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There’s an overwhelming amount of wired headphones in the market, and making a choice is often difficult. That’s why, when we stumble upon a seemingly great deal, we take our time digging deeper into the subject. Today, the subject is a set of headphones made by Monster, the giant of all-purpose audio-related products. In our Monster Ntune review, we’ll take a closer look at these on-ear headphones. Are they as good as they appear to be? We’ll see about that.

Picking wired headphones

Before we begin our Monster Ntune review, a few explanations are in order. In our opinion, finding the best wired headphones is a matter of:

Acoustic performance

Above anything else, wired headphones need to have a great sound to be worth something. Wired devices don’t have the limited connectivity of wireless models, which makes delivering high-quality simpler. In most cases, the driver’s size will have the biggest role to play in the kind of performance you can get. Nonetheless, each brand tunes its headphones differently, which means that a bigger driver doesn’t imply a better sound either.

Additionally, the ear-cups’ shape and loudspeaker quality also have a significant impact on the acoustic performance. Besides, any degree of noise-canceling will further enhance the experience when you’re using your headphones. Beyond that, finding the perfect match for you boils down to a matter of preferences

Cable and connections

  • If you’re buying a new set of headphones, the first thing you need to check is the input cable. Although most commercial headphones plug into 3.5 mm connections, it isn’t always the case. If you’re looking for a different kind of connection, most times buying an adapter is easier than finding a suitable candidate.
  • Also, you need to ensure that the cord’s length is appropriate for the headphone’s purpose. Unlike wired earphones, headphone cords can be quite long, to fit different scenarios. If, conversely, you needed to plug them into a TV set across the room, you’ll need to choose accordingly.

Types of headphones

  • You’ll also have to keep in mind that headphones come in many sizes, shapes, and styles. First and foremost, you have to choose between on-ear and over-ear headphones. Usually, the former is lighter and breathes better, while the latter provides better isolation and often bigger pads. Besides, the size difference between the two is typically substantial, setting them apart even further.
    • Additionally, there are two different kinds of noise-canceling features. Passive noise-canceling works better isolating from high-pitched noises, but you don’t hear any outside noises. Active canceling, on the other hand, dissipates noises in the lower range, like airplane engines or muttering.

Monster Ntune review

  • We’ve always liked Monster headphones because they offer great products at an accessible price range. For some reason, we hadn’t tried these before, so we figured that writing a Monster Ntune review was long due.
  • These seemed like good mid-range headphones, and their price tag could easily fit people on a tight budget. We finally tried them out and were pleasantly surprised by their overall performance. In greater detail, our experience with them went as follows:

The outstanding sound

  • Regarding the sound, the NTune performs exceedingly well given their price range. Although not quite on par with the top high-end alternatives, these still deliver a solid acoustic performance. In many senses, they can take on many pricier headphones and easily come on top.
  • The 40 mm drivers, despite being average-sized, take full advantage of every inch of power at their disposal. These maintain a crisp yet soulful vibe even at the most challenging ranges. Similarly, they’re loud, responsive, and well-suited to tackle most genres. However, they’re quite bass-heavy, a bit too much for some people, although they didn’t feel unbalanced to us. If you’re into modern musical genres, you’ll likely appreciate the NTune sound.

There’s music for everyone

  • Sharing the things we love is deeply ingrained in our brains. Music, for most people, is the best example of this. However, sometimes it takes nice set headphones to properly enjoy your music, and those are particularly difficult to share. Thankfully, Monster considered that. With their music-sharing feature, that is no longer a problem.
  • Simply plugging another set of headphones into the device’s 3.5mm output allows you to simultaneously play your media on them. For instance, two siblings could comfortably watch Youtube videos during long road trips without disturbing their parents. Although the use might seem limited, it’s still a unique feature that you won’t likely find too easily.

The Monster’s size

  • The Monster NTunes have a bold design that surely catches some attention. They’re rather thick, but with a sleek frame that keeps them from looking tacky. Plus, they sit comfortably on your ears, and the bigger pads provide additional passive noise-canceling. Additionally, they’re also available in a huge variety of colors so you can stay true to your style.
  • Unfortunately, they feel slightly frail, which makes them unsuitable for doing sports or similarly strenuous activities. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t break apart too easily either, making them great for any other purposes. If anything, they’re well-built and should be good enough to withstand a few years of moderate use.

A simpler approach

  • Monster knows that practicality must prevail above all things. The NTune is a living proof of that, their design being the most telling sign. They decided to ditch the fixed audio cable in favor of a detachable one, which works remarkably better. However, they kept the controls in the ControlTalk cable, enabling you to take calls or pause the tracks when plugged.
  • Also, they opted to use standard stereo jacks for all the inputs and outputs, which makes things simpler for everyone. These small details elevate the Monster NTunes above the average competitor, putting them among the best budget headphones effortlessly.


  • Balanced sound
  • Music-sharing feature
  • Great volume
  • ControlTalk cable


  • Slightly bulky
  • Unfit for high-stress activities

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Monster and Beats the same company?

  • Beats started out partnering with Monster Cable to produce their original line of products. From 2006 to 2012, all Beats products were produced by Monster, in their facilities. However, after HTC acquired Beats, they started self-producing. Today, both companies are completely separated, Beats is owned by Apple and Monster is as independent as always.

Are Monster headphones good?

  • Monster Inc. makes hundreds of products, and their headphones range in quality a lot. Among them, there are some great- headphones, mostly among their pricier models. However, their budget alternatives are usually among the best ones as well, as their sound meets Monster’s standards.

Final Thoughts

  • Overall, these wired headphones were better than we initially expected them to be. With their solid sound and comfortable fit, they’re a great choice for gamers, Youtube lovers, and the general public alike. At just the right price, they’re an inexpensive alternative with more than a few remarkable features. As it was proved during our time writing a Monster NTune review, these are worthy of a closer look.

For a mid-range set of headphones, these are among the best-tuned headphones we’ve tested. If you were looking for the best-sounding budget headset, then you’ll want to keep these in your shortlist.


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