How to keep earbuds from breaking

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December 19, 2019
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How to keep earbuds from breaking


Have you felt betrayed and shocked by the fragile nature of one of the most important electronic accessories of your life? If yes, then stop worrying as we bring here the list on how to keep earbuds from breaking.

If your earphones keep on breaking time after time within a short span of time after purchase, then it’s definitely not the fault of the manufacturers but rather the blame is on you. Even though it sounds cold and harsh, but the truth is most of the times it is our carelessness that causes an earphone to break way too early. A decent mid-range earphone should easily last around 6 months and if it stops working before that duration, chances are one or more delicate electronic parts have been damaged. Irrespective of price range or brand name, the most common breaking points of an earphone are:

  • The earbuds
  • The junction of the cables at the volume control panel
  • The junction of the cable and the plug

 Damage to any of these parts will invariably result in the loss of audio transport along the earphone and eventually dead earbuds. So in order to take proper care to save the earbuds, one actually needs to look after the earphone as a whole.


Here are ways to prevent your earbuds and earphone from prematurely breaking down

  1. Taking care of the cable:
  • While removing the audio jack from the source, put pressure on the plug. Do not pull the cable.
  • Do not keep your earphones dangling from your body or bags. Make sure they are not lying on a floor or table so that no one accidentally put excessive pressure on them by walking over or jostling.
  • Stop going to bed with your earphones on. While you move around on bed, different parts of the cable undergoes varied amount of tension which can harm the inner machineries.
  • Keep the earphone tied with cable when it is not being used. Use protective bags to put your headphones in. Randomly folding and twisting an earphone to put it inside a tiny pocket or pouch is going to destroy the cable.
  • Avoid any kind of contact with water.


  1. Taking care of the audio equipments
  • Before the plugging your earphone in, turn down the volume of your audio device. Do not plug it in while loud music is being played. Once the headphones are plugged in, you can raise the volume level.
  • Keep the volume in the low to medium range in your audio device while you are listening to music through your earphones. This is not only to protect your hearing but also the speakers in the earbuds. The speakers can give up to the increased vibration of sound coming out of continuous loud music.


  • Keep the bass of the audio device down. The low-frequency sound of Bass can exert a lot of pressure on the speakers that do not have efficient bass drivers.


  • Use higher end headphones. Cheaper headphones can seem to be of good value for money, but with lower price comes lower quality of speakers and other audio equipments. No wonder the earbuds start giving out distorted broken sounds, or maybe go completely silent in a few days in cheap headphone sets.


The above mentioned are some of the ways on how to keep earbuds from breaking.


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