How To Have Two Headphones On One Computer

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August 10, 2019
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August 10, 2019

How to have two headphones on one computer?

Whatever is your area of interest, whether movies, music or gaming, you need a good quality sound to enhance the experience. Your USB headphone is a great value addition in terms of personalisation in listening. However, situation may arise when you may want to connect two devices to the same computer. So, how to have two headphones on one computer? Sounds challenging, isn’t it? Here are some easy tricks to do that.


First of all we will see how to have two headphones on one computer using splitter. It is one of the simplest ways to solve the two headphone problem. Follow these simple steps and learn how to do that;


  • First of all, buy a good quality splitter.
  • Now, plug the connector to your computer. You have to make it sure that your splitter has two separate jacks for two headphones and one connector.
  • Connect your headphones to jacks of splitter.
  • Now chose any song from your music library and play it to test whether you are getting the desired output in both of your headphones or not.


What if you don’t have splitter or existing splitter is non-functional and you want to know how to have two headphones on one computer? Your computer has one jack for headphone and you want to connect one additional device. Don’t worry, follow these steps enjoy the luxury of sound blast without disturbing anyone.


  • First of all, plug one of your headphones to your computer port.
  • Go to start button and then control panel so that you could get the ‘Sound’ option.
  • Once you are there, go to the manage devices tab and modify the speaker option to ‘headphones’.
  • You are actually making headphone your default setting. You can change it to normal state, whenever you need.
  • Now, you can connect another headphone to the computer port.

You are no ready to enjoy the music, movie or games with your friend without disturbing the peace of your home.


Another simple way to add two headphone of same computer is to use the Bluetooth technology to connect your Bluetooth headphone. Connecting Bluetooth device to your computer is very simple, follow these steps and enjoy the music.

  • First of all, you have to insert a Bluetooth adapter to computer. If your computer doesn’t have the adapter, then you have to purchase and install it.
  • Once the adapter is in place, turn on the Bluetooth headphones so that your computer could pair with it.
  • You can cross check whether both your devices are paired with your computer.
  • If you face some difficulty in pairing of devices, you have to follow steps depending on your operating system.
  • If your computer has Windows 8 &10, you can go to start and then to settings. Just click on ‘Bluetooth’ to ‘More Bluetooth’ options.
  • You have to ‘allow Bluetooth devices’ and then connect headphones to computer.


Isn’t it simple and enjoyable? You can enjoy the company of your friend with two separate headphones while watching movie, listening music or playing games. Follow the above mentioned steps and solve your problem in the few minutes.

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