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July 14, 2019
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How to remember the strings on a guitar

Beginner guitar players might need some advices when it comes to remembering the strings on a guitar. Learning their names is pretty important if you want to learn to play the guitar. There are some strategies that beginner players can use to wrap their heads around the strings’ names easily. Of course, which strategies players prefer will depend on their personal traits and interests.



Introduction to strings

A standard six string guitar has, of course, six strings. The strings differ in their thickness and they have names and numbers. The thinnest one is known as the 1st string and it’s an E string. It’s the bottom string on a guitar. The thickest string is numbered as the 6th string, but it’s also familiar as ‘the low E string.’ This is because this string is also tuned to E. So, remember, there are two E strings—a thin E string (1st string) and a thick E string (6th string).

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There are four more strings in between the 1st and the 6th string on the guitar. The string next to the thinnest string is called the 2nd string or the B string. The 2nd string is followed by the  3rd string that is also known as the G string. Right next to 3rd string is the 4th string and it’s named as D string. Finally, the 5th string is the one that’s closest to the thickest string and it’s called the A string.

Learning strategies

If you find it easier to learn visually all you’ll have to do is take a look at the strings and memorize their positions and names. That way you will have a better image of the guitar in your head and improve your ‘guitar-orientation.’

One of the best and easiest ways to remember the names of the strings is using acronyms. My favorite one for remembering the strings’ names starting from the 6th string is ‘Elephants And Dogs Grow Big Ears.’ This acronym is funny and I believe that we have a tendency to remember funny things.

I also like the one that says, ‘Every Amateur Does Get Better Eventually.’ Another one that starts from the 6th string is ‘Eddy Ate Dynamite. Good Bye Eddy.’ Also, one of the most popular ones that starts from the 1st string is ‘Easter Bunnies Get Dizzy At Easter.’ You can, of course, create your own acronym and have fun while using it to get the strings’ names inside your head.

You can also try teaching someone else how to play the guitar. This will make you start explaining what the strings’ names are and what their number is in more depth. Teaching something to someone else can help you understand that thing better.

Finally, there’s nothing that can help you remember the names of the strings like practice. Practice does make perfect after all. Therefore, get your guitar and start playing it. The names of the strings will gradually find a place in your memory.

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