How To Fix Headphones Without Tools

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December 12, 2019
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December 22, 2019


From a busy metro commute to lazy day at home, a good headphone is all you need to numb the endless cacophony of the outside world. Buying a good headphone is indeed a difficult task.

As we know most things that break can easily be fixed. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to fix headphones without tools. These tips will help you to save time and money which would go waste into investing in another headphone.

  • Firstly, determine whether the headphone jack is the problem.
  • More often than not, if your headphones aren’t working properly, your headphone jack is to be blamed. Try on another set of headset and see if the problem persists. If it does, it means that the problem isn’t in your headphones it lies in your device audio jack.
  • After determining the core of the problem, if it is derived that the problem does indeed lie in your headphone jack, read on and you may be able to fix your headphone problem all by yourself.
  • If your problem is that only one side of your headphone is working, try and bend the wire in various ways to figure out where both sides are working. Keep the wire in this position carefully and apply electrical tape to keep it bent this way. This will keep the wires in place and provide you a temporary fix to your problem.
  • Try cleaning your headsets with a mild disinfectant and earbuds. Maybe your headphones are malfunctioning due to some dirt or gunk stuck in it due to heavy use.
  • Is your headset really the problem? If your headphone isn’t working at all make sure you have made the right settings in the appliances you are using. Sometimes the settings are automatically in stereo mode and hence the appliance doesn’t detect the headphone. Go to your settings and select headphone as audio output.
  • Even if you already have the right settings, make sure you reset your settings. Sometimes when nothing seems to work just resetting your device would do the trick.
  • If nothing seems to work, then you will have to invest in a new pair of headsets or dissect it in order to fix it yourself with the help of a few tools.

At the end of the day, we need to face one bitter truth which is that we really take our headphones for granted. The daily wear and tear of our busy lives prevents us from having a headphone that will last for more than a year or two. Only if you know how to fix headphones without tools, you will be able to save some money.

However, nowadays, people have come up with a few bags and cases that we can use to protect our headphones from extensive damage. Even if this sounds exaggerated, you should indeed have a protection case for your headset to ensure proper functionality and longitivity of your headphones.

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