Is It Possible to Learn the Piano Without Music Sheets?

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June 20, 2020
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Learning to Play the Piano Without Using a Music Sheet – Is It Possible?

There are countless ways to learn the piano; from reading a book about it to taking online lessons, from practicing on your own to with friends or family. However, nowhere does it say that you can’t learn to play your favorite tune, or in fact learn piano itself without a music sheet.

“We learn to speak before reading – So why not play the piano before reading a music sheet?”

We got the idea of writing an article on this by seeing someone from our team play the piano on their computer, using the laptop’s keyboard! She was using this website named Virtual Piano. At first, we just thought someone had brought their piano into the break room again. For research, we had a lot of people doing that, so this wasn’t unusual.

However, it turned out, she was just playing with her keyboard. We were all, naturally, impressed. Here’s a melody she shared with us. Try playing it on the virtual piano, let us know if you recognize it.

fDfDfDfDfadsp tupa uOas ufDfDfDfadsp tupa usap asdf ogfd ifds udsa ufuffxDfDfDfDfDfDfDfadsp tupa usap

Be mindful of the capitals, by the way.

That made us think, she had no music sheet in front of her, she had just eyeballed it. When asked, she told us it took her a little time, a lot of trial and error, and she finally reached here. She had a great many other songs memorized as well.

Learning Piano Without Music Sheets

It’s going to be a trial and error method for sure and mistakes will be made, so if you’re someone who is ready to stick to the craft, come what may, you can easily learn the piano without music sheets no matter your age.

Follow Lessons Without Sheet Music

For this, you’ll have to get familiarized with the notes, flats and sharps very well – well enough that even when lessons are taught with a music sheet, you will be able to ignore them. Furthermore, you will need to have a pretty good memory for this.

The purpose of the sheets is to act like a reference point, that whenever you forget something, you can just look it up. Without it, you’ll have to memorize it all.

Tell Your Tutor Not to Use Sheet Music

There will be eyebrows raised, questions asked, and some retaliation from your tutor, but usually they end up agreeing with your demands. It’s as they say, ‘to each their own’.

Learn by Listening

Much like the first method, you will have to be exceptionally quick at figuring out which key stroke makes what sound. A lot of trial and error goes here, and some strokes will feel just right but they won’t be. If you have time, go for this.

Teach Yourself

This is going to be hard and you’re going to pull your hair out at one point, but it is worth it. A blend of the 1st and 3rd point will come into play here.

Remember, there is no shame in taking classes or asking for help. Mozart and Beethoven both learned from their fathers before taking professional classes. If you’re looking to become the next legend, a little help can go a long way.

For help with your piano lessons, we suggest getting in touch with Piano for All. Having taught over half a million students worldwide, they can definitely help you learn piano without sheet music, or with it – as you prefer.


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