Simple Hacks to Get Earbuds to Stay in Your Ears

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How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out of Your Ears?

Earphones are the perfect way to enjoy your own theatrical experience with sound boosting in your ears, blocking out all external annoyances. You may shift back a little to heighten the camaraderie when the slightest change in movement causes one ear bud to fall out, then the other, pitilessly disrupting the whole mood.

Did that hit home? Well, you are not the only one! Earbuds falling out is one of the most commonly reported problems among earphone users. Not only does it hamper your auditory experience, it is frankly, quite irritating.

Instead of racking your brains how to get earbuds to stay in your ears, just stay tuned to find out.

Why Do Earbuds Fall out?

Before we decide how to get earbuds to stay in your ears, we must first explore why our earphones tend to fall out. Here is a list of reasons why this might be the bane of earphone users.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

While you may have happily purchased a pair of one-size-fits all earphones, this is clearly not the case, realistically speaking. When human beings are so different, expecting our ear size to be the same is, well, ridiculous. It is time to debunk the one size fits all myth and accept that indeed, it does not.

Earphones are loosely based on the standard ear size. However, it is impossible for everyone to fit into that category. The fitting of the earbud largely depends on the shape and size of our ear canal. If your ear canal is larger than the standard ear size, the earbud will have nothing to sit against. If your ear canal is smaller, the earbud will pop right out after the very first tread on the elliptical.

Buildup of Earwax

Before you dismiss your ears as some sort of anomaly for not adhering to the standard size, ensure your hygiene is on point. Wondering what this has to do with how to get earbuds to stay in your ears? Well, a lot.

Earwax buildup is a common issue that happens to the best of us. This may alter the natural shape of your ear, not allowing the earbuds to nestle in perfectly. This ill fitted position is why your earbuds tend to fall out at any slightest movement.

Ear Proximity to Jaw

Another reason that is causing your earbuds to fall out repeatedly is the distance between your ear and jaw. Bet you did not expect such technicalities behind such a simple problem!

On either side of your skull lies a temporomandibular joint that allows movements like chewing and talking. Your ears lie just behind these joints. Hence, if the ear to jaw proximity is too small, any movement of these joints would alter the shape of your ear canal. This tends to unsettle the earbud, uprooting it from your ear.

Earbud Material

The earbud material can be another factor hampering your smooth morning run with plugged in earphones. The tip of the earbud is usually made of foam or silicon and the wrong kind of material for your ear can cause it to fall out.

While this is largely subjective and needs to be handled with a little bit of trial and error, foam tipped earbuds generally conform to your ear canal better.

How to get Earbuds to Stay in Your Ears?

Now that we have tackled why earphones tend to fall out, we come to the more imperative query of how to get earbuds to stay in your ears.

Wear the Earphones Correctly

While you may not need a whole manual to wear them in the ‘correct way’, a few tips and tricks will actually go a long way in ensuring your earbuds stay right in.

Wired Earphones

Most wired earphone users would just put the earbuds straight into their ears. While that is not technically wrong, it may unplug your earbud especially if they tend to dwindle.

A good trick to get earbuds to stay in your ears while you go for a jog is to loop them in from behind your ears. Even during exercise, the wire will not detach from your ears easily. This will save you a lot of time and mental energy trying to insert the earbuds back.

Wireless Earphones

Wireless earphones need to be sealed in to stay in your ears. If they keep falling out, it negates the whole experience the wireless piece serves to offer.

Instead of just putting on the earbuds, you need to nestle them in. Place the tip of the earbud in your ear and gently push it in. Lightly pull the outer edge of your ear to extend the ear canal and allow room for the earbud to seal fully.

Eliminate the Wax

As we mentioned above, wax buildup can really interfere with the smooth functioning of your earbuds. If your earbud is caked with wax each time you remove it from your ear, it may be time for some cleaning. Moreover, avoid using cotton buds to remove earwax, as this tends to push the wax further down, causing a blockage inside your ear canal.

Use Foam Tips

Foam tipped earbuds tend to nestle in your ear much better than silicone ends. If you have difficulty with the fitting of standard sized earphones, try using ones with foam ends, as they comply better with most ears.

Custom Made Earphones

If you have the cash to shell out, you might want to get earbuds tailored to the shape and size of your ears. This one time investment will save you the hassle of constantly trying on different sized earphones and ensure you can exercise without constant interruptions.

Ending Note

Whether you are going for a run, swaying to your favorite beat or casually strolling down the sidewalk, no one wants the hassle of earbuds constantly falling out, oscillating between jamming the right one in and then the left.

How to get earbuds to stay in your ears is through trial and error. Find out the right fit for your ears, invest in foam tipped earphones, and ensure you are plugging them in the right way.

With these simple hacks, stay tuned in.

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