital information leads like what is a guitar set up, why is a guitar set-up necessary, what are the factors required to determine the cost of the guitar set-up and so on.




There has been an abundant increase in the sales of guitar and guitar accessories through the recent years and undoubtedly it can be understood that people’s engrossment over guitars will continue tocherish in the coming years too. In order to ensure that the guitar sounds adequate, one has to go through a set of functional operations which is known as the setting up of a guitar. It has to be perceived that it is very important to work on the setup of the guitar as it has a major outcome on the performance of the guitar and it also separates proficient guitar owners from casual ones. One can learn the steps to ensure a proper guitar setup but its better to leave it to the professionals as they can handle it with ease and in an efficient manner.



So coming to the important question, why is a guitar setup mandatory and how much does a guitar setup cost? Firstly, it is necessary to give a glance to a certain factor that will be helpful to understand why a guitar setup should be given the utmost priority and why it is not a child’s play.

The most basic section that should be understood clearly is the structure of a guitar. The extensive part of the guitar is built of wood and as we all know wood is an easy victim to temperature change. Although we cannot see a definite change visually, it can be felt when the guitar suddenly starts to sound weird. This change can result in a discrepancy in the tune of the guitar, all the way across the fret-board. Also, as the humidity kicks in, the guitar neck can relocate itself slightly, causing a buzz-like sound at certain string positions. Thus, the guitar owners who are willing to learn the process of setting up a guitar all by themselves will have to invest a great amount of involvement and effort to learn this process and they also have to purchase the required tools for it. So, it is generally not advised to the guitar owners to set up their guitar themselves as it requires a professional-touch from skilled manpower.

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Coming to the other aspect of the concern which is the cost, those people who are planning to leave it to the professionals have to consider a set of factors affecting the cost of the setup which is as follows:

The type of guitar will surely have a decent contribution upon determining the cost of getting a guitar set-up. The cost of the setup of complex-structured guitars will be more as they require a great deal of time and efforts. If you own a premium guitar with a Floyd Rose floating tremolo ($245 – $300 approx) which needs a standard setup, it will easily cost you at least $58. On the other hand, if you own a regular acoustic guitar with less complexity, it will cost you around $14 to $43 depending upon the type of guitar.

The shop selected for the setup also does have a great impact on the cost. Local guitar shops will comparatively charge you less as compared to elite guitar centres. One might also have the advantage of getting the work done at cheaper rates at the local stores depending upon the relationship he/she has with the shop owner. Whereas on the other hand, elite guitar centres will definitely provide a qualitative service but at a higher price for sure. Hence it is important to consider the type of shop to be selected.

The type of setup will also determine the cost depending upon the quantum of operations to be undertaken like intonation, adjusting the truss rods, new strings, action adjustments, etc. Thus it is necessary for a person to take good care of his/her guitar and also to it is advised to send the guitar for its set-up twice a year in order to minimize the quantum of operations to be applied which will result in a decrease in the cost of the set-up.

Thus, the above-given factors are the primary elements which will help guitar owners to estimate the cost of their guitar’s set-up efficiently.

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