How to Start Singing at Home

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June 15, 2020
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June 18, 2020

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Start Singing at Home

Starting a new art-any art can be daunting. You might reserve the basic skills, but like everything else, only practice makes perfect! Singing is a wonderful talent to have that can be honed and developed by dedicating a little time to it.

Unlike other musical instruments, you carry your voice with you everywhere, so that naturally gives you more freedom to practice whenever and wherever you want! This presents the ultimate opportunity for those who wish to perfect their voice from the comfortable confines of their home.

If you’ve recently discovered the Madonna in you, we recommend you go through this guide on how to start singing at home till you’re good enough to perform!

Create a Practice Area

If your usual singing lessons take place in the shower or while you’re doing dishes, we don’t think that’s going to take you to American Idol. Learning anything, be it something as boring as math or something as interesting as singing requires a professional atmosphere. This is why many people prefer going for singing lessons but if you can create that feel at home, there’s nothing better!

Now the first step to setting up your practice area is making your space music friendly. First of all, you need to dedicate a peaceful room or study to your singing practice. It is preferable that you choose a room with carpeting, and if you can opt for padded walls to reduce the echo.

Even if you can’t dedicate a whole room, just pick any corner that has fewer footfalls because in order to practice, you need to really hear your voice. Steer clear of the kitchen or living room for these areas usually have the most distractions.

Add the Equipment You Need

Every budding singer should have access to the following equipment to really sharpen your practice. Let’s look at all the things you will require.

CD Player

You will need a device to play music. If you don’t have room or access to a CD player, your phone can work just as well. Make sure you switch to airplane mode whenever you’re practicing to block all disruptions.


A set of headphones will block out any external noise, allowing you to focus on your voice.

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Singers should be able to see how variations in their posture affect their vocals. Get a full length mirror or one that shows your torso while you perfect your skills.

Sheet Music

You should have sheet music for every song or warm up that you perform.

Choosing the Best Way to Practice

How to start signing at home is no piece of cake unless you have a module to follow. While some people are able to set the tone for their practice, those starting out can greatly benefit from singing courses that provide you professional tips on how to nurture and build your talent.

Since it gets hard to teach yourself, especially if you get stumped on a vocal you can’t get right, it always helps to have an expert teach you. If going out of the house is inconvenient, you can always get online singing courses that perfect your skills at home and guide you through specific vocal exercises and techniques that you might not find on Google so easily.

Set Your Practice Time

While there is no specific number of hours that you should spend singing every day, the general rule is, the more you practice, the better. However, you need to realize your voice needs a break, or else you will be left having lemon water with hat sore throat!

Finding a balance on how much to practice singing is the key to success. This way, you won’t fall short or go overboard. Without a professional telling you, it can be a tad hard for beginners to set that time at home.

One way to do that is understanding that your voice won’t perfect overnight, so you need to give it time instead of beating yourself up all day. It is recommended you start with online classes that will set the tone for your practice.

Singing at Home

Knowing the right technique for how to start singing at home will ensure you do not lag behind those receiving face-to-face lessons. With the right practice area, practice time, and preferably an online course, you can be well on your way to becoming a successful singer!


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