Jaybird X2 Review: Why these headphones are BETTER than AirPods for Physical Activities

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Jaybird X2 Review: Why these headphones are BETTER than AirPods for Physical Activities

While we were sorting through wireless alternatives to have some musical accompaniment during our workout sessions, something caught our attention. We found a set of earbuds casual enough for everyday use, yet seemingly strong enough to take nearly anywhere.

So, of course, we bought them and in the process we decided that we might as well write a Jaybird X2 review .  TL;DR if you’re looking for durable earbuds with great mids to use while you’re at the gym, on a bike ride, or doing yoga, these fit the bill. Even better, they’re priced competitively.

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
  • Stays in place with secure over and under ear fittings
  • Comfortable fit and noise isolation with included Comply foam ear tips
  • Lasts for up to 8 hours of continuous use for all day listening outdoors
  • Solid build quality and sweat resistance means that these earbuds don't budge during your workouts
  • Great mid-range audio quality
  • While sleek and streamlined, there form factor makes them easy to misplace
  • Audio is light on the low-frequency bass
  • Remote control and volume controls are a bit of an adjustment coming from other brands like Apple or Sennheiser
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Choosing sporty earbuds

There are a few things that you need to know before we jump into our Jaybird X2 review. To select the best wireless earphones, we take the following into consideration,

Field test

  • To take your wireless earbuds outside for some rough play, they need to be up to the task. Eventually, they’ll fall off, and you won’t make the mistake of taking your AirPods to a morning jog ever again. To keep this from becoming a problem, you need to choose tougher alternatives, with thicker and stronger materials.
  • Similarly, the inclusion of flexible parts in the earbuds can also lessen the chance of suffering any substantial damage. In any way, above everything else, stay away from the cheaper plastic materials at all costs.

Sound test

  • Being able to carry your music around doesn’t mean anything if you can’t feel it. Most wireless earbuds struggle with that part, but finding a worthy candidate is possible knowing where to look. Primarily, it relies on the earbud’s drivers, their size most prominently.
  • Theoretically, this allows a greater range of acoustic displays, which translates into a sort of raw power. However, how this power is distributed among lows, middles and highs is up to each brand. To know for sure what sort of particular vibe they have, you’ll have to try them.

Connection test

  • When you’re running, there’s hardly anything more annoying than a mid-stride signal drop when you were reaching the best part. We don’t want that and, thankfully, it can be avoided. First, keeping your earbuds well-charged is essential to get a solid pairing. And, most importantly, make ensure that your Bluetooth protocols aren’t too outdated.
  • Since your connection’s reliability will depend both on the streaming source and the earbuds, you should be careful about choosing devices. However, having the latest version isn’t mandatory, considering that newer models are usually pricier.

Jaybird X2 review

From a first glance, these looked great for our jogging routines, so we decided to give them a try. After our time with them, however, we felt the urge to write a Jaybird X2 review for a few reasons.

They exceed our expectations and were the first ones that we could perfectly fit into our ears with confidence. Moreover, their performance as a whole sealed the deal for us when we finally put them to test. Among the things we liked the most were:

The Jaybird’s sound

Despite durability being the main focus of these earbuds, the sound quality doesn’t disappoint either. The acoustic performance is well-rounded, although limited by the loudspeaker’s size.

Lows are fairly accurate and can pack quite a punch under the right circumstances. However, they struggle to provide a true sense of depth when the earpieces aren’t properly sealed. The same could be said about the expansive sound-stage, with both needing a proper seal to be fully appreciated.

Leaving that out of the way, the Jaybird X2’s sound is quite on point. They aren’t too loud, but they don’t need to be that loud anyway. Both high and middle ranges are well covered, with clear and vibrant notes that take the main stage most times. It feels natural enough, with a sort of warmth that’s certainly welcomed.

Earbuds for every occasion

Arguably the most interesting thing about these wireless earphones is their design. Initially, it was what caught our attention and compelled us to write a Jaybird X2 review. In a sense, these could be considered a hybrid between a regular earbud and a sportier alternative.

