How To Know What Key You Sing In

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June 10, 2020
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June 10, 2020

How to Determine Your Singing Key

Determining your singing key comes with an ability to read the music, and understanding whether the notes are in your vocal range or not. You don’t have to have an expert knowledge; you only need to identify which key works for you and which doesn’t.

When you hear a singer say ‘I need a higher key for this sing’, it means they know their vocal range is high. Most songs are written with a central note. That central note is the key, and when singing the song that is the key, you must return to.

For instance, if the central note of the song is Middle C, then you have to sing the majority of the song in that note. If you are new to singing, you must first learn how to know what key you sing in. Knowing your singing key is an essential step to becoming a better singer. With 30 Day Singer, you will be able to sing like a professional with a few simple steps.

Everyone’s singing range is different, but most ranges are divided into 6 most common types of voice:

  • Baritone
  • Tenor
  • Alto
  • Mezzo-Soprano
  • Soprano
  • Bass

If you were part of the choir in school, you must be familiar with most of these ranges. If this is new information for then, these vocal ranges will help you determine your singing key.

Your vocal range is your ability to sing the lowest to the highest note. You may hit more than a single note within your vocal range, but it is always recommended to stick to what you are comfortable with. Putting strain on your vocal cords is not good for your voice.

Now that you are familiar with how the notes work let’s identify which singing key would be suitable for you.

There are three female and three male vocal key types each.

For female:

Alto, Soprano, and Mezzo-Soprano

For male:

Baritone, Bass, and Tenor



This is the lowest range of a female voice. It lies typically between F3-F5, although there are some who are able to sing below or above this range. Those females who are able to sing below are known as ‘contralto’ and can sing in the same range as a tenor.

Even though altos are similar to mezzo-sopranos, their voice is fuller and richer than mezzos. At the end of the day, it is all about which voice the singer is most comfortable with.


This voice type hits the highest note and falls in the range of C6 and C4.


This voice falls in the middle-range for females. It overlaps both the soprano and alto ranges. The usual voice range is from A3 to A5. Sometimes mezzo-sopranos sing in the same voice range as sopranos.


This is the highest singing voice type when it comes to male singers. It falls in the range of C3-C5. Tenor singers have good control over their head voice (falsetto), enabling them to hit notes that fall in the female register. Those male singers who sing higher than tenor are known as ‘countertenor’.


Baritone falls in the second-lowest range. It overlaps Tenor, and Bass both. Typically baritone falls in the range between A2-A4, and some might extend from F2 TO C5.  The baritone range is perhaps the most conventional male voice type.


This falls in the lowest range and lies between the ranges of E2-E4. In the upper and lower extremes of the voice, some bass singers can go from C2- G4.

Study these voice types and experiment with them to find out where you stand. Remember to always sing at a range your voice is most comfortable at.


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