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How to Sing Properly Step by Step

You dream of standing on a stage, hitting a high note perfectly, and causing the crowd to give you a standing ovation. However, moments later, you find yourself waking up in your bed, and suddenly, the dream seems far away. You don’t have to give up on your dream just yet. The truth is, every legendary singer started somewhere.  No one is perfect, and apart from a handful of innately talented singers, most had to practice for years before becoming as good as they did. With 30 Day Singer, you will be able to turn your dream into a reality. All you have to do is learn how to sing properly step by step.

Learning how to sing like a pro involves developing an ear for detecting good and bad sound. If you have heard a professional singer, you know they sound great. To sound as good as them, you must learn a few techniques and utilize your voice constructively. Here is a step-by-step guide to singing properly.

Step # 1

Relax the Body


An important factor that contributes to sounding good is how much you can relax your body and stop judging yourself. If you are constantly worrying about sounding good, you will tense up and have the opposite effect. Let the singing voice come to you naturally. Your singing voice is the same as your speaking voice, except on pitch.

Step # 2


Allow yourself to breathe naturally instead of forcing yourself to do it the ‘right’ way. Inhale through the nose, feel the air, fill up your lower belly, and then exhale through your mouth. Keep repeating the exercise until you get the hang of it. This exercise allows your rib cage to open up and release any tension in the shoulders. This form of controlled and engaged breathing is the foundation for a strong voice.

Step # 3

Singing Like You Normally Speak

Wondering why you must sing exactly the way you speak? Well, it’s because everybody speaks with an intention, and that same intention is required when you sing. You must not get too caught with the idea of sounding a certain way. Think of singing like expressing your emotions and allow your breath to give momentum to your voice. Once you achieve that, singing will feel effortless.

Step # 4

Understanding Your Pitch

Typically, learning how to sing starts with vocal exercises rather than starting with a song. To sing like a pro, you must practice like one. Therefore, play notes like C (DO), D (RE), E (MI) on the piano or a piano app to practice at home. Hear those notes properly and then slowly try to hit the pitches. Again, don’t force yourself; it will only result in frustration. Understand your pitch, and allow your voice to find it. Eventually, your ability to recognize, hear, and match the pitch will get better.

Step # 5

Understanding Vocal Resonance

Vocal resonance is the quality/intensity of your voice’s tone when you speak or sing. It is the result of the reverberation of sound waves from your vocal cords. While singing, the sound and air move through your body, and you may feel buzzing or vibrating sensations in different areas like the chest, head, nasal passages, and your mouth. To sing properly, do not constrict the movement of the sound and air to sound like your favorite singer. Allow the flow to travel through your body naturally.

Step # 6

Release the Tension

When you sing, your body acts as your instrument, and you must release any tension in your body to master the art of singing. To check whether your body tenses up or not, say ‘Ha.’ Keep an eye on your neck and jaw. If you feel some tension in those areas, place your hand on your jaw and say ‘Ha’ again. This time, make sure the sound comes out of your diaphragm and not your throat.

Step # 7


You must practice how to sing all the time, be it in the shower, bedroom, car, or living room. Don’t worry too much about how good or bad you sound. Exercising your vocal cords is important for building your vocal strength. However, make sure the exercises you do align with the type of singing voice you have. For example, specific types of singing, like opera, rock, and theater, all require different exercises. Exercise your vocal cords at least 10 to 15 minutes three times a day to get the best results.

With 30 Day Singer, practicing how to sing properly will make you sound like a pro. Remember, even those with a powerful singing voice naturally practice for a long time. So, have fun and enjoy the process of singing.


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