How to Connect Rock Band Guitar to PS4

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How to Connect Rock Band Guitar to PS4


Rock Band is a series of games in the music video games genre. It can be played in single-player or multi-player mode. The gameplay involves a player or a group of players attempting to play instruments. Many players, especially the beginners are doubtful about how to connect rock band guitar to PS4. This article is sure to help!

Players follow cues on the screen and play the instrument accordingly to score points. Points can be won by hitting the right notes and hitting a series of notes correctly without a mistake. Players will be penalized for making mistakes while playing. The game comes with a set of songs. Apart from that, songs can also be downloaded.

How to connect rock band guitar to PS4?

Before going to the steps to connect, use the Bluetooth menu provided in your PS4 system to sync the guitar. Then, follow the steps given below to connect the PS4 console and the guitar controller.

Steps – how to connect rock band guitar to PS4

  • Switch on your PlayStation4 and turn on the main menu
  • Ensure that the controller which has to be synced has fresh batteries
  • Using the main menu of your PS4, navigate to this – Settings à Devices à Bluetooth devices
  • Find the PlayStation button on your instrument. Press and hold it. The button can be found near the d-pad of your guitar
  • The PlayStation symbol will light up with a blue light and it will slowly start blinking. This is a signal that the controller is waiting to sync.
  • Press and hold the wireless button on your controller for 1-2 seconds. In guitars, this is the white button you will find at the place of the amp plug.
  • You will now find that your controller has a blue and red light blinking alternately.
  • When your PlayStation displays the list of Bluetooth devices, search for your controller in the list.
  • A wizard will appear with the question – Do you want to connect to the controller? Choose Yes
  • If you want to play RockBand, it is mandatory to assign a profile to your controller, without which it will not sync with the console. If you have not created a profile in prior, log in as a guest user. This can be done by choosing to Create New à Guest Profile
  • After a few seconds, the alternating red and blue light will change to a steady blue light. If the light is solid and has stopped blinking or changing between blue and red, the control has synced with the console! You and your band may now start playing!!


By following the steps listed above, players will now know exactly how to connect rock band guitar to PS4. Thus, they can focus more on the playing aspect of the game and enjoy themselves or have fun with their group of friends. The game contains features that encourage players to have more creative freedom in their performance. Overall, it is a fun game in the rhythm-game genre. It is sure to be addictive for all the music lovers!




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