How to Store A Guitar Without A Stand?

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July 10, 2020
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Guitar stands are very useful for keeping your guitar ready while having them stored with adequate support and stability.

In addition, a guitar stand can help your instrument to retain its originality and beauty. So, this is where you come in: Use this guide and review our tips on how to store a guitar without a stand which are popular among guitarists.

Guitar stands are also inexpensive nowadays and come in many different designs. Some guitar stands fold for easy storage, while some feature maximum support for your guitar with various cushioning.

How to Take Care of Your Guitar Without A Stand?

In the case that a guitar stand is not available, there are a few alternatives on how to store your guitar.

As a beginner 12 years ago, I had a classical guitar without a stand to keep it on. I was told I can let my guitar sit in a corner, leaned on the wall.

While this is an easy and very common alternative to a guitar stand, the ideal way to have your guitar leaning on an object is to try to ensure that the object it leans on is making contact with the guitar’s body rather than the neck or head. This prevents minor changes to the guitar’s neck curvature or “action”, as this could affect your instrument’s intonation and mess with the setup. You can lean your guitar on a small box or stool that’s about the height of the body.

Another way to store your guitar without messing up the action is to lay it down flat on a table or surface. While this method takes up a lot of space, it exerts no force on the guitar neck, preserving its setup. You may also lay it on the floor, but I advise against this as it may be dangerous. Just make sure that the guitar is facing upwards (strings up) and not down, as laying it facing down on a non-cushioned surface could damage your strings, your guitar’s finish, or other components such as the bridge.

Finally, another way would be keeping your guitar inside a hard case. This will keep your instrument safe and protect it from rust as it minimizes the amount of air moisture the strings are exposed to. However, guitar hard cases can be expensive due to the materials used. But it also allows you to safely travel with your guitar while acting as a storage unit for your instrument when you’re at home.


Improperly storing your guitar can lead to a variety of issues such as fret or string buzz, high action, intonation problems, and damage to the instrument’s body. Because of this, it is important to store your guitar properly. While the methods mentioned in this article on how to store a guitar without a stand are great alternatives, consider getting a guitar stand for the benefits it provides. It allows you to store your guitar without worries, protect it from damages from the floor or other hard surfaces, and allows you to display your beautiful instrument when not in use.


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