On the top of each earpiece, you’ll find a pronounced lip rounding the head. If you attach the included ear fins, the Jaybird X2 becomes something else. These fins provide a secure fit similar to other ear hook earbuds, but with a more simplistic layout.

Thanks to this curious design choice, the Jaybird X2 works great both for strenuous physical activity and casual use. Sadly, fitting the attachable fins can be a bit of a hassle sometimes. However, this approach seems to work well enough to let that kind of shortcomings slide.

And, whereas you have one color choice with AirPods, the Jaybird X2 comes in several different colors to match your aesthetic. 

A loyal companion

Regarding battery life, these sporty earbuds exceeded our expectations given their size and price point. We initially expected them to fall short on their claim of lasting up to 8 hours on a single charge. Nonetheless, we were glad to be proven wrong when we finally had a chance to test them.

Charging them was very simple using the micro USB port under the brand-embossed cap. The flat USB cable that comes included is also fairly resistant, which we don’t see too often, high-end alternatives aside.

Sadly, it lacks the fast-charging feature that pricier models sometimes have. These take a while to be fully charged, something that we weren’t too happy about. Regardless, they cover it up with an above-average battery life that should be enough to get through the day.

Well-rounded package



Despite being an affordable alternative, the Jaybird X2s include a few extra bonuses to sweeten the deal. Besides being quite good-looking, they come in a neat protective case with additional ear cups.

In the same package, you’ll also get a couple of clips that will keep any cords from getting in your way any time soon. Jenna, the Jaybird’s voice assistant is likewise helpful, with straightforward interactions and a friendly voice.

Furthermore, within the case, you’ll find two different kinds of ear tips in three sizes. Some are Comply foam tips, while others are traditional silicon tips. Regardless of your preferences, these headphones can easily adapt to fit your needs. Although Comply foam makes for an outstanding isolating element, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, which makes this a valuable addition.

Fairly good connectivity

We have mixed feelings regarding the Bluetooth’s connection quality. True, they can easily cover an effective range of 30 feet or so from the streaming source. That fact that there are no such things as connection drops or delayed response times speaks about their wireless prowess as well.

However, pairing the earbuds to your audio playback device can be a slight annoyance from time to time. We believe that the older Bluetooth 2.1 protocol might be the problem. Given that this doesn’t seem to be a problem when paired to newer Bluetooth versions, it would seem likely.


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Nonetheless, their compatibility range is praiseworthy. They work fine with your computer, laptop, gaming set, and pretty much anywhere. If it has a Bluetooth connection, the Jaybird X2 will most likely be able to pair to the device, eventually.


We think the Jaybird X2 is great at its price point, and we’re not the only ones. Check out this review from JimsReviewRoom, 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jaybird a good brand?

Jaybird has been making sport headphones for over a decade, since its foundation. Currently, it’s owned by Logitech, a big name in the electronics industry. They have several lines of products with diverging quality standards at different price points.

A few of their flagship models are among the best headphones for doing exercise. The Jaybird Vista and the X2 in particular are known for being top-notch alternatives.

Where are Jaybird products made?

Jaybird, owned by Logitech since 2016, has a few production facilities scattered around. Initially, all Jaybirds products were produced at their Salt Lake City facilities, in Utah.

However, after Logitech’s acquisition, the production rates increased and other facilities started operating soon enough. Nevertheless, all Jaybird products are made within the United States of America.

Final Thoughts

Despite their rather affordable pricing, Logitech’s sporty alternative is surprisingly well-rounded. They’re built with durable materials, and it seems like a lot of thought went into their design.

Thanks to this, they feel way more expensive than they actually are, as many Jaybird X2 reviews have noted. The luxurious protective case, included ear tips and variable ear fins only accentuate this impression further.

However, it’s their clear and balanced sound what truly sets them apart from similarly priced sets. Although not quite the best in the market, their performance is far superior than you would expect initially. All things considered, the Jaybird X2 is worthy of being among the best wireless earbuds for running.


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