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January 17, 2020
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How to make your Headphones Louder on PC?

Music lovers, more often than not, love their music loud. Nothing feels more satisfying than the rising crescendo of a tune that completely drowns out every other sound in the background. But not everyone around a music lover likes to listen to it the same way. That’s why headphones are one of the greatest inventions of humanity.

You get to listen to any music in full volume without bothering others and feeling guilty about it later. However, sometimes your headphones may fall short of your expectations in terms of providing high volume. That happens because their soundcard can only offer so much high sound. Secondly, they don’t have a built-in amplifier, so you scale the volume up more than a certain level whenever you wish to. So then how do you increase the volume of your headphones on PC?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Connect a Headphone Amplifier

Your headphones do not have a built-in amplifier, but can support one. And yes, your computer has an amplifier, so what’s the point of using an external amplifier? That’s because the amplifier in your computer cannot do much. It has physical and software limitations, which lowers the quality of sound amplification.

Hence, attaching an external amplifier can help you increase the volume of your headphones. Plug the headphone jack into the amplifier and turn the volume on your PC to full. Then manage the volume through the amplifier and enjoy the loud sound without losing control.

Amp/DAC Combination

Using an amp/DAC combo allows you to get better quality audio while amplifying it. A digital audio converter picks up the digital signal from your PC and converts it into an audio signal. Basically, it takes over the job of an average soundcard.

It’s the job of the soundcard to convert signals from your PC to audio messages that the mind processes. Getting a digital converter gives you better audio signals, and combining it with an amplifier gives you increased volume.

Install an Amplifying Application

Crank up the volume of the sound you wish to listen to before it even leaves your PC. An amplifying application allows you to do that without spending heaps of money. Install one on your PC and treat sound before it gets to your headphones.

This method increases the volume of the audio signal even before it reaches the soundcard. The soundcard is the point from where you get to control the volume. So when the sound reaches it with a slightly higher volume, you can quickly scale it up a notch by moving up the dial.

However, you may not get the best audio quality if you choose this option. An increased volume of the audio signal can reduce the quality of sound.

Amplifying Software

The cheapest way to crank up the sound of your headphones on PC is by installing amplifying software. It’ll help you increase the sound before it reaches the soundcard. If this doesn’t work, then maybe you need to buy a new set of headphones.

Fair Warning: When you look up amplifying software and apps to download on your PC, make sure to go through the reviews. Some apps and software can introduce viruses into your PC and cause malware. Be careful about getting scammed. Only go for reputable software like LetaSoft Sound Booster.

Soundproof the room you’re in

One way of increasing the volume on your headphones is making your surroundings quieter. It may seem like a pricey deal, but it’s not. You don’t need to hire a professional team to soundproof your room. You can do it yourself easily.

Sound travels in the form of vibration. To silence the trilling of those vibrations from reaching you, all you need to do is to add thick layers in between. That is, hang thick layers of quilts and comforters around your room when listening to music. It’s not going to cost you much, but it would turn the volume of your surroundings down. And that is automatically going to increase the volume of the audio on your headphones.

Adjust the Volume on the Volume Mixer Panel

Most windows PC offer a volume mixer panel at the bottom right corner of the screen. When you plug in your headphones, make sure you check the dial there. If it’s not high enough, then turn it up. The volume panel allows you to adjust the volume of individual apps and programs and also of the entire system. It’s a great way of increasing the volume.


Even though the high one feels when listening to loud music is unmatchable, but it can damage the ear. Make sure not to expose your ear to overly loud audio. If you continuously listen to music in unreasonably high volume, you can damage your hearing permanently. The damage doesn’t stop here; your sound equipment can also start malfunctioning. If you start getting distorted audios, it’s probably because your headphones are now damaged.

However, if you take care of your ears and your sound system when you are not listening to loud audios, and you even take a break once in a while, then you should enjoy sound any way you like. And use any of the mentioned techniques to increase the volume of your headphones on PC. You can even try all of them and see for yourself which one works best for you. Then continue using that one.

Have fun listening to loud music!


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